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.9.30.09.." ....Believe it? Or Not?...."

So, on our trip....we headed to another fun-filled town..."Branson" in Missouri...

HAD to stop @ Ripley's! C'mon everybody loves Ripley's!! :)

We studied every lil' thing and examined everything!
People are weird, ya know?
Other cultures are so intriguing...and just plain bizarre sometimes...but it's like a bad accident on the road. You just have to stop and stare............."What is THAT? OHHHHHHH!!!!"
We saw:
2 headed stuffed Holstein calf, wedding dress made out of toilet paper, shrunken head, car made of wood(VW Volkswagen), ships/buildings in bottles, a cowboy statue made out of wood matches(too much time on hands? Do we?)...just neat stuff!

Before I die..I wanna go see all the Ripley's...
All so different and just, cool :)
Have a splendid day Ladies.

Believe it?
Or Not?

.9.29.09.."Happy Birthday Big Sis"

Shout out to my Big Sis!
Happy Birthday!
I love you **dearly**..

{ The Mr. and I have a big Family! I try to send Birthday cards...but this is better..Ya let everyone know , huh?}

Have a good day, ma Ladies :)

.9.28.09.."Who ya Gonna Call?? "

This was soooo much fun!
We headed out to Eureka Springs,Ar and stayed at the Crescent Hotel where "Taps: The ghost Hunters" (season 2/episode 2...we end up buying that episode..)
was filmed..and guess what my lil' chickies????? Some un-explained was found there!! EEKKK!!
Unfortunately, nothing exciting like that happened with us....only 584 pictures later..
But!!! I did take 2 bananas from the wonderful breakfast buffet for later snacks and I didn't remember eating one!! And I know I put it in my purse?....Um?????
So this bugged me in the middle of the night and I woke the Mr. went like this:
Me: "Psst..Baby..Baby...You awake..?"

Mr: "Grumble, grumble....Hmmmmm???" (eyes glued shut still)

Me: "I took 2 bananas from the buffet, huh?"

Mr: "Ugh, huh, you did.."

Me:"Where did the other one go? I don't think I ate it! What do think happened to it?!!"
(my voice very excited at this moment, like we were gonna discover some…

.9.24.09." Happy Birthday Wish!!"

Today is my Sweet Little Sister's Birthday!!

If I had the right connections, I'd shout from the roof top of how much I love her and Happy Birthday!!

Until now,

this is all I could do....

"Happy Birthday!!"


A little Veterinary sense of humor...

.9.22.09.."I'm Singing In The Rain!"

Okay, is anyone else flooding here in the South?
My Land-Ta!
I feel like we are back in Oregon!
When will this insanity stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, one good thing: It's nice and warm's not FREEZING rain!

Help me out....
A} Should I wear my life jacket around town...and embarrass my husband even more???
B} Should not. He's being tortured enough everyday of knowing me....Ha! Ha!
Wouldn't he just die!!!! Lol!!!
I could say in my defense: " Safety First!!"
Even though pulling a stunt like that, would never surprise him...
Have a great {clear throat}...Dry Day!!!!!!

.9.21.09." Yay-Er!!!"

Hi there Ladies xoxoxooox ,
I would love to thank "Miss Jackie"
over at her wonderful blog , L Y M I B and then also!..

"Miss Ashley" over at her creative blog, Pink-Ture Perfect

Both these ladies nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!Yay-er!!!!

Okay, to accept this I have to :

1** Thank the Lovely Ladie(s) who gave me this wonderful award!

(thank you! thank you! :)xoxoxoox)

2** Copy logo and put on blog (check )

3** Link the person who nominated you ( thank you Mr., for showing me this...)

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Here goes my list about me:

1} I'm Over-the-top when I like or interested in something...(hobby, idea, craft idea, home decor..)

2} I don't like Naggers...I refuse to nag at my husb…

.9.17.09.."Movie Review..."

