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"Any Ideas?"

Okay, I have a weird Q.. The Mr. and I just took an overnight trip out of town.... I made my overnight list... packed everything I needed {or thought.} .in a little bag..
BUT!!! I love my shower scruchie! How In the Heck do you pack these things! I tried putting it in a zip lock..but the thought of having a wet -warm thing collecting bacteria in a bag...just grosses me out! I can not use a wash cloth either..doesn't do anything.. Well, my brain thinks so.. But what do you all do when your traveling? I love my shower gel and soap...NO! NO.NO>NO> Not an option. I gave bars up YEARS ago.. I'm Barless.
Any  ideas or just comments would be great :)
I KNOW>>I KNOW> They are only $1... But still.

Stay Tuned: Heading to the Boat Show Today! Here we come Gilligan, Skipper, Ginger...


I believe the Vending machines are rigged!
A weekend ago...I know, I know,..I'm JUST NOW getting around to blogging about it... We stopped at a rest stop on our way out of town.. Boy! Those chips look good. :) I put my $1 in. It's stuck. I put another $1 knock that one loose.. It got stuck.. Whaaaatt??
SO. I put another flippin' $1 in.. Yip. You guessed it. IT GOT STUCK! What are the chances?!! So, at this point.. it's a video game..or a slot machine..either way, I want to WIN!!!
I want those chips.
 I'm not leavin' w/out them..
Someone else will make off like a bandit if I just leave... Oh I don't think so..
I don't care if they are dirt flavored at this point... It's just the fact.
So, the Mr. comes over and tries moving the machine back n fourth..nope.  cemented to the ground! Smart man he is...stupid wife I am... he puts another $1 in on the item next to it.. knocking them ALL down! I jumped up and down! Ah! We woN!! We Won!

If Life tries to Trick you.. Try A different…

"I Can't Help Myself!"

Dallas Cheerleaders gone Bad!

I was Kung Fu Fighting!

Want some Candy Lil' Girl? {okay, i just grossed myself out...}

Nice....real nice Clark.


...hello? Lady Liberty is that you?

We are gonna be late for the sacrifice! C'Mon!!


Get it! Get it! I can't hold you here all day, Hurry Up!!!

Fr: Dear Mr. Ronald McDonald, I believe we found a match for you.....

I keep telling him to get that dryer fixed.

Fr: Dear Mr. TinMan, After years of searching...we have good news...

Oh Honey, No! No! no....

"Good News!"

While the Mr. was gone...(Iraq)..he missed alot of things..I took pictures, tried to document things for him... Let him know he was thought of, constantly! Well, at one point: I went a step further... After a hilarious incedent at the Dentist Office(Sept. 2008)...I didn't think JUST TELLING him about it would do justice of how funny it was... your whole mouth being  NUMB. So, post appointment..I'm sitting in my Jeep... videotaping myself trying to talk! Well, I was (disappointed) I could not get the video e-mailed to him! So, I just thought I'd  shared with people.... how rediculous (sp?) I really am... Well, The Mr. may or may have not pee'd his pants when he saw it...
But Long story..longer... He kept bugging me to send the video into "America's Funniest Home Videos"  So, I did. A couple weeks ago. And I got a response Yesturday!!! They sent me all the legal paperwork to have the  rights to owning the video.. SURE! I did it just for fun ! But I was very  excited :) When …


Just droppin' in For Lunch........

Yea! My first Train Ride! {this would happen to me...}

"....I warned YOU guys! Hit me in the head ONE more Time!...."

"....Excuse me sir, Do you have any Grey PouPon?.."

..pretty water...
I love the window seat! You get such a wonderful view!


..and you wondor what goes on after the park closes?..

Have a wonderful Day :)

"Cookie Monster!"

Anyone who has a pooch...will soon realize... We love to give them treats! They respond so "happily" to it :)
So, well I decided to make my own doggie treats :) Rolling out the dough, using the cookie cutters,..baking and waiting!! They actually smell good :) Kelly layed by the oven & waited very patiently... She likes'em!
You can go on-line and find all kinds of recipes! :)
Have a good day family/friends/and Doggie Parents :)

"I Present To You..."

Just Because award. No Strings Attached... All you do: * accept award. *post it on your blog *Link it back to the person *pass it on if you'd like... It's Just Because...
*Jillian, Inc. *Me & My Boys...our life, one laugh at a time *Learning to Be A wife *Reasonably Swanky *Riding the Roller Coaster *Summer's Story *Inside Brucrew Life *Indefinitely Definite *Crash Into Me *The New Black *Brown Girl Blogs *A True Long Distance Relationship *Army Wife On a Mission *Two Hearts Made Four *The Sand is Different Here *Trying my Best To Be a Proverbs woman
{story of my Life}

Have a great Day

"Great Signs"

A friend of mine sent me these... I had to share!
..and what do we always bring camping? anyone?anyone?Bueller? Bueller? BEANS! not.good.

Any which way... I'd change my name.



Ha! Ha!
Oh NO you Don't!!!

I think I'd have to pull over and take a picture of this sign too!

I'm not for graffiti...but this is hilarious!!

Just say NO to Crack!

Umm...probably not an upholding establishment I'd want to attend.

Houston. We have a problem.
Have a great Day*


I watch the news every single morning while getting breakfast ready...yada, yada.... But this caught my eye/ear.. The morning news did a segment on the Supermodels falling! I tell you what! I had a deep belly morning chuckle!
It made me like these girls even more... They are real people...they fall. I went on U-Tube and laughed and laughed! I would break my neck in those things! Okay this picture below cracks me up! the bottom left! I fall.alot.all.the time! Is this what I look like going down?! When people fall...this is mean, I know...but the look on peoples faces cracks me up! You can't duplicate that look! Ha! ha! It cracks me up! I laugh so hard! Maybe because everybody has done it or if you think your hot s*** it brings you down a level or two..hey, your only human. Remember that-Noone is better than anyone else... (look @ her face! Ha! ha!) I had some great spills through the years... I was in Vegas with my Mom back in 2002....We were walking and I had realllly high flip flops(…