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"Chirp! Chirp!"

Love The Life You Live Have a Wonderful Day.

"Never A Dull Moment.."

Never. A Dull Moment here in the "Mr. and Mrs. FancyPants Household." I sometimes wear a nightcap-thing-y to bed when he wants to either watch TV or dink around on his Laptop...
So, I thought it would be funny to paint  eyes on my little nightcap-thing-y... So, I sneak-ily put it on and then roll over and act like I'm looking at him. Oh yea-he cracks up... then, he tells me it's kinda creapy and my eyes are crooked! He couldn't have been more right about it! But, I still wear it... Ha! ************************************************
On a differ note! I love me some good smackin' Pancakes! I found this pancake mix in a can! I loved it... I don't like to make up a whole batter just for a few quarter-size pancakes... So, how perfect is this!! Low-low fat, calories,and carbs.. Delish!!!
However my beautiful Family and Friends: Have a Great Day! :)

"Exploring::::Little Rock, AR."

What a wonderful Day we had! We left early sat morning and had to do some errands in Little Rock... so we hung out and just bummed around. We went clothes shopping {Yippee!!} and we found this little restaurant..that.! It had the BEST RIBS EVER!! I don't like ribs.I'm very picky about how they are cooked.. But this place in Little Rock is the BOMB! It's called "Shorty Small's" and I tell you what! Its so worth driving 100+ miles..or even more! I only ate half so I could savor the taste and have it later..The Mr. did the same.. Then, like buttholes! We left our left-overs on the table!!! I was sick. I was soooo mad at myself. All I could think about how stupid I was, and how wonderful those ribs were.. What a moran I am!! GGRRRRRR!!! I'm still pissed at myself!! It was a full rack when you put our left-over together..grrrrr...
But a good thing: The manager was a dead ringer for "Edward" on "Twilight" Ladies! Not joking. I even asked to have hi…

"The Skinny on SKIN-KNEEEE!!!"

This is awful. I just go this e-mail... I feel so bad for these women. How do they think this looks good? Is this what we think beautiful is? Malnutrition?
The sad thing I bet these women think they look good. I bet they don't feel good most of the time. I bet thier skin hurts. Really, think about it.... It's skin on bone. No fat, to absorb the impact- of simply sitting in a chair.
This is a sickness. Now, I wanna go eat a whole pizza. By myself.
Have a great Day Ladies and Gents! Have the upmost respect for yourself. If you don't. Noone else will. quote: me

"Dexter, your so bad. but good."

The Mr. has now got me hooked on this Showtime series, "Dexter" I have to admit: I love it! His sense of...humor? character? is just refreshing. He says and does, what we wish we could do.. But everything in the world IS and HAS to be politically correct...blah! Not according to Mr. Dexter!
Love this seriesand only on the 3rd season :) Now, the character that plays his sis. She's.awesome. She has the foulest mouth. and I love her!
Great show and rec. that you all start watching. It's addicting!!

Now, That's Gonna Leave A Mark!"

Oaky, first off: He's okay. He lived. I told my Dad We really want a boat.. He sent me this. A guy who was going to fast, couldn't make the turn. Ejected from the boat onto a post. YOU CAN SEE THE POST POKING OUT HIS BACK! UGH!!

My opinion: This is a awful sport. SO GOOD FOR THE BULL!!!! YEA!!

The look on this poor guy's face.... This. Ladies and Gents. Is gonna hurt.

.." I saw this in the went something like this.."

Okay, Take a min. or two AND REALLY look at this pic! Everyone in this picture has thier hands up to shield them from this bat. The poor dude who was falling asleep, didn't. Ha! Ha! *Oh yeah, check out the lady with the glasses on and still eating away! *The other lady holding her head, but holding her drink up so she doesn't spill it! Must be beer....let's not get crazy kids and spill the beer! *The guy in the black shirt completly turned around looking at the victim like:"Man! That's gotta hurt! Sucks to be you!"

What's the chanc…

"Great Day Off..."

I foud this cute chalkboard @ a flea market in some little quaint town... on my way back from my crop....
I HAD to have it! I love the detail it has...

I found this chalk holder-thingy, and an HAD to So I made it match...

And to support my addiction. I'm taking up a collection. After it's filled, I plan on getting a "Michaels" I know it only goes for my hobby.. The Mr. walks by and donates every now and then.. :)

And. I love candles. I love the LOOK of them. They have to match my decor.. If not, I make them match. Made this yesturday,  and I love the way it turned out. It makes me miss Oregon. The wheat fields,  and the old barns,  on the old country back roads..
Have a great day!!

"Just a couple..."

I just don't know what to say.. Pray. your nose or your butt don't itch.

Okay, so my e-mail box is full of Walmart pics! I can't keep up!
So I picked a couple that were different... But the last pic.... look at the girls shorts.. priceless.

"What Have I Been up To, you Ask???"

This Crop was alot of fun and I had the pleasure of meeting some new scrapbookin' Buddies! :) {That is always such a pleasure::::} The Hotel...was just beautiful! The rooms were amazing and the landscape was breathtaking... I plan on doing another crop here in October... :) Yea. However, I really would love for the Mr. to join me on this one. He can go fishing and do other stuff,  while I do what I do best! Make a huge mess crafting!! The Ladies who put this wonderful crop on Just went above and beyond making sure we all had a great time :) The prizes were great and she had lil' goodies for us all along the way.. all "Las Vegas" themed of course.. ;) Her MOM cooked homemade meals for us and I had the wonderful chance and pleasure to have my first "Chili Pie"!!!!! Yuuuuuummmmmm!! Food was amazing.... Then, Me being the Light Sleeper I am.. was DOG TIRED! I had a total {for the whole weekend} 4 1/2 hours of sleep.. Gah! I crashed when I…

" I Have A Winner!!"

I'm so sorry it has taken me sooo long to respond about the contest... I made it. I'm here. I'm at my highly antisipated-can-hardly-wait-Vegas-scrapbook Crop! Phew...
So, "The Pink Chick"-YEAH!!!!!!!  won the latest {and my first..} giveaway.. E-mail me the picture you'd like to have for your magnets! Thank you for all the sweet comments and all who entered my giveaway::: That was soooo much fun that I'll post another  giveaway  here soon! :)
I have only been here for a couple hours and frankly.. I'
I will hopefully be able to post throughout the weekend.. I love having my laptop here! LOve IT!!
Have a great day and don't forget "The Pink Chick" E-mail me your Picture!!
{Sidenote:  The Crop is called  "Vegas Crop-what goes on here stays here. Crop Teal You Drop"... it's still here in Arkansas...}

"My First Giveaway!!"

I made these over the weekend...{the packaging in all! :) } Fridge Magnets... I personally love c*u*t*e* things! I'm a huge sucker for this stuff. So, these are personalized for you.. The Giveaway?
*Well, leave a comment. *Dumb idea? Would you buy these? *How much would you pay for these? {BE HONEST!!!! NO BS ALLOWED!}
Thank you and the winner will be announced Friday, so I'm able to work on these on my Fun*Fun* Scrapbook Retreat! :)