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.5.31.09.."I'm Old...But had a great Time!"

My wonderful Les took The Mr. and I to one of those Japanese restaurants { ummmm for my early Birthday for my birthday... I'm older.Yay.}where they cook in front of you! Yay! Second one in a month! My second time ever!

So also invited our very good friends here that I had no idea "J" had a hidden talent for catching flying shrimp....and! An appetite for tentacles! picture "A" took was great though!

So we had Mr. Jerry stand up and I guess he always wanted to be a cook or something..he was not so good. he broke the eggs.both of them.he was shortly released from this job.

See! Tentacles! But she seemed to like them :)
MY TREASURES :) Thank You Les and "A"! Les got me the "Shred "dvd! I kept hearing all these things about it! Okay Jillian.It's you and me babe! big cupcake! This is also on my treasures.. *Beautiful Wooden-cover Travel Journal *Letter "j" BLING key chain *Wax strips! *Tiger tissue-p…

.5.29.09.."Experiencing New Blogs!"

I'm so sorry!
This is soooo late.
However...I was awarded this award from "Southern Pathways"..She has a great personality that shows in her blogging!!

To Accept the award: 1) Accept the award and post it on your blog together with the name of who granted you the award 2) Pass it along to 10 other blogs you've newly discovered

So I did! I went and discovered new blogs! This can be addicting! I feel like I have a connection with so many other bloggers out there! Your so fabulous!

So I went through and even started becoming followers for these blogs:
Dum Ta Duuuum!

1} The Pink Chick
2} Homemakers Cottage
3} Yours Truely
4} The New Black
5} The Mom
6} P.S. I love You
7} Embrace the Everyday
8} Learning To Be A Wife
9} Mrs. Southern Belle
10} Her Southern Charm

Have a great night Ladies!!! Toodles!!

.5.28.09.."I do..."

Okay..if I were to ever get remarried in my next life. I'm gonna marry these lil' boogers.. OH MY Gosh! These could have not been named any better! These wonderful "lil' slices of heaven" will satisfy your every lil cravin'! UUUMMMMMMM! I guarantee if you like cashews and'll simply may just want to take these to bed with kiddin'.so you don't have to share of course.... But I found these @ costco {"sam's club" in some areas} and it's been love at first sight... I can see it now! I pronounce you: "Nut and Wife" You may eat the nut. Okay. Ummmmmmmmmm :)


WHOO HOO!!!!!!
Well, It's official! My BFF....{I've done prev. posts about her! } Well, Les is going to drive my Jeep for me to Ar, while the Mr. and I drive the Truck n Trailer! I'm so excited! I'm sooo happy!! Yeah! I get to spend a lil' more time with her! When we arrive, she will stay a couple days then fly back home....:} She wants to see that part of the country's on her bucket list, I believe. But yes! We haven't been on a road trip together since high me waaaay back.

.5.26.09.." And it begins..."

Today and tomorrow I still have off from work...well, this is my project. To get all this packed and organized for the movers..

This is crazy!

I don't know where to even begin!

This is crazy... But I love scrapbooking :)
I guess I need a few boxes.

.5.26.09.."A Day Well Spent..."

{ Kelly Loves to go "Bye-Bye!" she goes crazy when you say them words!!}

Yesterday, for Memorial Day....which was a very "BRIGHT" idea for both the Mr. and I...decided to go to the was a beautiful day..however the traffic coming back..was a disaster! I see why people get road rage...people are really idiot drivers..really! They are!
Well, now we remembered on the way back why we don't go anywhere ON holidays..crazy idea.
Next time.We will stay close to home.

We had a very nice time @ the Oregon coast. It was soooo nice out!

Our dog "Kelly", really enjoyed herself.She ran and ran and chased the waves and tried to catch them! She never did.
But she had fun trying! :) I hope everyone had a very nice Memorial Day. :)

.5.25.09.."Happy Memorial Day"

Happy Memorial Day. Bless our troops. Those who have served. Is serving. And those brave solders whom lost their ever so precious lives to do what they believe in. God bless each and every one of our hero's. These solders could not have done what they've done, unless they have/ have had/has a support I've learned that the family is a solider too. Just a different type. Happy Memorial Day.

