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.4.27.09.."The Countdown Starts!"

I'm so *ExciTeD*!!!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!! Nationals is THIS weekend! This will be my 3rd year. I will TRY hard not to miss a YEAR!!! Okay, for those of you who really have no idea what the heck I'm talking about.... Every May. The first weekend in May. Scrapbookers all over the states..{last year, I said "The world"}..yes, everyone had quite the, not the world..not that I'm aware of...Even though!!! When my husband was in Qatar-when he had R & R, from serving in Iraq...he took a week vacation in Qatar and took pictures of a scrapbooking crop going on!!!! See!!! To those of you who laughed at me!.....thhhtttttt!!! {tongue sticking out.spitting on my Jody.} But back to my story.... But the store I own in Salem. Yes, I own it..well, my as flippin' Well!! I spend so much $money$ in that store..that Sweet Teresa and her fabulous crew, just run it. while I'm not around... But they rent a convention room, at a hotel ,near the scrapbooking st…


Okay, those of you who know me..I'm not, that big of a baby..well, somewhat...depends.
But anyways. My job title is 'wrestling animals' ( Vet. Tech) Well, that IS what we's hard work and come across the meanest flippin' animals that people have in their HOMES!! EEKKK!!
But one day,..I'm trying to set this story up, to prove to you ,I'm not a wimp,...
But a new born foal tried to jump the stocks at work..the lil' guy panicked and jumped straight in the air and 'almost' got his front legs I grabbed him and pulled him down...this, is however not the story....still setting you up....
So brings to you WHY this blog entry.
The next day we are outside..sunny, warm, beautiful....working on a horse. Two sets of clients outside....we are standing in front of the barn door. Went to go into the barn and hands full of stuff and I have a bad habit of looking down when I walk {THANK THE LORD! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!}
Then all of a friggin' su…

.4.20.09."big sigh.."

What a nice and just..quiet.weekend.
NO plans. {just had to}
We needed this. I came home sat. from work, just not feeling..all that great. You know what I mean? Just.blah.blah...blah..blah.Don't wanna go anything.speak to anyone. Just sit and stare into space. Well, I do this sometimes. I guess not everybody.
So The Mr. got his back deck done..well, we can use it now. He's working on it still, we can just actually stand on it now. It's a good thing here, people!
So we had a nice lil' grilln' session..and after dinner we stayed out on the back deck with our fire pit going and just sat and talked. Watching the flames. We smelled like campfire!! I *luuuv* that smell..but I washed my clothes in the morning..don't care for the smell all over the house..
But then on sunday..this is great..we just went garage sale hunting..not ONE in sight. I guess we didn't get the memo on: "NO Garage Sales TODAY...pssstt..don't tell Mr. and…

.4.19.09.."Play-by-the-rulz Girl!..I was tagged.."


I was tagged...thank you sweet Anne! I bet your laughing your butt off right now!

These are the rules for Playing....BUT first before the actual rules..let me give ya a lil' insight on What NOT TO DO!!

First, people....if your an honest person and believe in not check your blog first thing in the morning...I was all "Yea! I got tagged by Anne! Yea!......wait. A. Moment......this ain't right! Take a picture. RIGHT NOW!!!! Oh lil' miss Anne....."

I hate rules.

But to play along:

1} Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW {boo...}

2} Do not edit it {really, looks like I did people- edit this lovely pix, but I didn't..this is how I look in the a.m.} or do anything to it.
3} Download it to your computer

4} Torture other bloggers...

Actually this is alot of fun! I make fun of myself on ...A daily basis. If ya can't laugh at yourself..then how can ya!!! laugh at all...

Southern Bride

P.s. I love you

Mr & Mrs. In Training

Life @ The White Hous…

.4.13.09.."A Mothers Love.."

I admire wonderful parents...
But the soft spot in my heart is for single parents...
Since I was raised in a single-parent household, I know as a child how difficult it could be.

This post is for the single parents out there.
This is my wonderful sister-in-law and her son.
Next, is my very best friend-buddy of 30+ years.
These Strong women are simply amazing!!!! I love them dearly and the strength they have!
These women are career women! They went to school and kept up their dreams and hopes and did it! They are wonderful, caring parents and will do anything for their child. But they still find time for themselves and have a good life.
***Love you girls!!****

.4.12.09. "Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day.."

