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.3.31.09.."Case: X-Box"..

See! Poor Mr. X-Box pushed to the side, all because a new kid came to town...I'm sorry lil' buddy! Sigh....
I remember when he and the Mr. would stay up for hours playing games..together.
May you rest in peace...
A moment of silence...

.3.30.09.." fit here!..."

{ Daren and the ...sigh...Wii. Exhibit "A" }
Okay, people..there is a national shortage of Wii Fit! My God!
My husband and I have searched all over for this ...thing!
I'm beginning to wonder if it actually exists...hmmm???
Every place we have out.sold out.
And you know what is sooooo funny?
Not one salesperson wants to take your name and number and call you! All the stores have a policy of not calling people when you want to spend money in their store! Can you believe it??!
We have spent soo much money on gas/time that we could have bought 3 of them.
Now my husband has taken it personally, and now is on a military mission to find one.
We got the actual Wii, but we bought that for the "Wii fit"....sorry ladies no Wii fit yet!
But we bought other games for my husband to play....and after playing it once. He's hooked.He pulled out the X-Box I got him, and put in the other room!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!! This is not goood people!
You have no idea what this means! AGH!!

.3.28.09.."Wii Fun! Whoo Hoo!"..

Good alot of housework done...
We went on a Wii scavenger hunt..trying to find Wii Fit!

We are having a blast playing with this one so far...Outdoor challenge.
Here is two grown adults playing like cartoon characters! Pretty funny!
It comes with this mat and we are jumping around and dodging logs and jumping over things!
But he's got bigger feet than me and keeps stepping on my side of the mat!
Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin-eater!
It's alot of fun though!
Still want the Wii Fit though.....

.3.23.09.."My Kelly..."

I think in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget one of the most important part of our family...
Our beloved pets.

They love us unconditionally.
Always sooooo happy to see us.
Never laugh at our morning hair..or breath..ugh!
They literally stand behind us no matter pick up the food on the floor, of course...
Never judging us or criticize our mistakes...
They spend time with us when we are sick and contagious to the world!

All they ask in return?

We love them back.
Always have fresh water and food available...okay, my dog does need a lil' less... your bed.under the covers.
Free from pesty fleas...

My pooch and I have been through a lot together.
I do thank the almighty she can't talk though...
No really...I love her to death! But we argue as it is! I find myself saying to her..
"do you need to go outside?"
"what? You need to go out again?!! You were just out?!My gosh dog!!
"no! You don't need another just had on…

.3.22.09." A* & J*"

*Yeah to A & J ! Congratulations on your ceremony!
I'm so happy for you and it was so *beautiful!*
Miss A* looked exceptionally gorgeous! Make-up flawless and hair so beautiful! J* looked so happy and actually quite comfortable in the tux, I must say. Looked very Good!
You can tell how hard Miss A worked on her showed. Everything had her special touch and it was so nicely put together.
All the bridesmaids were so beautiful and looked so perfect...the groomsmen looked so nice in their tuxes! Very nice colors and the green was a very nice touch.
The reception also had a very "A & J " touch! They had a beautiful center pieces that was so simple and so elegant!
A very delicious ChoCoLatE* BaR! Yes folks! You heard me! Wonderful idea and very creative! She had the prettiest glass vases in various shapes and sizes, with candy in them, with the wedding colors complementing each vase!

Very nice ceremony and very classy.
I'm so happy for the both of you, and very…

.3.20.09.." And you wonder where I get my quirkiness from?"..

This is my Daddy-O!
As you can tell he's doing just fine...better than ever! :)

See?! He's a great Dad :) He's even sillier than I am...
Love you dad!

.3.19.09."Yay-er! I got tagged!"

Tag! I'm it! :)

I got tagged from lil Miss sweet herself "Pocket full of Pink"! Thank you!

I have to list 7 things I love...ummmm should be easy...where do I start?!

*My wonderful husband. I just heart him :)

*My Fam! I love* my family. My in laws are just wonderful and couldn't ask for a nicer family! I scored, BIG TIME!

