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Yes! I'm so excited..Jill let me know about an ad she saw on Craig's list for scrap booking! It was a last minute thing so we headed over to sweethome where it was and we were the First in line!! Yes!! We had first dibs on everything and it was great!! We actually got the last 2 of a couple things..very nice lil' sale and got very nice things!
Thanks Jill it was fun!! I love saving $$$$$$$. Very good feeling.
Now later I get to see friends I haven't seen in a bit! And yes, I will blog about it!!

1.28.09 "Daddy's Lil girl"

Ta! Da!!!!! This is me.....haven't changed much, huh?
But I just got the best e-mail from my Dad!! I just love him! SQQQQQQUEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!This pix of me, is the age I still feel like when I talk to my Dad or around him. I feel like I will always be 'his lil' girl'..he's fabulous, funny (umm....I wonder where I get my personality from?) and has a HUUUUUGE heart. I love you so much Dad and gonna (not) kick your butt at fishing! Lol!!You'll teach me right?Ha!

.1.28.09.."I'm dragging BUTT!!!!!"

Boy! I'm tired!! So it's been several days since I haven't had to get up I'm back at work..which is really nice, could not be a housewife, by the way..
Our friends have been hanging out with us and I'm a nerd and in bed at 8:00 pm on worknights...lately...10:00-10: have no idea how that effects your sleep pattern!
I've been called..old, old lady, old nag...cuz I love to go to bed early and up EARLY!! I love to wake up round 4am, and putz around in the morning...ya know; get coffee, eat breakfast, watch the news, and do a lil' laudry....
I will get use to it again, but it's funny how your body gets use to different things...I love to SLEEP!!!! Love it!! Mr. says that if it were an olympic sport..I'd win hands down.
I can a thunderstorm, rock concert, tornado, in a car, etc... lOve it!!
But I really do need my 8 + hours each night. It's just hard..cuz sometimes I want to sit and visit w/ the Mr. and I can't…

.1.25.09 "Get your game face on!!"

So our sweet friends showed up!! Yea!! With game faces on and Jill and Taylor had hats on!! They looked so cute!
So I had Les put a hat on...I didn''t want her left out. I tried to give her sunglasses and she wouldn't wear them. Said she couldn't see or something..?
But so I got to hang..well, not really...they were self efficient...with the girls: Taylor and Kenz!
They were wonderful! Like they weren't even there...They both were quiet, and I played in my back room and everyone else were yellin'! Laughing! And having a good time!
Even though I didn't know what was going on the laughter made me chuckle..from the sounds of it..Les really had no idea what she was doing..Daren said he likes to play with her cuz of that...she's fun!
Jill and Nic knew what they were doing but I guess he kept changing rules on them...according to Jill! Ha!! Maybe to his advantage??? Don't know the game..
But we had a busy! Fantastic!!
Thank you guys!

.1.25.09..."Playin' in the snow!"..

I'm sooo sore, I would have blogged about this earlier, but too tired...Let me tell you about our great day! We get up ,and head up to the Mountains with our friends whom have snowmobiles...Did I mention how early we left? Just checkin'. So we get our food and snacks and just some redneck friends in a big king cab truck on a snowy road playin Rodeo music..the one and only Chris Ledoux!! ..The only way to travel! So we get to our destination, unloaded, got our gear on and drove a couple miles up a trail and stopped there basically for the day and drank "Fireball" and "vodka"...very good on a cold day, with the snow and your friends...wonderful! Nothing like it! But we played around and had a blast! We weren't cold...I don't do cold! We had real good gear...thank you US Army....they supplied Daren with most his warm gear... But we had to get back home for our poker game that we planned with our friends Les, Jill, and Nic. Daren was really looking forward t…

.1.24.09.."Did I grow?"

Image our friends Mark & Mindy asked us to go snowmobiling tomorrow morning....well, we would love to..but what about snow gear??? So Daren and I dusted off the door to one of our back closets in the spare room and we are digging through clothes like we are at the "Goodwill" we were experiencing our clothes all over again!! It's great when you go through old clothes and get excited!!?? Well,..either you have a bad memory or too much crap!! You decide... So I knew he had a pair of Carharts,..I THOUGHT I knew where mine were placed... So I handed him his pair and we both were all excited and he wanted to immediately try them on!! (Like les w/ her false eyelashes!!! She was taking out and gonna put'em right on her face! Didn't know how, but they were going on !) As he's pulling' them up his leg (yes, people he has clothes on underneath...) they looked awfully small,..... he gets them on, and I said " Ouch! Do those hurt? They look like they hu…

.1.24.09..."How does this look?" Ha! Ha!