Over the weekend we went and watched...on a lazy,rainy,not-wanting-to-over-exert-ourselves-Sunday afternoon....a horror flick!!
What a great way to spend an afternoon....we got our HUGE Tub-O-Popcorn, w/ Extra butter, our 3D glasses, no make-up {um...that's me...}, sweat pants...oh so relaxing....

As for the movie:
It was "Okay"....if you like the other "Final Destinations" then this is a must see! The 3D adds to it, and makes it so much more of treat! :)
Okay, I'm just saying if I just witnessed my friend being killed or sliced right in front of me....I'd probably react a lil different than these actors..maybe go into a catatonic state and stand in shock...instead of : "Oh rats. MaryBeth got killed, can you pass me the Cheerios...I love Cheerios...they are so crunchy..."

.9.15.09.."Awwwww....what a sweet Mr."

So The Mr. left on business the other day, for Texas...
So, I got home today after work, and he was home! :)
Yay!!! with a big- huge smile on his face!!

"I brought you a present back....", he says.
I look at him ....and then looooook aaaalllll aroooooound the house.nothing.
"What?! Tell ME!!'" In the midst of eye-balling the house with a grin, ear to ear....still nothing.
I give up.
He pulls out ONE.Uno.solo.loser.lonesome.solitary.single.individual... BAG of
"Flamin Hot/Limon Crunchy Cheetos" !!!!! I was so excited! I jumped and down all happy!! This lasted during a hug and a kiss and then....
I stopped and looked at him seriously, and said.with a straight face.
He laughed and opened up a cupboard FULL of them!! It was heaven. Like...heaven. Yes, I screamed even more. More jumping up and down! Yay for ME!!!!!
He said ,he saw'em at a 7-11 in Texas while getting a drink and bought the store out.. sweet!!!
He said ,a…

.9.15.09.."Rumble through the streets"

Well, this last weekend here- was a sight to see!!
It was an Annual Biker Rally-weekend.

"Weekend-er - Bikers" and "Bikers" from all around, plan to come and gather here all weekend..

The streets rumbled and shook with the Hog sound!
It was the coolest sound! You see some of the nicest bikes in your life.
It's a very well known event around here...people set up chairs in parking lots and stand along the streets just to see this parade of bikes, up and down the streets!
We headed downtown to just to witness this parade of beautiful bikes...
Bikes everywhere! Biker bars were loaded with these expen$ive machines...
Rows of chrome!! Nice. Very nice.

Okay, however there were Biker B****** that could kick your A**!!!
Wow! Tough looking...{gulp}..Ladies?

I'm soooooExCitEd!! We leave friday night...

We made plans to stay..... at this... GuLp....Haunted Hotel!!! EeeeEEEEeEeeeKkkkkkKkKKkk!!!! This Hotel has been featured in "Taps" and on Discovery Channel... The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar... I'm so nervously-spooked-ExciTed! I've always wanted to do will be for 2 freakish nights. I'm tellin' ya people! I'm NOT feminine when it comes to getting scared. I scream like a man...scream from DEEP down! My face expressions change -all distorted and stuff...ugly sight ya'll... I turn very strong..I'm serious.... I will. mow. yer. A** over! to get you out of my way!!
Old ladies...lil' children...burning building..sorry, I'm THE biggest chicken Turd in the world.. Why? Why you ask am I doing this? Duh, cuz it sounds fun! :) C'mon. What an experience. My husband is soooo excited. EEEEEEKKkkkkkk!!!!!!!! {Leg kicking in the air.and wild expression on my face}

.9.13.09..."Things I think About..."

Okay, I have been working on this post a while.....
something has been bugging me, when ever I see a lonesome tennis shoe in the road.
Is this a rising epidemic?
Do you get to your destination and get out of the car and say:
" Darn it! It happened again! My shoe just fell off, just fleeeeewwwww out the window. Just flew out"
How do you lose a shoe?
Let alone, one?
AND!!! You never see a high heel in the road, huh?
Never a pair, either...just one lonesome. shoe.

