.1.18.09."Girlz just wanna have fun!'..

So today, my good friend Anne and I were heading around town to do "wedding" stuff...one thing lead to another and BAM!!!
We are in a dressing room..laughing our butts off..looking -oh-so-marvalous!!...and taking Blackmail photos..for later use...perhaps? Maybe if she holds my tape gun or Bling for Randsom???!!!
There really isn't much in my life, I'm embarassed by now...I pretty much do a fabulous job of that...yip, embarrassing myself. But this kids, was just a wonderful time!
Thank you sweet Anne for a wonderful time and all the laughs!! I really needed that today.
Hey, face taping session next?


Darn I miss all the fun!!
Miss Anne said…
you mean "at home biore strip spa"?

i'm in!

have a great week!


heart u~

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