1.3.09....30+ years of friendship...

Yes Man! Last night I went to the movies with my long time BFF of 30..ummm years...long time okay! But we went to a late movie..it was late for me..and Les looked so darn cute and I wanted to get a pix of us (scrapbooker in me...) and post it today! She couldn't keep her poor lil' eyes open! It was like going on the 90 ith pix! Okay..not really..but she's a wonderful person and a heart of "unselfishness" GOLD! She's all about living life to the fullest and this movie said it all! Les is already a "Yes Gal!"She's fun and not a bit of fake..says it like it is...and people LOVE and RESPECT her. I'm her number one fan..love ya Les!
P.S.....YOu always dO take tHe besT picTurEs!! Lol!!


Miss Anne said…
awww this is so sweet!

i just love les to death!

:) your friendship is an inspiration!

Miss-happy pants said…
LOL! This was so fun! But SERIOUSLY!!!! How do you keep your eyes open when it flashes??? I just can't do it!!! I LOVE you too girl!!! BFF forever and ever!

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