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{Show The Love*}

I have been quite the Crafting queen Lately! I have all these creative, *wonderful*, ideas that are just bogging down my brain!
So little time in the day!
Have a great *creative Day :)

{How Awful-ly Addicting!}

Okay. I don't play games. Never have. I really don't get it.
BUT! One day last week...I was surfing and just poking around facebook and wanted to see why people were sending me invites, hearts, animals from "Farmville?", what the? Farmville? What do you do? Didn't really sound all that intriguing.. until... Resort World! Oh MY!! How fun is this! Oh and "Treasure Isle!" EEKK!! Games are fun!
Well, exhibit A: It's 3:49 am. I got up to {take my meds for one...} But to check my property!! Addicting I say!
Have a great day!

{Blast from the past!}

Much to my surprise I see these pix on my lil' sis's FaceBook Page! Agh!!! She was THE cutest flippin' baby! Look at them cheeks!! AHHHHH!!! I love it! I wanna see more pix from the past. Funny thing... I'll look at old pix like these... and REMEMBER certain outfits, dresses, shirts... and wonder??? What happened to them? It brings a HUGE smile on my face and Heart. be young again.... Not a care in the world. Just what toy to play with and see how far your imagination will go... Love it!
I wanna see others Baby pics!! Plllleeeassee!!!!!! Blog about it Ladies and send me a comment! Pull out the pixs!! :)

{ 6 Years and still on our Honeymoon...}

May 13th.2010 Today is our 6 year Wedding Anniversary.
He still makes my heart skip a beat,  just by his smile, laugh, and his thoughtfulness.
He's still my knight in shiny armour. I have this wonderful man on such a pedestal that no one will ever be able to even amount to what he is to me. Let alone, the man he is. I have had my heart shattered a few times in the past  and he has gently picked up the pieces and put me back together without a word. I have not had the purest past and he has never brought it up nor held anything against me. He has accepted me for who I am and has never asked any different from me.
He has never said a cross word to me and always remained a gentleman. He's never even raised his voice to me.. Nor has he even said anything to remotely hurt my feelings... he is the sweetest I know.
I have never been number one in any one's eyes or life before. Now I know what it feels like. He has put me and our marriage number one since the day we met...  and I thank him every da…

"Nice Dog...turn it mean to strangers..."

The Mr. and I have one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most nurturing dog I have ever encountered..... BUT!
I want to talk about women and safety. Women and being smart in situations... that involve owning a nice dog.
*When I take my dog out by myself, I don't keep her tags on {her}  that have her name on it. THAT in my opinion is DUMB!
{unless of coarse-you have a dog that likes to run away from you, or you just can't handle your dog-say..a poodle. It needs it's name Tag}

* I don't let people pet her. I say she bites..
My point is: My Dog will turn to jello brand gelatin if ANYONE says her name. Bam! They are friends and she won't protect me.
*When "repair MEN" come to my house, {when the Mr. is @ work} while they are knocking. .I get my dog all "ralled up" and make her sound mean and answer the door with her right beside me. * I never say her name in front of them. If they ask-  I lie. She's learned to respond to me when I hiss at her.. * I always tell the…

{Arkansas Rained On Our Parade..Literally...}

Once a year I look forward to this {yes, in my world....} Holiday. The Mr. Knows that things will be put on hold so I can join friends and SCRAPBOOK! I met such a *wonderful* group of Ladies this year..that you'd all be JEALOUS. So heart-warming, sweet, smart,caring, and most of all Talented and so creative! **unfortunately it was cut WAAAYYY too short. Tornado and BAAAD  thunderstorms were coming and making it hard to travel.. boo bad weather**

Miss Sweet Brenda, her sweet daughter and her Bestie-Miss Shiela really out did themselves! The food... Oh my. The food. Well, they were so inviting and made us all feel right at home :)

They hand made all our cute lil name tags! Cute, huh?!!

Each of Our work space,  had a lil goody bag just waiting for us :)
I'm tellin ya.. These Ladies just made my head spin! The ideas..
Isn't this fun!

A notebook to put all my craft shopping Lists.... ;)

I just buy the cute paperclip holders... Duh, you can make yer own! Cute picture holder.. The ideas were just so fun!!

{"Dont Touch THOSE!"}

So, the Mr. and I decide to take our poochy-dog on a walk downtown... Very nice out. T-shirt weather,for sure.. :)
But we are apparently the only ones on the walkway... Then, that's when I saw them! I didn't put my contacts in for the walk {nor put my glasses on}
So, I squint and up ahead.. I see something..? Oh MY! What could it be? My neck stretches out and eyes continue to squint... Still, can't tell what it is... I must know!
So, like a little kid making a breakaway from the parent. I drop the Mr's hand and took off running towards it. What in the world is it???!
Then, right when I approach it and want to investigate my treasure-findings... The Mr. yells from a distance. "Don't.You.Pick.Those Up!" I just froze. I just got in trouble. So, I stand there. Hands to the side. Grinning ear to ear.
Wondoring pair of Dentures?
Have a great Day!
Happy National Scrapbook Day! I'm heading to my Crop today! EEEKKKK!!!