.5.25.09.. "Time..."

Yesterday was a day of....nothing.
My Best Buddy "Les" hung out with us for the weekend...and it was relaxing. Maybe once or twice ran into town for something..but other than that.nothing.
Sometimes you just gotta do this.

Anyhow, I'll start making phone calls and start getting things in-line for our big move.
I look around the house and think...ugh......gotta take it all down? Just to put it back up again?
Well, Today will be another day of just getting quotes and info.
Then let the headache{s} BEGIN!!! dum-ta-duuuuuummmmm!

.5.23.09.."Things are happenin' Fast!"

Is it on? Is it working? HEEELLLOOOOOOOO!!! :)
We roared with laughter on this pix! You could hear us ,throught -out da' plan!

Great nose hairs Jody! My LAND!

Alot going through his mind right now..... But as you can tell...we made it home. Home a lil' earlier than scheduled. Things happened planned...and now we needed to get back to Oregon to get the ball rolling on things here. Let's just say we need to be out and on the road to Arkansas no later than June is is fast. I feel like the room is spinning. I have no idea where to start?Sooo many things to consider, organize, plan, so many things can't be done til the last a flippin' wedding!!!!! But I do have a funny story for ya! Ha! Ha!......for those of you who feel like I talk alot, and have long-ass posts. Sorry. But, okay we are on the plane coming home and "Verizon " has the phone impregnated in the seat in front of you..k? With me so far? Well, me..I have to touch …

5.20.09.."Where were you when Kris Allen won? Whoo! Hoo!"

Today here in AR, The Mr. got off work a lil' early and we went and scout the areas for homes...
B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l HOMES!!! MY LAND!!!

But After we went and picked up the famous Miss Netti and continued our home hunting. Then we all met up @ the flippin' cutest bar and grill you've ever seen! The place is called "Jason's", with the best lil' waitresses, and the craw fish{mudbugs} were amazing!

The bar and grill was tuned into American Idol and when the results came on...the whole place went quiet and all waitress stopped and stood under the TV. It was great! I had more fun watching their reaction! I actually took pics of them while the results were read!
But it was a HUGE night here in AR for Kris Allen fans! Congrats Kris!
But on a lil' side note.....while I was drinking beer and eating mud bugs..the owner of the bar brought over their local and famous veterinarian { like my boss is , in our hometown} and introduced me to him and first thing…


Well, my wonderful husband and I have made our decision.
Arkansas will be our new home.
It hit me this morning.
The Mr. left for work and I'm sitting in the room, getting our day planned...then the thought came across my mind.
My sweet pea Mom..I started crying and couldn't stop! My Mom and I are best friends! She's my buddy. MY MOM! I love her so much and the thought of being away from her is tearing me apart.

I can always count on her- to be silly with me, and can talk her into anything!! Ha! Ha! Like putting a god-awful hat on and take pics with me.

She's always taught me valuable lessons in life: * Always act like a lady. *Mind your manners. *Never know when company is coming over..always have your house presentable. *Having an animal is a privilege. Take care of it. *Treat people as you would like to be treated...{*Mom, this doesn't always work...but, I will continue with this advice..} *Never loan out:Your car,money,horse, or your husband {really! She always told me thi…

.5.19.09.." Good Day Mate!"

Thank you Miss Netti for such a wonderful tour of this beautiful area!
This woman is amazing! She has such a wonderful heart and the best stories!
She even takes pics to back up her new friend.I love it!

Talk about a great Day! I saw sooo much of this area and I absolutely *LOVE* it here! Thank you again Netti!

.5.19.09.."Wish you were here..."

This is our view from our room..except for. i hear a flippin' dog barking.The lil' dude has stopped for the moment.But don't let him fool ya! He'll start up again! I've been wishing all morning..he'd shut up.
But the Mr. has already gone to work...yes, this is work for him and play for me!
But the heat isn't far what people have told me...I *LOVE* it! so far...
Today I'll putz around and look @ housing and just the community.
I know tonight we are heading out to another big dinner! ugh! The food is amazing! I can't believe how much is given to ya! I can't eat like my camera.check! phone.check! Rolaids with gas relief.Check! Check!

