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.7.31.09." My lil' heart"

This is my lil' sister.
Everyone has one.
If your blessed to have such a wonderful blessing in your life. Then,
you all know, that you would kill any man or person...... who would dare break her heart.
There is nothing, I wouldn't do for her. My heart aches, when hers does...

She has such a golden heart and when she walks into a's amazing. She lights it up and puts smiles on people's faces like you wouldn't believe. Her personality is something else! You never know what this girl is gonna say or do. She's great. Her heart is pure and so trusting that the wrong people have taken advantage of this trait about her...she is....precious.

This precious wonder is a remarkable woman. I should write a book about her.
She has overcome so many obstacles in this crazy world we call "life" and has been dealt the crappiest of all crappiest cards ever-presented to her!! She took the cards and would make the best of it...truly amazing....if s…

.7.30.09." Get up?"

Who: The Mr and I
What: A conversation...kinda..sorta...
When : Last night
Where: Asleep in our bed...
Time: Midnight...yip.midnight.

Mood: snoring, sawing logs, Fast asleep! so i thought....

So, I'm fast asleep.
He franticly wakes me up by shaking me!
The conversation goes something like this:

Mr: "Baby! Wake up ! It's time to get up! Your gonna be late for work!

Me: "Huh? It's only 12:00..."

Mr: "Whaaaaaaattttt?"

Me:" Baby, it's midnight and nobody's gonna be there."

Funny thing is: When I'd come home in the past, and fall asleep right after work...he would wake me up to go to bed and I'd fly around like a chicken with my head cut off, thinking I was late for work! I'd look at the time and think it was the a.m., not realize it's the p.m......I would ruuuuuun around, and run into walls and he would laaaaauuugh!!
He would always try to calm me down but after years of this he would let it run it…

7.29.09..." Our new neighbors.."

Like our new neighbors? They just moved in.
I'm scared to death of them.
The Mr. gets all excited and wants me to come closer and feed them in all this....stuff. I say NO!
I've been attacked and chased by these things! I scaled a 96 ft fence (okay, not really...story time though) trying to get away from one of these! I screamed bloody murder across a field waving my arms like a lunatic! and when it stopped chasing me, I went for another mile . just for the shock of almost getting murdered by one of these.
They know! They sense it! I'm scared. I know it, they know it. Let's just admire from afar!

So, the Mr. goes out and buys them bread and these are *WILD* Canadian geese, so they know how to protect themselves. I'm cool with that...
Then here's the Mr...he's getting closer ...and the hissing folks, is a clear indication "Look, I'm pissed off and don't want you near me..." I run. He stays.

But all kidding to the side...he loves wildlife and gets …

7.28.09.." I'm all set!!"

* 2ND day @ new job.... * flash flood warnings all over... ...all week long, that is. Never Fear! I have my Lady Bug Umbrella! Yay!! I'm good to go! :) *************** My sweet Lil' sister, got this umbrella for me years ago...still love it :) Have a great day ma' Ladies!!

7.26.09.." The Silent Auction Dinner.."

Okay, I hate this Blogger now...stupid blogger... Okay I'm done with my fit. But Last night, the Mr. and I attended a silent auction @ a country club. The proceeds went to the Medical Center, so we attended with the famous "Fam"..{Boo Jody. I didn't get a picture of them...what's wrong with me?} But I must say...they looked AMAZING! The mr. Tom-snazzy-pants had a very nice attire on. Then , the beautiful Miss Nettie. Well, ravishing as normal. She had a lil' sparkle to her eyes:) They looked very nice! So, since the Mr. and I had so flippin' idea what to do at one of these benefits...we just..hung out and talked for a bit. Then , the items that were being auctioned off (silent that is..) The Mr. saw the TV and it was over from there. He was going home with this TV. { flatscreen, Sony, 18.5 in..for the kitchen!} He became so obsessed with this TV!!! On a silent auction, there is a sign up sheet and you put your name and what you are willing to spend on that it…

.7.24.09." My Creative Ideas!"

I like to have clean counter tops like the rest of my OCD Friends/Family... :)
But the container is so ugly to display!
SO! Yesterday while waiting for the repairman to get our air conditioner fixed, I just put a lil' somethin'-somethin' together!

The Clorox wipes are in a cute container. So I didn't have to cover the WHOLE thing!
But see they are very cute! Just takes a min. or two.
Looks nice on your counter top and no one will ever know.
Make any design to go with your decor.

Okay your wondering baby wipes?
Why should babies only has nice clean bottoms?
Plain ol' dry toilet paper just doesn't do it sometimes.
So I have always kept baby wipes under the sink...yes, very hard to get to.
Or on the back of the toilet.
Now it can be displayed! :)
I like the one with the skunk. How fitting, huh?

.7.23.09.." ...and the Cave...."

First of all, I had to put this in here. Isn't this cute?!
They both have the left front stretched out and the right front curled up...
Like they talked about going sun bathing together..Ha!

I admit, I don't decorate for style. I know, shame on me..
I love comfort! I love the homey/comfy feeling.
I want someone to walk in and feel like they are at home. ")

Yes, there is stuff that still needs to be unpacked....ugh!

This is as if your walking in the door..this is what you'll see...