*My Fab girlie-friends! Your the best!

* Blogging! Yes! The ladies and the comments are great!

*Food.eating.starbucks.anything sweet.this could go on......

*Animals and their cuteness! Only the cute ones..the ones that try to bite me..not fun. It hurts thank you..My feelings that is..

*Duh....scrapbooking. You thought I forgot! See how I snuck that in there!?

Now, I have to pass this on to 7 other ladies..

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Indefinite Definitely

Thank you again "Pocket full of Pink"!

.3.18.09.."Ummmm...are you okay in there!?"

So....I get home after working a looooong day. Very tired.
MR. FancyPants jumps in the shower and I leave and go in the other room and I heard A WOMAN screaming!!! I'm all?.....What the ??? As it sounds like, a woman trying out for a horror movie..
Yup. You guessed it. It's the Mr.
I get to the bathroom, and he's standing outside the shower yelling at me..well, not AT me...
"Baby! There's a spider! Kill it!" I tried to be respectful and not laugh in his face...Ha! Ha!
So..I go to kill this vicious beast that he had painted in my wee mind with his womanish was soooo little people...shhhh....
And I missed it and the lil thing took off running and he screams more at me! "AAAAHHHHH!!!!"
Okay, people. Paint an image of the Mr.:
He's tall and skinny.
Not afraid of anything, but spiders.
SLEPT through bombs when was in Iraq. Not jumpy at all.
VERRRRY calm and relaxed.
Doesn't yell or scream about much. Just smiles and shakes his head.....
Unless i…

.3.16.09."Does this flower make my head look small?"..

AAHHHH!!! Ha! Ha!
I love it!
I just went and bought this new software for my computer to play with images and this is great! I'm laughing and playing with pics..

Well? Like my flower? Ha! Ha!

.3.15.09.."Who Farted? Crop"..

My sweet Lil' sister *T showed up!
Yip..I know, we look nothing alike..
she's tall. I am not.

So we decide to have a much needed *crop day..for those of you who really don't know alot about scrap booking this is a great word.

*Crop: .....a crop is a group of giddy women with sharp objects /alot of paper & pics, and stories of family and their kids/husbands that have to be shared with the ladies! There is always food involved in these sessions! Lots and lots of laughter and sometimes a thing may not get done because your laughing to hard...

So we show up at my dear friend Les's house, with no make-up, pajamas -n- slippers, and really tired...but wanted to be there all week! Was not gonna miss this!

So we all realized after a short while of our crop.We all 3 had the farts.bad farts.clear the room a matter fact...we all did end up at the front porch, outside. Because I did one or two so bad..sorry Girls. But I heard *K ask her mom.."Where are we gonna sleep to…

The Ladies :)

The wonderful ladies here!

This was Miss Anne's get together..Bachelorette Get-to-gether..dinner...we had other plans, however with the wedding be so close, her and J's family is coming and lots to do!!!

So, we end up Applebees...I'm talking to two of my buddies and tell them "OMG! I think I saw my lil' sister, or someone who looks like her!" so...I waited for this waitress to come out and I thought she looked my lil' sis! (*Miss T)
She end up being so cool and a very sweet! She's totally our kind of people to hang out with! She visited with us,..even though we weren't even her table.., told us stories and was just a doll :)
So if your ever at in my hometown..look up the best waitress there, people!
So I'll send a shout out to ya Brittany!! YYYEEEEAAAAAA!!!!

So we head out and all of a sudden taking pictures with this pole outside of Applebees seem fun..with a mother and child looking on, in the next car.which.i did not real…

.3.12.09.."I've been Tagged!Yea!!!"