So another session of trying on dresses! Yea!
I love these girls...they are so much fun!
See, even Kenzie is getting into it!
I think Jill won the prize ...well no, Jill and Les look horrible!! They did an awesome job of ugly dress session!
Good job ladies and Thank you for posing for the pix!

.1.24.09.."I Can do this...."

No matter how difficult/sad/demanding/, something/situation'll get through it.
There is an ending to the story. NOTHING lasts forever.

The best part is, when you can look back and say "Wow, I did a good job. And I made it"

So, no matter how things may "appear" in life. It's true: It's never what it seems.
So, to the picture I put on my blog.
Alot of you are probably going " cute. He's too short"
Well, not really. Someone put him there and wanted us to think this, took a picture, and made $.
Nothing is what it seems.

.1.23.09.."Let's Rodeo!"

" True frindship is: when you haven't spoke in years and when you pick up right where you left off"....

Oh how much I missed my friend Mindy!!
My husband and I got the wonderful pleasure of having dinner..which was awesome!!...with our friends..that we both have gotten so busy with our personal lives...that well, as we all know...lose happens. It doesn't mean you don't think of them!!
So we got together and talked about rodes, rodeo-ing, horses, and LAUGHED!!
It was so relaxing...had a couple beers and I realized, I'm missing having a horse. Mindy is my horse-buddy. ...very smart,huge heart, a loyal friend, beautiful mind, beautiful anyways, funny as heck! and TOUGH!! She's a real country girl that isn't afraid to get dirty. She'd rather be the one getting dirty...I'll get dirty. Just not cold...bbbrrrrr..........

I admire the woman she is and ...I wanna be like her when I grow up. Plain and simple.

These two are great toge…

.1.21.09.."she's home!'

friendship is....someone who knows you and still loves you anyway..

Yeah!! She's home! My good friend has been in Hawaii since Friday...I'm eagerly awaiting to hear if she met herself a hot Hawaiian man! Lol..knowing her, she took in all the sights and didn't I would! Happy to have you home Les!! You were missed!xoxo!!

.1.21.09.."Happiness Is"..

...getting your favorite scrapbooking magazine in the mail! Oh what a wonderful surprise!!
I love to have my house really cleaned , all chores done for the day, snuggle on the couch with a pillow under the magazine, and have my favorite snack......then slowly take in every page!!!
Study each and every page...
I get alot of wonderful ideas from my scrapbooking buddies, but to have all them around is great! All of us have different styles & techniques.
I love my friends and greatful for the time I get to spend with them. I love relaxing with them and getting ideas! It's like having my favorite magazine in the mail all over again, everyday!

1.19.09 & 1.20.09 .."roadtrip!!"

You know what I love* about Road trips with Daren?? I love this part, and I've *dreamed of this when he was gone for so goes something like this :
First we wake up early for where ever we are heading....I HAVE to pack the day of!! I CANNOT do this action prior....I've tried and well, doesn't work for me. Daren knows this about me and doesn't say a word....he just lets me we get all packed and I have to wear the right attire!! Road trip clothes....okay, depends on what time of year, this is happening.but, I always have to wear shoes/flipflops/boots that are easily removed in the vehicle...
then WHAT you wear is soooo important! I always have to wear my lounge pants!! I have every color for every attitude/emotion/state of you have your outfit for the road trip!! Then you get all packed up and Always do We head out and get a " froo-froo' Drink for on the way!! So I can take my shoes off and curl up with my legs to my chest and hold my hot…

.1.18.09."Girlz just wanna have fun!'..

So today, my good friend Anne and I were heading around town to do "wedding" thing lead to another and BAM!!!
We are in a dressing room..laughing our butts off..looking -oh-so-marvalous!!...and taking Blackmail photos..for later use...perhaps? Maybe if she holds my tape gun or Bling for Randsom???!!!
There really isn't much in my life, I'm embarassed by now...I pretty much do a fabulous job of that...yip, embarrassing myself. But this kids, was just a wonderful time!
Thank you sweet Anne for a wonderful time and all the laughs!! I really needed that today.
Hey, face taping session next? American Idol here...