I have a confession: The Mr. did most..ok, he did the decorating.
Yes, yes, I know...THE ONLY thing I did was...just give him my input of where I would like certain things to go..we are still moving stuff around.

Around the corner on the another lil' room! Yes, I know..geez!
It's The Mr.'s karaoke room/poker room. He has a huuuuge poker table in their too!
Poker anyone? For chips of course, not $$$. Ha!

See! I told you. The weather channel. :)

And the famous "Big Round Chair&qu…

.7.22.09.." and the Bunkhouse..."

The..Our bedroom!
We have always wanted a log bed. when the Mr. saw this he had to have it...he's worse than me...where do you think I get this attitude from? I want it! I need it! I muuuuust have it!!

Remember when you were lil' and trying on tennis shoes with your parents? You would try to convince your parents a certain pair of tennis shoes, cuz it would make you run faster!! Ah C'mon I'm not the only one!

But we still have some re-arranging and what not to do!

And most of all, your probably wondering WHY in the world am I showing our home on my blog??? Why you ask? Our parents, family, and friends back home would like to see where we live and what our home looks like :) So this is a great way! Stay tuned: Tomorrow....the Living room! (we have 2 living rooms, so one is still being worked you only get to see one..sorry!) Toodles! Happy Blogging!

.7.21.09.." ...and the Kitchen..."

Okay, I've always wanted a TV in the kitchen!! EEKK!! I know it may sound a little hokey-pokey...but I love it. When I was lil' and would watch programs on TV and they'd show a home with a TV in the kitchen ...I would sit and dream about it...I know silly. But I told the Mr. about it and he was gonna get rid of this TV he had,{ when he drove truck....}.I'm all.. "Wait!! No!! We could use it, in the kitchen!" He loves it and now we have that one on more than the other in the living room. Even for just background noise... I love watching Tv when I'm getting dinner ready(WHEN I do...), but the early morning..when getting coffee ready...just getting the day started. I like to watch the weather channel alot and the news in the morning. I love this lil' kitchen! The cats and Kelly like to sit in the sky lights beam and just laaaaay there. You have to step around them. ya like the midget bar stools!! I love'em! The Mr. found them an…

.7.20.09."Monday: Scrapbook Room"

Well, finally done..Phew..
This is the Scrapbook/Craft room. I love it!
Funny thing: When the Mr. was walking through the house looking at the rooms he said when he first walked into this one..
" This is the biggest room...this will be the scrapbook room..." I laughed when I heard this. He feeds my addiction :)

I love the fact, I also get a chance to use the closet wisely! The storage is wonderful!!

Here though, women don't do crops! AGH! I know! How appalling! But women here have craft rooms so they don't want to "Lug" their stuff everywhere! Hello? Isn't that what crops are about? Lugging your stuff. Show your stuff off. See others goodies and stuff they make, the techniques they use and so on. I love and looked so forward to crops...I'm gonna miss them. Actually, I thought of....I'll start my own! I'll get to know a couple of women and expand from their. Trying to get them out of their homes will be the challenge. I don't get it? No crops? W…

7.19.09.." Fri/Sat recap!"

Fiday night...was just a night of relaxing by the lake. Watching the sunset. I don't think I'll be able to get sick of this...

These two are just my world. Plain and simply. I'll tell my hubby a sad story of a pet at work, and the sad ending of it's life and talk about how the parents (owners) reaction to the situation...he'll get all teary-eyed and hug Kelly. Always wants her close to him...

We really don't make alot of trips out of town because she's our first thought:" What about Kelly? What do we do with her?..." She is our family. She's a big part of our decision making when planning things. It doesn't bother nor hinder us. It's life. Not even a question.
So Saturday, we played tourists in our new town! Oh my land! The hot springs here were really thought of a natural healing process. Very cool how they did things then. :)

Our nice tour guide very very sweet! Then there is always one in every crowd! This ol' fart challenges every…

.7.16.09.." I need your advice..."

No, my beautiful dog here, Kelly has nothing to do with my post. However I just wanted to put her sweet lil' face on this post :) ******* Okay, ya all know we just moved here to AR. I had a working interview today. It went great. La-de-da......I was offered a job at another clinic 2 days ago. I turned that one down, for this one-that I was at today. With me so far? Today went great. However, just observing and checking things out....different....but nothing I can't handle. I kept telling myself "Your use to only one food on the buffet! There are soooooo many other types out there! Try'em! Expand your horizons!" So before I left I was offered the job. I took it.... Then, I get out to my Jeep and check my messages..I got another offer from another clinic! From what I've heard..this is a very NICE clinic. AGH!!! I already gave my word to this one....that I was at ALL day!! See, that's my problem. ONCE I give my word on something..that's it. Set in stone. I won…

.7.15.09 "Oh How I love Lil' Wee Cups!"

Since ice cream has been a permanent grocery item in our house since we moved here.
The Mr. has fallen in love with the "Ben & Jerry's" Cinnamon Bun ice cream. He's seriously thinking of writing a love letter to this corporation...however I stopped him, letting him know just how creepy that was, because it's just ice cream.... but he has been polishing off 1 pint a night, almost!!!
But anyhow pictured above is my new lil' favorite! Isn't it cute?!!! I imagine you've all seen this, however the size of it is just perfect!!!
Show and tell is over. You can go back to your productive day. :)