I've been tagged by Miss Sweet "P.S. I Love You"! Thank you lil' Lady!Now, I have to post 10 "not -so- cute" things about me...umm....with the husbands' help this should be no problem!He! He!1. I have horrible gas! Bad.all the time.constantly...but I laugh all the time about's funny.2. Burp.Like a trucker!then laugh about it.3. I get road rage, very easy. I DO NOT LIKE idiot drivers..very dangerous people!4. I have no tolerance for stupid people or people being stupid.i say rude things and get very mad...which leads me to # 5...5. Short temper!6. I always seem to have to suddenly speak to my husband while I'm on the toilet!! Bad.Horrible Habit. But I do my best thinking!7. I always leave the bathroom door open..when in use...just when company is around do I close it..8. If there is a gross smell....I will smell NEAR my dogs behind..I know! But hey! You would have never known this about me if I wasn't sorry 'bout th…

Day 3


.3.11.09.." The second day!EEKK!"..

It's coming along just fine! Now, if only the weather will cooperate..?...However we do live in Oregon! Which I love! We have green all over, mountains, and the beaches! NO tornados, earthquakes,..(now I jinxed us!), just rains alot.alot.alot... But I can't wait for the deck!! Yea! Now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to appreciate more being "home". The saying "Home Sweet Home"? Now, in my ol' lady days...I'm realizing what all that means! Now that We ( the Mr. and I have talked about this...) are more mature...the bars and "going out" just isn't all that fun anymore? I feel really sorry for the single people out there! A couple times I've gone out with friends and watched people! Wow!!! The men are DOGS! The women are just..well, gross. Be a lady! Geez! We will not drink and drive. I'm a very BIG Nerd about this..there has to be a D-Driver. Not to mention my BFF of "alot' of years is a deputy sher…

.3.10.09.." Hats off to ya!!"...

Okay, for those of you who don't hang out with me...(you are the lucky ones...) Here's a lil' insight on me...

I love hats!! Love'EM!!

I got a couple lil' hats from "targ-e" okay?...

And here I the Target.ripping open my bag.{oh why !did I tie a knot in this bag?}
To Try on my Hats in the car!!! EEKKK!!!

So I get my lil' handy dandy camera......that I take with me ,everywhere I go....mind you, it's dark out..and I had to put the flash I literally took like 20 photos of me..different poses..laughing at each one, as I look at them...I'm so terrible at holding the camera up and doing the self shots! Bad. Very bad.

So ,like I said,...flash.on camera.dark.I'm by myself! If you are a passer-by er...all you see is a strange lady with a camera holding it up and flashes going off in a car. I really didn't think of this, til I see two teenage kids walking by rubber-necking at me...gauking!

So at this point, I stoppe…

Fun in the Snow!


3.9.09.." I've been Tagged!"

I have been tagged by "Southern Bride"...I will follow the rules here..

1. Go to your desktop and in your file folder for pics, pick the 6th folder with the 6th picture.
2. Tell a story about that picture and post it on your blog.
3. Now tag 5 others and pass it on. Make sure you send them an e-mail to let them know they have been tagged!

These are the ladies I've tagged:

Hello Cupcake

Indefinitely definite

Pocket Full of Pink

Army Blogger Wife

Keep My Solider Safe

So with this picture..I can't believe this is the one that showed up! My mom will kill me if she ever learned how to use a computer and read my blog!
My Mom and I looove to go to the Goodwill and try try on crazy stuff!
This particular day, I saw these ugly hats and begged my mom to try these on, just so I could get pics! We were laughing sooooo hard and the s…


This was Anne's bridal shower.
This was put together by "Miss Creative herself-Roxanne" !!! She did a wonderful job on all the organizing, decorating, and cordinating all the games! Kudos to you Roxanne! Hats off to you!
I admire people with that much creative-ness ( not a word, huh?) and time! Oh the time it must have took!

But I feel that the bride had fun, she had alot of her friends show up and very nice outcome of ladies...

Then there was Les, Jill, and I!!! Ha! We are always on "silly-mode", okay...Jillian sneezes and to be polite,..she covers her mouth with her arm and I look could you not? Blow Horn!! So, I look over and I see a glistening on her arm......Oh! it' S-NOT!! I was laughing so hard and trying to (of course..) get a pix! I was laughing so hard! So I followed her to the kitchen where she was cleaning off her arm and it was so funny!!!! Oh my gosh....some funny stuff!