So yea..some friends were invited over to just sing, hang out, and have a relaxing time...(kareoke..yes..)
But wow! Did we laugh! I had so much fun!
My dear friend Jillian was all quiet and meek...then Bam! She and her husband came out of their shell and sang their heart out!!
Jill's songs were all about was hilarious!! So Daren started PICKING songs about money for her!
Simon would have had fun slamming us..but the Mr., he's good....I had the horrible habit of READING-Singing the lyrics and could not sing! My Gosh!! Wow!!
But thank you guys for coming over! I love laughing like that! :)


I smile because your my sister,
I laugh because there's not a darn
thing you can do about it!
I went and visited my sweet sister today.
She is my older sister and when I was little, (see pix above)...I really thought she was my MOM. I was glued to her side. I think she was tired of me and tired of taking care of a point.
So I remember this one time...I was real little..she went across the neighborhood to babysit and I thought she was moving out of the house..I cried and threw a tantrum for her. She wouldn't come back. She just left.
So I followed her...after she was already gone and no one was looking.
I don't remember HOW I got there...NO, I didn't steal a car or anything...but I remembergetting to these people's house and seeing my sister running outside to greet me! I was so happy I found her! I ran to her crying and when I got to her she turned me around and spanked me! Oh broke my heart...I guess my mom and family were out looking for me. I just want…

..1.15.09.."Caught on the Job"..

Okay..I'm sitting here blogging and watching "Caught on the job". OMG!!!! Gross! This is why I don't go out and eat!
This is gross people! Cooks,waitress, busboys, and etc....all spit, orgasm, pee, and put snot in our food!!! This grosses me out til no end!! They showed a cop stealing from a blind guy, a man trying to sell his own baby for $60,000, a man having sex with a dog pinata!!! People!!!!!!!!!
Then the professionals who go in your house that make themselves at home, in your home and steal from you! They showed a maid, going through a clients house and taking money and then laying on their bed and looking at a dirty magazine.....have mercy...
I don't trust people. At ALL!!! I trust no one.......there is a select few who I actually feel who are honest. But the general public is disgusting and dishonest.
My husband says I'm "paranoid"....this show proves me correct!!!!!
So if there is someone who I feel is honest and I DO trust them. My husband neve…

..1.15.09..Home Sweet Home"..

Friends may come and go, but family is forever...
Not sure who said that or where it came from, but I've heard it before...
Went and visited his mom today in Estacada. I love the drive there! So beautiful! In the back country roads!
His mom (my wonderful *mother in law ) is one of the kindest, sweetest, good hearted, and honest people! She doesn't know how to get mean. She's wonderful!!
To let you know just how sweet, we were playing monoply this one time....she bought alot of property and I landed on one of them!! Ouch! I couldn't pay the rent or something and I told her that I didn't have enough 'play' money...she responded.." that's okay Honey. You don't have to pay me.It's just a game.." AAAAHHHHHHH.....Daren yelled "no way!"....But I'm looking forward to our next game! I'm excited when she gets to come and stay with us for a couple days!! :) love you mom*


Sometimes I think we take lil' things for a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. Just go to the store..take it home and fix it.
Well, Mr., missed two of each of them and even though the Army did the best to make it as nice as possible for the Holidays for the just wasn't the same...
So Today, I made a Thanksgiving feast (well, what he would eat...he's not a big eater.)
The turkey aroma wafted through the house and it smelled and tasted sooooo good. I din't mind another turkey meal! So while he was doing guy stuff outside...I cooked. Loved* it! :)
So before all this...I asked Mr. if he would like a Turkey meal. His response?
..."yeah, I would love that. But where we gonna get a turkey? They don't sell turkeys year round do they? I thought only at Thanksgiving?".....Yea...I laughed my butt off.


This man cracks me up! I told him to pose"sexy" for the camera...and this is the best WE both could do...have mercy!!Ha!
But very good day..sometimes you gotta just stay home and catch up on stuff at's been non-stop running around since the second he will settle down here shortly...
However we were heading for a late night grocery shopping at Wally-World...we both are not fans of ALOT of people whom you don't know ,congregated in one area!!...they always go down the same isle you do!! Some screaming child wanting something and throwing themselves on the floor when not getting it, THEN the parent yelling at the child "knock it off or I won't buy you that pony tomorrow" then the bargaining begins...then you have a moron picking his nose behind the children's bikes and wiping it on the seat! Or then, there is ME who Farts in the isle and my poor husband HAPPENS to all of a sudden want that isle ,and walks through the cloud and gives m…

..1.12.09.."it's a good day..i say"..

