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.8.31.09.." Fun Tip #234,561..."

Okay, this was fun....okay I'm officially old.....making pizza is fun?Or maybe just a nerd..either way..this was fun!
I went and bought all of our favs on a pizza and we made our our pizzas! The Mr is SSOOOOOO "MR. PICKY" is not even funny...we made the crust in all :)

So why not make your own? Cheap, kinda cool to do once in a really fills ya up, too!!
Next time though we will make a half-n-half...waaaayyy to much pizza for one person :0 .

.8.30.09.."Just Over The Border..."

It was a nice Saturday...we just took off and planned to be back in time to hang out with our wonderful friends...that evening..
Then, the next thing we know...hello? We are in Louisiana!! I guess just a little side
But we shopped and ate...{two things I really enjoy :) }
We went to "Outdoor World" OMG! I love that store!! Then we walked- store to store and looked in all the lil' shops...the weather was just perfect-not too hot and not EVEN cold..especially being on the waterfront like that. Very Nice :)
Needless to say we didn't make it back in time to see our friends...just a lil' 3+ hours out of the way! oops...

But we went to none other than "HOOTERS!" Yeah! I asked my husband if I could take a pix with him and a Hooter-Girl...he said "No" I took a picture with our beautiful lil' waitress..She was tall! She was kind enough to bend down for the picture :)

However I can't wait til our next jaunt! I don't want to say …

8.29.09.."It was HUGE!!!"

Okay, I know.... this is really grossing some of you out...sorry. Not my intentions here.
This..we a baby TRANCHULA!! Baby? Or maybe a Wolf spider?????

I just want to show you what my poor husband has to endure! He's scared of these suckers and makes me do a boogie dance and kick my leg in the air too!
Taking these pics made me sooooooo nervous!! EEEkkKKkk!!!!

I'm so proud of him though. He's come such a looong waaay!! He now comes and finds me to point out these spiders!
Don't get me wrong. He still screams. Not as bad.

.8.28.09.."Dear Edward....Grrrrrr....."

Dear Mr. Edward, Hi. Jody here. One of your biggest fans. Well, I'll get to the point.... Bella, she is somewhat...a ho. She KISSED Jacob! Hello!? Is that not "grounds for dismissal?!" My land Boy! How much of this winy-girl can you take?!!! Yeah, yeah, she smells it. Just think about it... signed, Very upset-concerned human **************************** So, yip. You can guess where I'm at..Gah!! I have only a few chapters or so to go, with book #3 and ....Grrrrrrr!! Come on people?! Does it get better? Jacob is a pushy-jerk! Bella is stupid!! Gahhh!! I can't wait til I'm done with this series..but I still love how it captures you and draws you in.. I read at night ,prior to bed and then my poor hubby is already fast asleep, and I stay awake ...just another chapter...okay, one more chapter.....Okaaaaaay ONE more chapter.... Then, I get all flustered and thinking of the book and slam it shut. Turn off the light. Hastily put myself under the covers and grumble,grumbl…

.8.25.09.." Randomness..."

Honesty & Frankness make you vulnerable.
-Be honest and frank anyway.

.8.24.09..." Diamond..Park?"

What a great, spur-of-the-moment thing to do.
Dig for diamonds.
Yip. You heard me...
Arkansas has the only place, here in the U.S. you can dig for your own diamonds.
For $6.00 per digger(ha! ha!)
People from all around, come here to try their luck!
Some actually find something..
Upon the entrance there is a sign tallying the diamonds found today, yesterday, this year(so far), and last year...pretty impressive :)

Have the proper {cute} attire...not white though.
You get dirty out there playing in the dirt.

So you pick a spot...

And dig.

An 8 carat diamond has been found here and not only that, but the most perfect diamond has been found here! Cool, huh?

So after your done digging and getting can relax at the pool! Yip. That's right. There is a pool to cool down at and just relax... can bet we are coming back.

.8.24.09.."Ha! Looks familiar..."

This is my Husband reacting to a spider.....and me, to a snake.
And me. wanting to blog about it.

8.23.09.." Little Relax Time..."

Saturday after I got off work, we headed out to one of the many other lakes around here. Which also is a National Park. We sat and drooled over the boats..

We just walked around the park and enjoyed all the surroundings... Poor Kelly was sooooo hot. We were careful to not overheat her...she's still not use to this weather here...

