.1.25.09 "Get your game face on!!"

So our sweet friends showed up!! Yea!! With game faces on and Jill and Taylor had hats on!! They looked so cute!
So I had Les put a hat on...I didn''t want her left out. I tried to give her sunglasses and she wouldn't wear them. Said she couldn't see or something..?
But so I got to hang..well, not really...they were self efficient...with the girls: Taylor and Kenz!
They were wonderful! Like they weren't even there...They both were quiet, and I played in my back room and everyone else were yellin'! Laughing! And having a good time!
Even though I didn't know what was going on the laughter made me chuckle..from the sounds of it..Les really had no idea what she was doing..Daren said he likes to play with her cuz of that...she's fun!
Jill and Nic knew what they were doing but I guess he kept changing rules on them...according to Jill! Ha!! Maybe to his advantage??? Don't know the game..
But we had a busy! Fantastic! sore....day!
Thank you guys!


I loved it....even though I didnt win.
He was making up rules....lol not ones that really got followed but he was trying.
I can not wait til next time!!
We had a blast!!!
Next time I WIN!!! (even though I did take Nic's wins) lol
Miss Anne said…
sounds like alot of fun!

Miss-happypants said…
I TOLD you I didn't know what I was doing and they'd have to walk me through it everytime...lol. That's okay...I still had a blast and will do it again and again. :) I wanna get you to join us sometime. Hell if I can mess up...you can mess up right along with me. lol

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