What a good day! I got my hair it...(see 'same day-post')...we just putsed...{IS THAT a word?}.....around and I scored @ "Vicky's" again!! Yes!! I'm set for "under apparel" for life...well there goes my plastic surgery wish down the drain...can't change a size now! Well, when tiger/zebra prints are out of style...hey? Is that why they were $1.99? Things that make you go hmmmmm????? Kiddin' Girlz!!!!!
But Mr. got the rest of his Karaoke system and a power washer...not to be used together, though.
But as WE (well me...type) he's singing! Love it!! I missed that...he just gets his guitar out and just starts singing...sigh.....but he's checking all the equipment now...
American Bandstand, watch out...Mr. Fancy is in the house!

..1.12.09.."The Beauties"...

I love these women! I look forward to getting my hair done @ my favorite place!!...has to be Mondays...these two are together and they are the best! They make you feel so welcome, comfortable, and 'one of the girls'...I can't say enough about these women! They have a wonderful (*beautiful*) heart, mind, and I *LOVE* the way they think! Crack me up! OMG! (that's for you *M..) If I ever have children these are the women to learn things from....the Stories!! Love it! If you ever want to get your hair done or Tan at a wonderful -comfortable place..this is the place...
**the Q is: what would you do if I was standing in front of you and my clothes just fell off?
get new clothes?buy different detergent?keep receipt of clothes and return them?Or say.."Um...yeah, it's Friday and the Wednesday underwear is still present...?You decide...?

..1.11.09.."Circle of Friends"..

Last night was a fun night! All us girls got together and 'wonderful' Miss Anne did our hair/make-up and made us feel/look just Fabulous!!
After pics and laughing-just being girls..we went out to eat and had a great time!
I just LOve my friends to pieces and love hanging out with them!
Thank you Anne for a wonderful Job and "Ladies" for another great time!
(Thank you Mr. Fancypants for taking our pics and putting up with 'girl-talk' all night! You were a real trooper!!*)

..1.10.09.."He hasn't changed one bit..."

Oh my! the Mr. and I decide at the last moment to go head to the coast. He just wanted to drive! Okay...OH! And before we leave I had him open up a Christmas present from The Fab. Inlaws..(one of my posts..)..his mom and Dad. So he loves the shirt and all and wears it...we head out and stop at the get me water..and then to the bank...these are public places folks!! So we head out on our journey!.. We get to our destination and I'm talking to my friend Anne...and Daren is flaying his arms..for some reason.. and I catch a glimpse of something..? So I lifted his arm and it's the PRICE TAG from the new shirt! I laughed so hard! He posed for me so I could blog about it...Well, I thought it was funny...he laughed pretty hard to. He's such a good sport, with my "freakish-picture-taking" obsession! But I love it!!

..1.9.08..absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Home and safe...he got to drive his own truck home and was already cussing at traffic! See? Not alot has changed...same ol', same ol'....

...Welcome Home Soilder.....1.8.09..

Thank you to all my friends and family for their love and continuous support during my husband's deployment! My scrapbooking friends are the BEST!! They are simply WONDERFUL and the best friends EVER! They were constantly there and made everything much easier to deal with...ever crop was a laughter-fest! Thank you...

1.6.09..simple things*..

simple things in life...your cat purring in your lap...and drooling..getting into a warmed up vehicle on a Cold day...brrrrr......getting an unexpected card in the mail from a friend simply saying 'thank you for being you'....(Anne;) )snuggling on the couch with your loved one, on a Sunday ,watching the Golf channel....A call from your Dad just wanting to "chat" cuz he still thinks of you, as his ' lil' girl'..some of your best friends in the world are your family members......if you'd like to add to this list, please be my guest..i'd love to know what simple things in life that are important to you.....

Quote: Me..cuz I just said it...

..if you can't laugh
at yourself,
who can?
Just blog about it
and everyone else will..

...can you hear me now? bout now?

See? Who wouldn't get all excited over this text!? Eekk!!..(leg kicking in air and hands to mouth with eyes wide open)

...1.5.09...'poor girls "biore" strips'.....