Kelly was ready to go! We plant her feet up on the tailgate. Then give her a boost from behind! She gets soooo excited she turns around and tries to either grab you (after she's in) or she yells at you like "Weeeeeee!" {Yes, she is tied in...} Then a quick trip to the mall...had a talk with Edward .about Bella .and her stupid behavior. { I'm on the 3rd book. Half way through. And very upset with stupid Bella.... can I stop reading this nonsense? No } All in all...great-relaxing Saturday :)

.8.20.09.." Jody?......HERE!!!!!!!!!!"(hand in air)

I'm still here!
I've been busy lately and well....I got into the......gulp....Twilight books.
I started Saturday night and last night I finished the second and heading to the 3rd tonight....
Yea...stupid Bella. She grabbed my attention and didn't let it go...she's really making me mad.
Help!! Can't stop!
I'm gonna have to blog more about this.....Edward stuff.
Love the books!

I wish Jacob would get smart and just leave..Bella is a winylil' brat.

.8.13.09.." Thankful Thursday..."

As you get older in life... I'm realizing more and more it's not easy making friends. I mean true friends. It's 2:00 a.m. you have to get up in 3 hours for work. She calls. and your at her doorstep, before your even awake. Your still wondering.." Did I drive here?" I mean, that's how fast I'd be there for any of these girls here. I miss them and their honesty and they accepted me because they had to. Lol! They knew I'm weird and bold. But I love them dearly and would go toe to toe w/ Godzilla and get pummeled if I had to.. I have to go through the whole trust thing all over again...AGH!! I don't play High School Crap games...I don't do the fake-y crap thing. I'm me. This is who I am. If I don't like you. I won't even associate with you. Not into wasting time. I miss my friends back home, and your thought of and appreciated each and every day. As for The Mr.'s and my family...... We can't replace a new mom.Dad.Sis…

.8.12.09.."Wordless Wednesday.."



Who: Fellow co-workers and a Dr.
When: 3RD day @ new job
What: Conversation that took place...
Where: @ the clinic

Mood: Pretty quiet....

Others: "Yea, Moth Balls stink. They are so gross.Yuk!"

Me: {who is clearly not in the conversation...I'm overhearing this..} "So have you smelled Moth Balls before?'

Others: "Yea, they are gross!"

Me: "How did you get their legs apart?"

Others: {You could hear crickets in the background....stare, blink, blink....}
"Bwawwhahahahahahhahahhahha!!!!!!! Your gonna fit around here ! Oh my gosh! We walked into that one!"

Me: {patting self on back.....thanking God they have smelled Moth Balls before ,or it just wouldn't be funny...}

8.6.09..."Thanful Thursday..."

Okay I'm extremely thankful for simple things...
Like my lil' ol' shower radio!
I rock out in the mornings, listen to the news and all about the it!
I tried a CD player

However, the trick to enjoying this lil' to keep both FEET PLANTED!
No REAL will want to though, cuz music is invigorating! No lifting your legs and standing on one foot...or doing the rump shaker....don't get that carried away..just may knock over your shower caddy...
Now, the singing is fun too! Watch out American Idol I just may audition..not.
But it's simple and enjoyable.!

8.5.09.."Wordless Wednesdays..."


.8.3.09.." Sunday Linner..."

Oh Sunday..Sunday..suuuuuundaaayyss! Your so very close to our arch enemy Mondays...
But how do I love to spend Sundays?
Relaxing. Doing nothing productive. Do everything that comes to

So, this glorious unproductive day for me...{the Mr. mowed the lawn...he don't play by the rules. Rule#1 on Sunday.relax}
So we had Linner..yes, I did not's what we have been doing recently having an early dinner, late lunch. Ta Da! Linner.

Okay, off track here Jody. Focus.
We had Linner here and we Luuu-u-uuuV it here! Our new fav. place.
The Fisherman's Warf. Beautiful view. Good food. Great service.
The Mr. really enjoys turtles. He loves any wildlife...however, these particular turtles would swim up and look at you like a dog! and beg! It was so cute!

So handsome :)

Ta Da! and. us.
Our Wonderful meal!

I love sitting outside. Watch and hear all the boats go by. You can even pull your boat up at the boat parking lot and come in for a bite to eat! How cool is that??????…