.5.18.09" Touchdown! Welcome to Arkansas!"

Hi There!! We made it..finally here.
This is a really cute and nice town!
As well as some of you don't hubby and I are checking out this place {Hot Springs, AR} as our new HOME!!
So we got in for a loooong flight....tired and hungry.
Ate at the this cute lil' place.."Cracker Barrel". The Mr. loves this place! When he came home from his trip from Ar last, he promised to take me here..
But I have to say..I really like it so far..I know we've only landed...and saw a lil' of the town so far..but I love the atmosphere and people! I love to hear them talk!! Love it!!

So we then all met up and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant...where the food is prepared in front of you! Oh cool.....I was impressed! Our first time to one of these..since the Mr. IS NOT a fan of seafood.. oh well !! More for me! :)
But I'm excited! While the Mr. has to work I get to go and play around town tomorrow and go see some things...
I'll take pics and blog daily...I'll try rea…

.5.17.09.."Awesome..I got tagged!"

Yeah-er! I got tagged! You know what that means don't cha? I get to do a long blog entry! HA! HA!! Okay, my sweet lil' blogger buddy-*Perfectly Imperfect* tagged me to do this.. 1} List 7 awesome things about me...{oh boy...} 2} Tagged 7 of my awesome lil' blogger buddies..and let them know.. 3} Link this back to whom tagged me! Okay, first of all. the awesome blogger who tagged me ...her and our list is alot alike! I was like "Whoa there lil' miss!!!" 1} I CAN tell what my dog is thinking and what she wants..really! I can! 2} My *love* for my husband is unconditional. I trust him w/ everything and in my eyes there is "no better" ..I got it. I don't ever want to change him! I love him for who and what he is... 3} I'm a very dedicated takes me ALOT to change something. I get my fuel @ the same place{unless I'm traveling..}, my same hair lady, tanned @ the same salon for 10 years, worked @ the same place for..allotta years, same car...…

.5.17.09.."My Buddies!"

Well, the caption on the pix says it all!! Had a lil' get together with just a couple of my friends that also happen to be co-workers! It was so nice to see and talk to everyone out of the "work setting". They even trusted ME to wax them!...i guess they didn't see my blog..he! he! But the Big Boss even stopped by and said Hi and even grabbed food to go! But ALOT of singing went on and I was shocked on WHO had the talent! Lil' Miss Kris! You go girl! We were all very impressed lil' lady! But I was told my blogs are too long.....blah, blah! So I don't want to bore anybody to tears, so I'll end this now.. Thank you so much for all of you who showed up and I had alot of fun!! We will do this again..sorry for the short notice, but the weather was weird all week and I didn't even know I was gonna do this til late Friday..even then I was sick... Oh Gosh!! See? I can't stop tying..I just yak! bye.

.5.16.09..."Hello? Anybody Home?"

Okay the reason for this post is that..I realize I have a HUGE problem.
ZERO tolerance level for stupid people!Zero.zilch.nada.
But here's the problem.
I show it.
I'm so irritated with them, that it makes me cringe, thinking about know- they are a species, right? THEY are their OWN SPECIES!!! Stupid people and stupid people SHOULD NOT BREED!!!!! It should be against the law, or something! It should be a "taboo" or something, to get it across to people. But yeah your right...they are stupid.
I work in a field that these poor, helpless, defenseless animals DEPEND ON THIS SPECIES to take care of them. Scary thought, huh?
I admit...I do stupid, silly things. But hello? I admit it..and blog about it..duh...
The reason I bring this up, is that I ran into 3 different breeds of these things at work...I work with one of my very good friends and she shakes her laughing at me and asks why can't I be nice to this breed? I told her.."NO. I can't. I treat stupid p…

.5.14.09.."Wax On?..Wax Off!!"

