Monday, October 11, 2010

Now What???

I had a very interesting conversation with a brand new Mom at the Mr's company picnic..
She asked..
"So, now that you and the Mr. have your home or you going to try for a baby?"
Huh? What?
I had to actually think of this.
I answered,
"I'm not sure if we can afford me not working? We are so comfortable where we are at in our lives...I dunno?"

So, That brings me to you Mommies out there..
I'm a planner.
I planned to pay off our vehicles.
I planned when to buy this house..
I plan vacations..
I have lists of lists around our home!
How can you plan on bringing a new life in the world.
I would love to have a wonderful baby as wonderful as the Mr.
How wonderful?
How exciting.
I would be honored.
my brain goes into planning mode...
Oh well.
If the good Lord blesses us,
then it was meant to be.
Everything happens for a reason.
Have a wonderful blessed day :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Can't Decide!

There are so many chandeliers out there!
Weird ones, crazy ones, and there are some that makes you scratch your head and say:
"I'd never pick that, but somehow it looks good in here..."
It's not like we can't decide b/c we can't agree...
It's just that we would like to know our selection first,
 then decide...
but the selection won't stop and the more we look the more we can't decide!!
They are a huge majority that is just beautiful!
I don't want huge, and it drowns the house.
But I would like the look of it to set the feel of the home???
Something that when you walk in you see it but your eyes keep moving...not fixate on the darn thing!

I'll keep ya posted :)
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Company Picnic was a success...very fun :)

The Day was filled with laughter and fun!
The Mr.'s work had a company picnic for the weekend..
Lots to do
and these ladies (above pictured) went above and beyond the call of duty!
I had lots to take pics of!
I had no idea who 80% of these people were,
but that didn't stop me from taking pics!
Below is just a sample of some of my fav pics..

 This is Mr's Boss.
I love this pic b/c is shows his tender side.
 This is the proud Mommy :)
 She is soooo darn cute!
 I'm not sure who these two were,
but I had to take this shot.
Lil' bitty Foot it is!
Proud Grammy xoxo
 The Mr. was the perfect person in the Dunk Tank!
He heckled people and it made you want to hit the darn target!
No...I couldn't do it.
I was taking pics.
Now this shot...
He darn near hit me with the horseshoe!

Hope you had a great Day!
More pics tomorrow! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

We Are Finally Moved In! Phew!

 Okay, we have been crazy-busy-bees lately!
I have not been blogging alot lately,
 due to the fact that we have moved into our new home!
Okay we have been unpacking and settling in now,
 b/c when we both get back to work...we will have no time and will we dog tired in the evenings....
But following are a few pics to get you an idea of what's up!!!
 My craft room....yip. Crazy mess...
These are the BEFORE photos...
The Mr. worked his hind end off,
 putting up these shelves for me and making it perfect for me!
He's so wonderful and such a sweetheart.
He stayed up til after 1 a.m. and got little sleep.
Meanwhile he never complains of lack of sleep or being tired...
I LOVE him so!
 But got the idea of what I'm in store for?
 Ugh!! I do love to organize and stuff....
                                                 I'll keep you posted on that.
 This is the living room looking in from the front door.
Love the open floor space....
 Looking into the kitchen from the living room....
Note: I already have the fridge cluttered...
But it's important clutter!
Don't judge!
 Okay, this is, real dining area.
We don't dine.
We just eat...anywhere...

 But I love this piece!!! I had to have this!!! We went and looked at a furniture store that was going out of business (aren't they all?) and well, it's a wine rack!! EEKK!!
But I had to have this cute rack!
Just b/c it looks like a Bird Cage!
Ha! We aren't even drinkers....we have wine, alcohol, and  tequila from Mexico that  we haven't even tapped into yet!
 But loving the bird cage-wine I gotta get me some wine glasses/bar glasses to match it...
 The Mr. cleaning the pool....he loves it!
He even got up one morning at 6:30(with a huge smile on his face..)...just to clean the pool!!
 He says it's relaxing and really enjoys it.
I'm pretty sure we have the cleanest pool in Hot Springs...
 He's so handsome. :)

 But this is our backyard area.
Very relaxing and comforting.
Very it.
And to top the Day Off!
I baked some goodies for the Mr.
I just made it up...
(I'm awful at following directions for recipes! I never have all the ingredients!..awful I say...)
Anyhow it contains :
Graham cracker crust with coconut shavings....
mixed with toffee chunks..
with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies layered on top....
He heats it back up in the microwave and tops it off with vanilla yogurt ice cream...
Can you say:

Have a great Day (evening)
and I'll get better  at
blogging!! :)