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Oh my gosh people! I love sales! okay...I added up all the goodies I got and saved soooo much $$$!! LOve ya Victoria! xxoooxoxo!

Open! Open!

Tomorrow Victoria's Secret is having the Semi-annual sale!! EEKK!! I can't wait!
I'll let ya know how I do..

Meeting Toby Keith! Mr Fancy Pants....

Daren and one of the celebrities he's met..Toby Keith.He's a Fancy Pants! Mr. ...that is..

A {mini}-*Captain*

This pix is for Anne!
She and I had a conversation about mini's! This lil guy is full grown and a cutie!! No can't have him...and no fainting goats either.

Good bye My Budders

In August 2008. Captain Colicked.I hooked him up to IV fluids at my house and LIVED in his stall with him. Capped off his IV cath. and trailered him daily to and from work. With no sleep, for 8 days. I would literally run in the house to use the bathroom and my camping gear was in the barn with me..I slept next to him in his stall. If he would move I could feel him at least. He became to weak to trailer. He had to stay at the clinic. It made "checking" on him a little harder. I would make several trips in the middle of the night back and forth to and from the clinic..making sure he was "Okay".......he took a turn for the worse and foundered from all the medication. He went down and hasn't eaten since the day he colicked. He was so painful and sad. At this point I was keeping him going for my own selfish reasons. I learned this: when a horse ( or any animal) can't do, what they enjoy doing,'s time to say good-bye. I said good-bye Sept. 12, 2…

Captain { My Budders}

This is Captain...this post may not be as chipper as the rest ,but it's a story I must get out....

I met Captain in 1997..May to be exact..My sister and I rescued horses and would ADOPT them back out. NOT sell them, but find good homes for them..this particular horse "Captain" was severely abused and neglected..LIVED in a stall, six year Quarter horse stud. Not he was attacked and had knife marks on his face, and human bite marks..on his face...

So we get him in our care and have him gelded immediately..My job was to exercise him twice a day for a week for 45 minutes....let the lessons begin! He was mean! At the time, I had no friggin' idea about training..our neighbors at the time followed John Lyons and I listened to them, they gave me pointers and the next thing...I'm riding him...falling in love with this horse. He and I bonded ...and soon we rode daily. I was like a little school girl again...running to Philomath ( i currently lived in Albany at th…

The Fab Inlaws!!

These are my wonderful in-laws! They are so cute and I just loooove them!! They have THE biggest hearts! Don't you wanna just hug them? I do! I love them!!!! Hi Dad! Hi Mom!


This is my husband...Mr Daren!! Well..just Daren will buddy, and my own personal comedian..always on stage and always full of it!

My husband's coming home!!

For those who don't know husband is currently on his first tour in Iraq. He's been there since October 2007. I have seen him once in May of 2008. He made sure to make it home for his only visit, for our wedding Anniversary.

So Today He made it to Kuwait! Where he will be awaiting a flight out to come home for good!! I tell you, this has been tough...being apart from my best friend.

He is one of the funniest people I know! He can and will literally make you blow milk out your nose..if you give him the opportunity!!

So my husband, friend, soul mate, and favorite person to gossip with is on his way home! Hoo-ha!


This is just a wonderful thing! Blogging! I finally know how..due to my fabulous friend..Ta Da "Anne". She is just so...oh ,how can I count the ways....of being just so wonderful. She is the best! She my inspiration for alot of things in my life...opened to my eyes to alot of things. She is a life-long friend and I just want to thank her Jamie for letting me be a part of it. Okay....tissue please..