I do hate that when that happens, your trying to be all polite …

.3.9.09.."Mr. Fix 1..."...

So, I come home Saturday after work and,..oh....I feel like building a deck today!....

The Mr. likes to work outside....this is one of the things he said he missed while he was in Iraq.
Being outside and just dinking around in the yard.
He's always outside if it's not raining..always on the go...with his lil' helper! Miss Kelly*!! I love this dog soooo much! I've had her since she fit in the palm of my hand...she was only 6 to 8 weeks old..back in Jan.2001, I adopted her...that will be another post...I will go on about our lil' family...

But this is the Mr.'s new project. I can't wait til he's done. I will keep you posted about it!
We bought a new huge bar-b-q'er for this deck..then, I bought an outdoor fire pit..has horseshoes and country theme all around it!! So cute! So us!

We will be able to roast wienies and make smores!!!! Or simply, hang out out back and just's all about just hanging out and relaxing...NO stress here!!


As soon as you start your day, you'll start to see new possibilities -- and you'll feel more and more confident about taking a few risks this time. There is a light shining on you now, and it's like a guardian angel protecting you from people who don't think the best of you. You won't fall for their lines and they won't succeed at distracting you, no matter what tricks they pull. You're starting to recognize who the most important person in your life is -- you. This is my horoscope for the day! I looove reading these! Do you go by these? Or simply enjoy just looking? I do!Sometimes I'll look at it at the end of the day and my day usually went by what my horoscope said.....eeewwwwww.......eeerrriiee!!!

.3.7.09.."..and Bingo was his name Ooohhhh!"

Fun filled evening at a lil firestation in a small lil town "Jefferson"...

Very fun! I love the group of us that went, very fun group! Mr. Fancypants totally got into bingo. He was sooo serious and really getting into it! a fun way still! As usual he made us all laugh and was just great to be around!

We had two winners in our group of people! Congrats girls!! The very last game was very intense!! EEEKKK!!!!!

We are already planning on the next bingo night. Yea!!!!

3.8.09.."Daddy-O Update".

I'm so happy to announce my Dad has quit smoking! After 50 + years!
What an accomplishment! I'm soooooo happy and soooo proud of him. He sounds better when I talk with him on the phone! No more coughing. Yea Dad!

I don't have an addiction,...well, scrapping may be considered my level of insanity...

But I praise people who do have an addiction and it's a battle every day for them, to fight that.
Kudos to you!! It must be very difficult!

Dad, I'm proud of you and I imagine it will be a struggle sometimes, but I'm praying for you!


{ Yip. It's true. This is my BFF of 30 + years and I, like High School. WE (she was the instigator! I was an innocent bystander..oh so innocent and shy...sigh.....Les, if your reading this..I know I'm gonna get crap for this..I just know.) were constantly doing something crazy and off the wall. We made alot of people look at us and just shake their head laughing. We Never broke the law, did anything illegal. Just illegal in our parents' eyes.....Ha! Ha! Poor Mrs. Hawkins....what she had to put up with. She never knew what she was in store for when she made that drive home, down her street...there we were...doing something that made her shake her head....sometimes laugh..???
You'd be happy to know that now we are adults..we just do 'grown up' things now...

I have learned
not to worry about love,
but to honor
it's coming with
all my heart.

{Alice Walker}

.3.6.09."Go to YOUR Room!....Okaaaaaay..."...

My scrapbook room!
Okay it looks messy in the photos, but to my friends have seen this's actually quite organized! I neeeeeeed a bigger room though....when we buy our dream home...I've already pictured,( actual sketched out in GREAT* detail what it will be like, contain, and have!....) what it will be like!

But as I said in a prev. post.My Mr. Is to GREAT blame for this addiction!

In 2004, we went by a scrapbooking store and he commented.." Why don't you do something like that? You like to scrapbook?"
Me: "Na! I would love to, but I have no idea where to start.."