P.s. While setting up for this post..
I had to turn around three times to get this shot!!
I was bound and determined to get this picture...Phew!
Its-a blur, but I did it.
I had to do a "Dukes of Hazard" maneuver...

.912.09." Limited Ed..What?!!!"

Oh, M & M...
Oh, why have you done this to me?
I already have a weakness when it comes to the plain, peanut, and you add to this insane list?
For a Limited Time? Or -just -these-great-colors-Time?
Now, we are forced to stock up.
{Since I can't find the Crispy M & M's}
The coconut ones tastes like... lil' Almond Joys...{with no nuts}
Fabulous. Just Fabulous I must say!! :)
For a Limited Time...?

.9.11.09.." In Rememberance..."


.9.9.09.." I Watch One Too many Crime Shows.."

Okay, we get this idea to go crystal mining over the weekend...and my faithful tour guide, {aka: The Mr.} looks up on-line this area about an hour away from our home...
It feels like we were traveling to where "Deliverance" was made.
We pull in. In the middle of nowhere. No screams could be heard that far out.
I tell the Mr. "Oh, I'm scaaaaaared.This is spooky"
He chuckles. {I didn't think it was funny}
We pull into the parking lot. We have the only clean vehicle.
"Ummm. Baby, all the cars here have dust on them..I don't think they have moved in a while..maybe something happened to them?"
He chuckles...{Nope.still not funny.}
He gets out and heads for this sign that is clearly hand painted into this shack-looking-store-thing..."Welcome-Enter"
"Umm...Baby...there is no exit sign?Wait don't go in there..."
He chuckles. And goes in...
Just then a lady with ONE big tooth in her mouth comes out! I was scared.
I ran in, behind The…

.9.8.09.."Put some of this on your smacker!!"

Isn't this great!
Ha! Ha!
A co-worker brought this is in, and said she thought of me when she saw this??????

It's sure an item you don't see everyday!!!!

.9.8.09.." I'm so inmature...sometimes..."


How do you pronounce this? I saw this and was laughing to myself and thinking..
"If the Mr. had this last name, I would pronounce it like : it was french or something"

But it looks like "Sour-butts!" Ha! Ha!
I'm such a brat.
Are any of you related to this person?
If so.

.9.6.09.."Practise makes perfect.."

Well, I thought I'd try my hand at....none other than.
Jewelry Making.

Hats off to the Ladies who do this. and whip it out like no problem!

My Lanta! There may.or may have not of been, alot of cussing and beads everywhere.
I just wing-ed this lil crafty adventure and had no idea what I was doing. Or how to do it...

After hours of staring at lil' insect-size- testicles of beads...I think I'm permanently crossed eyed.
Yeah! We now have two dogs. Four cats.And two Mr.'s....

.9.4.09.." Missing......"

Have you seen these in Arkansas? Let me answer that for you.

The last time, I even tasted one of these tasty lil' morsels were in Oregon. Yip. Last time folks.

I'm convinced it must be banned in this state. Why else would they not want it here? Ummm??? Tell me that?
This ain't right?!! My Mr. and I have searched high and low for this particular flavor and.

I'll go back to where we first met.
This flavor of Cheeto, and me.
It was at my old work. Just another day...
This ex co-worker always brought junk food-"Cer-rah!"

I stole a Cheeto and then it was love at first bite.

I went home with 2 bags.
Ate all of the two bags.....hoping I would get rid of my addiction to them by overloading on them.Make my myself sick of them! Hoping I would be repulsed by them, if I mere looked at another Cheeto bag.....
Nope. They were tooo smart.
All I got was a stomach ache.mouth that was on fire for stained fingers. and me wanting more.

Nice try, Jody.

The Mr.…

.9.3.09.." Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I thought this was the cutest pic!

No, it's not my cat. Another person sent this and it made me laugh out loud!

The "LOOK" on this cats' face.