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12.31.09.."Last Post of 2009....sigh...."

Well Family and friends...this is it. Your last day of 2009.
I hope it was a wonderful one for you, and no regrets.
Sometimes when people hear certain years..."Ugh! 2007..terrible year..." I hope you have good memories of 2009.

 It was honestly a wonderful one for me.
*The military gave my sweet hubby back to me. I prayed to God everyday to have him arrive 
*HOME* safe.
And he did.
 *Our relationship/marriage is stronger than ever, and I fell in love with him all over again.
*The military has taught me how important 
*{FAMILY}* Is...
They are number 1.
Plain and Simple.
*My BFF's will and always be my BFF's. Regardless of miles... I know who they are now.
* I heart and appreciate my previous employer. He is a Good Man.Veternarian.Person.Friend.
*We took a journey across the states and moved to a wonderful little town. In which we love by the's warm here...ahhhh.... :)

All in all...there is always room for learning and growing...2009 has taught me that.. As long as yo…


I'm trying out new things, and this is my first candle I've made, so far.
I'm really getting into homemade gifts.
They seem so much.. more personal.
Don't get me wrong...I can't make a camera or anything...but you get the idea.
Have a great Day :)

11.28.09.."Whoo! Hoo! It's Show and Tell!"

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your families!

Okay, first let you know something about The Mr.
He {*Loves*} anything to do with flight!
He loves it, as much as I love my crafting...
I did research to find him the perfect RC helicopter...phew! It was a hit! He loved it!
He looked so adorable flying this thing- he's grinning ear-to-ear. I just sat and watched him smiling.
He came into the scrapbook room and was landing it here.there.and then back here.
I'm so happy for him!
He got 4 of them...
Mrs. Clause has a thing for him.
I think...

This THING was such a disappointment!
Any of you craft? DO not waste your money on the GYPSY!!!!
Over rated.Over priced. No instuctions comes with it! Yea- I know.
Long story short...It was soooooo expensive to be a paperweight eventually.{ My Cricut Design studio does the same thing for $40.00...this thing..Gasp! alot...} The Mr. and I cussed at this thing and had more trouble with it. It was brand new-and had to update it as soon as…

12.27.09..."Go Ahead.. Hug it...It's okay..."

I have been decorating everything with Vinyl lately.
So why not decorate my favorite lil' Bug Ever!
If you know what this is...then you'll understand  my love for this machine.
It's *wonderful*- beyond wonderful!
Every lil' Crafter-Creator-Person needs a Bug!

12.25.09.."Have A MERRY MERRY Christmas!"

Merry Christmas
And my Wonderful Bloggy Friends!
Have a memorable and heartwarming Holiday.

P.S. Santa is Okay.
It was only a joke.

12.24.09.."Ho! Ho! Ho!"

**{Merry Christmas Eve}**
May all your sweet Holiday wishes come true.

12.23.09.."A lil' Humor Never Hurt Anyone.."

I thought this was cute! :)
A friend of mine sent me these, and a few of them really tickled my dog funny bone! Ha! Ha!
So, I thought: I'd share ;)
Have a great day!!

12.22.09.."Run! Be Free!"

Well, yesturday was the day....
We let Bernie and Princess go.
To be free and let the wind blow through their...fur.
To go and meet others like them at the  "Nut Palace"...
For the last few weeks- to get them prepared...I put the carrier outside during the day, to let them get use to the smells and sounds. Oh yea-they hid under the blankets for the first  few days...then it was.."Let Me Out!".
So we opened up the door and let'em out....I can see the respitory rate on their little was pounding with excitement! They hopped, ran, scurried around....ran up the brick wall and up the trees...I was sooo happy for them.
The Mr. wasn't.
He was soooo sad.
 He kept the carrier outside, so they can come back and feel safe in their home.
Not more than a couple hours after we didn't see one in sight. I can tell the Mr's heart was heavy.
He went outside to see if he could  at least  spot one of them. {I was inside vaccumming and cleaning!}

12.21.09.."I Love To Create! *sigh*..."

Okay, saw these in the store...I shreaked with excitement!
How fun is this?!
It adds to any room in the house....
Yes, you can remove these and reposition.
Love it!!

12.16.09.." Home *{SWEET}* Home"

This is our first Gingerbread house :)
I never made one and to be honest...still haven't...
I admit: the Mr. put this together { I just went out and bought the goodies...} He worked on this Saturday afternoon while I was at work...
He said "Never Again".....there  was  alot of cussing going on and  him yellin' at the lil' men that  I bought for it....Poor Santa and the lil' reindeer. He said next year he'll construct a real nice one...
I think he did a real nice job!

12.11.09.." We *{ Heart}* Netflix"

Yes, I have been a lil' MIA lately...
But I can't stop hearing about The Mr. and I decided to order it on Netflix.
Hook. Line. SINKER!!!
 We love it and can't stop waching it...come home.get our evening chores finished. then sit down and catch up on it :)
We are have way through the first season...we are at : Sookie is reading the thoughts of the human who knows who stole the $$ from the "Fangtasia Bar"....we stopped there because it was getting late!
Love Sookie.
Love Bill.
Her brother? Jason...he cracks me up! What a moran!
Ha! Ha!
But Okay, without spoiling it for many more seasons?
Is the season going now? When?
You Rock :)

12.8.09..."AW! I just love him.."

Ever since we met,
every single year my hubby has given me an ornament,
for Christmas...I love him so...
Even when he was gone overseas, he STILL  sent me an ornament!
I cherish every single one...
What are your favorite lil' gift traditions...???

12.7.09.."Knock! Knock!"

This is my Fairy Door.
It may seem silly, however a friend of mine {back home}& I, where so tickled over this idea!
I put my cute lil' door in my scrapbook room.
Even decorate the front door with a snowflake on the doorhandle, handpainted {glittery must I add!} sled, and a Christmas Tree!
I just love it.
My cats once in a while will take off with the sled....
Have a great Day!!

12.5.09.."Update on the kids..."

Just an update on the kids, to let everyone know.....
They are doing great!
Have a great day.


Set the Scene:

I'm in my scrapbook room one morning ,over this last weekend. AGAIN minding my own business.
The Mr. gets up and walks past my scrapbook room, and we say good morning, blah, blah,......{ i get up HOURS ahead of him....}

He says casually:" I messed up my mustache but I fixed it...." as he's walking by- to get his coffee ready...
Me: "Uh, okay..."

So, I walk into the kitchen.
and this is what I see!
First response?
ran into the other room.
threw myself on the bed-laughing hysterically! { a very good- surprised laugh :) }

Then crept into the kitchen and shielding my eyes from him. He just stood, I asked him...

Me:"Who are you? Where's my husband? What are you doing in my house!!!" -laughing.still unable to make eye-contact....

Him: blink.blink."Uh. don't like it?" whith a big grin.

Me: "No! I love it! But you look completely different! Not the same person at all! I feel like I'm cheating on you!&…

12.1.09..."I'd Live Here..."

We got to dust off our village and actually set it up this year. It's been awhile since we have been able to.
{Having cats that were kittens=destroys everything....., the Mr. In Iraq...for 2 Christmas's....}

But we got to even add to our village this year! I went and bought a cowboy saloon, Santa on Horseback, AN OUT HOUSE!! I squealed with joy when I saw this in the store! EEKK!! Then, found a adorable!
Now, my MIL and FIL have a kicka** village!! They have hills and mountains and awww.....we will get our town as big as theirs :)

But I hope you all have fun getting your decorations up :)

More to come {pics}....only the beginning...

Happy Holidays :)