So for Christamas that year he bought me *ALL* scrapbooking supplies....he made me open them all in this weird order..first....a carousel of scissors..I'm thinking"What the hell!?This guy sucks at buying gifts for women...and of course. I acted all happy."yea.."

Then it was "Stickers.." A book of stickers! Okay, you gotta understand He and I never MENTIONED thi…
This is my life.
It is my one time
to be me.
I want to experience
every good thing...
{Maya Angelou}

.3.5.09." The Insanity Must Stop!"..

UGH! See the stuff I have to put up with?!

Look* at the size of these muthers!! ( I know it's mispelled..) That's the point.

This is what I have to put up with ALL DAY at work! I walk in, and right away these are staring and screaming my name...I immediately took it up with the clinic manager and let her know how this was not cool...

How Can a girl work under these crazy conditions? Did you SEE the size of these?

I work with a very well-known veterinarian and people are always dropping food off...terrible. Just terrible I must say!

VERY challenging to eat healthy and work there...I bring in 100 calorie packs and healthy crap to eat all the time. I'll cover the food up, but when it SMELLS good....that's it.I'm done. Over and out. I'm down for the count. Goodbye cruel world.

I looove things that smell good! I will buy shampoo on the smell, I will buy Rolaids if they smell good!!!!

But the good news is..I DID NOT cave in...I did not have one of these tempting pieces of …

.3.4.09."*Love the Camera!"

This lil' camera is the best! I carry this thing every where I go! I'm Always taking pix of someone/something!

I recommend this..never miss a moment. You'll regret it!... My husband agrees..he'll see something before me and say "Wanna blog about this?Better get your camera" so I guess you call him an enabler?!!

He supports my scrapbooking addiction, also. All his fault..will go into that some other time!

So I wanna go on a scrapbooking cruise!!! To alaska...I see this on "Oh My Crafts" all the time...any suggestions? I wanna go next year. It will be my first cruise...ever. I want to make a good decision...

Hi. My name is Jody and I'm a scrap-o-holic and I have a problem.

.3.3.09.."Busy day!.."

Boy! Had a busy day today...a husband to embarrass at Walmart, got me my Fishin' License!! Yes!!! Embarrassed him again....good day. Good day.

So we are at Wally World last night...I shriek when I see these mugs! Mr. Fancy slinks to the next isle...saying something like "Oh No! She's looking for the camera..." as I'm digging in my purse! I was laughing so hard, cuz I knew he was so embarrassed! He got my picture for me, though!

I wanted these mugs, but they are planters! Ugh!!! I'd use it for a huge serving bowl, but there is a draining hole on the bottom! How stinking adorable!!! I will get them anyhow for the back deck though..not in a planting/flower mood right now...

But Yes!! Good day! I got my fishing Licence! Yes! So after work, The Mr. went and got his too! We are gonna head up to Sportman's to get my tackle box( which I don't care what color it is, cuz I'm gonna paint it pink, and BLING**** IT!!!) I do want a pink fishing pole, but all I c…

.3.1.09." No Cabin Fever Here!!!!"

What glorious and relaxing weekend!!! Loved it! Recommend it! 6 thumbs up!!*

FIRST!!!! Jillian and I were talking over dinner when we first got there...we went out to eat, at a cute lil' restaurant straight out of a Moby Dick Movie..ahhh!!

My Bff of 30 plus years also came and stayed til the next morning..Love you Les!!

But the not so-funny part was that..I'd LIKE* to think I love to scrapbook....but what kind of scrapper am I ,when I forget..umm..paper. Yeah. I. know.

The thing is. Jill forgot too. Yea.

What the Bleep!!!

So we head to walmart the next morning.60 mile round get paper.that I have. at home.IN my scrapbook room.

So then we head back and FINALLY get to do what we traveled here to do! So happy. Got so much stuff done. My husband *LovEd it. He wanted to stay longer and another night.
He brought his laptop so he could work on if he got bored he could have something to do..he said he'll never bring projects again. He loved not having a thing to do..