To achieve this 'not-so-desired-look'..follow (or not) these simple steps!
Most important....get a text from your husband at 2:39 a.m. in the morning (soon to follow..)After you get a text from someone that you haven't even been able to touch, smell, or see their face expressions for 15 months and knowing they are in the states and so close..! see step 3....Lay there in bed and try REALLY hard to go back to sleep..meanwhile, your DOG is snoring so loud, that actually at that point in time THINK ,'is he home?'..'what if someone breaks in my house? Kelly won't even HEAR them?'...Get a crazy idea of taping your face! Why not? What else to do, at almost '3 something' in the a.m.????Okay put a shower cap on..important step...tape gets stuck to your hair..get crazy for a moment..or two..go for a colored shower cap!! :)Take small strips first and tape the important parts down first..the nose pulled up over your head and stick to the top of the sh…

...i'm in love! I'm all shook up!.......{Elvis}

At 8:46 a.m. this morning I hung up the phone with...MY HUSBAND! EEKKK!!!! I answered the phone with a slight..well not really...shrill! I SAW his picture I.D on my phone! For those of you who have cell phones, this is quite a nice lil' feature..however nicer when you've been waiting patiently to see your loved ones 'actual' phone number display across the face of your phone. It was an amazing feeling hearing his voice with no choppers or bombs going off in the background! He's in the beautiful USA !! Yes! He made it home safe...thank you Lord.

Got Bling? 1.4.09

I love it! My fabulous friends found this for me...{cuz I talked non-stop about this thing..thank you Anne & Jamie!} I have a job field where I don't always feel "femey" all the time! I get down right, dirty! { oh yeah..I get all types of animal secretions all over me..and keep going.....} My outfit going out on "calls" is not cute! Hello?! Jason from "friday the 13th called wants his jumpsuit back!"..not kiddin'... just stay tuned for pix of that lil' suit...I WILL *bling* it.
Got bling?

Quote: John Wayne (Yeah-R!) is tough...
even tougher
if your

WHHOOOOoooooo Do yoUUUu *lOve*?


Lights! Camera! Va-Jay! Jay!

What a great DAY!! AAGGHH!! So much fun!!!
Anne knew I wanted to get pix for my husband,before he got home...(well days from now he should be here! So no time like today!!)
So she pampered me and totally took care of me and made me look and feel very good about myself! I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!!'s a song.....for those of you who don't know that lil' ol' fact...
Thank you *Anne* for a wonderful day and taking care of me! Can't wait for next time where it'll be all us girls! Vogue!

1.3.09....30+ years of friendship...

Yes Man! Last night I went to the movies with my long time BFF of 30..ummm years...long time okay! But we went to a late was late for me..and Les looked so darn cute and I wanted to get a pix of us (scrapbooker in me...) and post it today! She couldn't keep her poor lil' eyes open! It was like going on the 90 ith pix! Okay..not really..but she's a wonderful person and a heart of "unselfishness" GOLD! She's all about living life to the fullest and this movie said it all! Les is already a "Yes Gal!"She's fun and not a bit of fake..says it like it is...and people LOVE and RESPECT her. I'm her number one ya Les!
P.S.....YOu always dO take tHe besT picTurEs!! Lol!!

Just a little branch..1.2.09

Just a lil' damage! Hopefully everyone is okay..for those of you who don't live in the counrty..having trees around your home is not very appealing during a wind storm! Very scarey! Not knowing what will break and where it will land!
This branch snapped off 2:45 am this morning and landed on this fence and made my whole bedroom window shake! I thought something was coming through the window!
Don't worry it goes on the "Honey do list" when my husband is home :)...Darn! I wanted to swing on my tire today...

Quote: Rosalynn Carter

....have confidence
in your ability,
and then be
tough enough
to follow through...

I'm a Cricut-teer*!!

I love this thing! I just made vinyle lettering and things for my home! I love this lil' invention! Just wanna take it to bed with me and give it it's own lil' pillow! Love it! No scrapbooker or crafter should be without one...xoxoxox love you cricut!

This is for You Jamie ;)

This is for Jamie! She loves Kid Rock and my husband got the wonderful pleasure of meeting with him and said he actually "forgot" he was a celebrity while talking with him cuz he was so down to earth and a nice person. Just 'one of the guys' husband is now even a bigger fan of Kid Rock..

Still awaiting your arrival...

My husband is still on his way!! Ugh!! Still no date when he will be back in the states..but got to talk with him this morning {what a wonderful way to start the new year..hearing his voice...ahhhhhh..} but I need a new set of nails by the time he gets back! Gonna bite them all off! Ugh!
..if you can't laugh, can't love..
Quote: Me Year Resolutions..I know..I know...

Continue eating healthy...everyday struggle...french fries.Ugh! I miss you fries...Be more patient and understanding to others needs and wants..Treat everyday as a blessing! I'm blessed for everyone in my life and I want to let them know this..I just get busy...sorry..Not to hold grudges and move on...this is a big one for even TYPE this, is hard...