Okay..this is for the "Yettie the Betti's" out there in them parts!!!! secret. Majority of women wax.yes. This painful, ridiculous procedure is a very popular thing? Why? You must ask? Well, I told the lady behind the counter as I went searching for this torture device.."I'm heading to an area where I don't want to be mixed up with a "Betti the Yettie" or a "she-Big Foot" my poor husband slaps his head with palm of his hand.Yes, once again me.his weird wife. So I get home with this torture device and I plugged it in.for hours.and the manual..oh say about 90 times. over and over. hoping at one point it would be like a Harry Potter movie and the words would mysteriously change to "Don't do it!! Your an idiot! AHHH" Well, nothing. So, after about 4 hours of being plugged in..the Mr. comes and finds me and says " Umm Baby..I think your wax is ready" I say with my han…

.5.13.09." Happy Anniversary!"

Today is our 5th wedding Anniversary! To the Mr... Thank you for countless laughs and tears from those laughs! You are an amazing man and I'm the luckiest person in the world to be be by your side. You've shown me what love, happiness, devotion, dedication, and hard work is all about in a marriage. Thank you. Your my everything. I love you Babeeeeee!!!! :)

.5.12.09.." Yeah-er!"

It turned out to be a great day for my Mr!!
He received this in the mail yesterday, along with another "coin"....he was so happy and beamed with pride as he looked at his flag.
For his time and tour in Iraq, he was sent this flag with his name on it.
I'm soooo proud of him and so happy he made it home safe!
See? God does answer prayers...Amen.

.5.11.09.."Happy {post} Mother's Day"

I really hope all my wonderful Blogger Beauties had a wonderful Mother's day!!
We headed down to see the Mr's Mom and my wonderful Mother -in-law :)
To those of you who don't have a nice mother -in-law....sorry. Too bad! I got the best one they make! I love my in laws so much!!! NOt only did I luck out with a wonderful man they raised..but I get the whole darn package..right now- picture me smiling, ear to ear, with eyes closed, and big teeth it?
But we had a real nice visit and just sat around and ate. and we ate.
I love the time I get a chance to spend with them and the whole family! :)
They {whom ever 'they' is....} should make a "Happy Family Day" no gifts. Just family getting together.So who do I contact, for such a request, to have this a holiday? Who is in charge? Do they have a "holiday' coordinator?
I need a name and number.
I need to make an appointment.

.5.8.09."The Deadliest Catch"

YEAH!!! For Captain Phil!
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a reality show-celebrity!!
Have you ever watched the reality show " The Deadliest Catch"? Well, I just happened to start watching this and getting into it, then one of the Mr's co-workers let us know that Captain Phil was coming to our town..eekkkk!!!
So we headed downtown after work one night, this last week and got to meet him!! We help tear things down and set up for him and before the flood gates were open and people came in, I went and jumped on my chance to get my pic with him.
He acts and reminds me of my brother Rick..his mannerism and everything...ya know, I felt bad for walking up to him and bugging him though... I even apologized for bugging him..I feel bad for celebrities. I was watching him and people just flocked to him and wouldn't leave him alone...
His son was there also and just nice everyday people. Gosh! They work hard!! Hats off to them!!

.5.7.09...."Great weekend!"

Okay..sorry so late people!!!
Been crazy busy and soooo tired!
But "Nationals" weekend was wonderful! I finally got to catch up with the wonderful ladies that I've started scrappin' with since day 1 !!!! This store -where I frequent alot!- are just awesome!! ..that is such a tacky word, but I love using it..I just think of "Bill and Ted's excellent adventure" whenever I say it!! Like Awesome Dude!!! Hang ten...
But these ladies are so welcoming and so inviting! They make you feel at home and family..Love them! Love scrappin' with them!
Okay in this picture.....{oh boy..} For those of you who don't know me....Ya see here...I have a little problem called..gas. I fart alot. alot. alot. I mean, alot...My buddies at work think that I may have a medical problem goin' on here, cuz it's..well, all the time! Act-Tivia!!! Ha!Ha!
So in this picture I was posing for the clock I just made and I just tooted at the same time and my friend Jillian was lau…