Hoppy Easter! I hope everyone had a great Easter!

We headed down to see my wonderful in-laws that I absolutely love and adore! This family comes together like you wouldn't believe when it comes to family gatherings! I love it!

Always a Lil' Family reunion whenever we all get together. It's soooo nice to see everyone and the FOOD*!! Yummmmm!! Love it... the homemade meals and I love to just sit and watch everyone... And of course....the Wii was being played! Whoop! Whoop! The Mr. had a lil' compitition! He and his dad, brother and other had a game of..none other than...BowlinG! I "hop" everyone had, just as of a good time as we did! Hoppy Easter!!

.4.11.09.."Last Run of the Season"

Well, we went for our last snowmobiling trip today! sad.... I first of all, as you would like to know...I lost my toes in the snow somewhere... It was so cooold!!! BBrrrrrr....... The wind ripped right through you! My Gosh it was cold! We had some very hilarious moments that made you drool from laughter! Good times..good friends!

.4.9.09."Time for a Change?..."

Okay, well friends! The Mr. and I are gonna change a few things round here in them parts!

We've picked out the most fav.....well, since we can only put a limited amount on the !!noticed I'm into that word right now?! But so, I had just a wonderful time making up The Mr's new look...needless to say a couple times I was so speechless I couldn't even breath! I was laughing so hard that I was completely silent....with the look of "explosion laughter" coming your way any moment! Laughter so intense your sides hurt and you double over...from "laughter pain"! Love it...nothing like it. If you haven't noticed..I love to laugh..I think I'm actually pretty good at it...I'm annoying, but good at it. Yip.**LUUUv to laugh..knock, knock, who's there? love to laugh! That's me! :)

So, back to the pix! Your Fav? C' can only pick one...He! He!

.4.8.09." I'm a 'Toys R Us' Kid!"

Well, he found his new favorite..MarioKart. I saw this in Costco and thought he might like it...Look at his face! It's so funny! I sit and just watch this man who just went, and now is back from Iraq, he's a leader at work and lots of people look up to him for his leadership skills....and I laugh! Look at him now! My big Kid! I love it and think it's great! He's really not that into video games. "After all the work is done-I'll do video games-if I feel like it" kind of guy.... But doesn't he soooo look like he's enjoying himself? !!! He's so dramatic and funny! He's so fixated on playing!Ha! Ha! So. I play in the morning with my Wii Fit { I do yoga and strength training in the am..} and he plays whatever he feels like at night...if he's up to it... but I'm sad to say..he beat my hula-hoop score. Booooo!!! But I kick butt at "super hula-hoop!" Ha!


These are a couple of my friends whom I really respect their marriage. These two are high school sweet hearts and still going strong after....oh, shoot! 13? 14? years of marriage. I know it's around that time!... But you don't hear of that, that often anymore! She is still in love with him, just as she was when they first met, she still gets all giddy and gets excited when they have "alone time" with each other. THAT is really cool! He does so much for her and loves her just the same! I'm just happy for these two and they are always finding new and exciting ways to make their marriage fun! Just very happy for them and respect them! Geez...why am I so sappy, lately? What's up with me?
Awww..I just adore him! He's one of the kindest men I know. He never says anything mean or malicious. Extremely honest! So honest, it's hilarious!! Just a very good man.I'm so lucky to have a good person in my life. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift!It doesn't matter where you go in life...
It's who you have beside you...

.4.5.09.."Jillian Michaels-Weeeee!!"..

Okay, yesterday after playing with the Wii after I got off work. {The Mr. got his butt kicked on the "hula-hoop". It was quite funny! His lil' butt going in lil' circles..I was laughing so hard at him. He was so proud when he reached 1oo!} But we went to look at more games right when the store was closing..they had buy 2 get one free of the Wii games! Sale ended that night! Phew! So this is one of them...kick your butt work out!! I keep hearing all these good things about this trainer and it looks like a real good workout...{Les you can borrow this one if you want!!:) } I need a early morning routine..if I feel good about my workout first thing in the morning..when I reach for that hot, delicious looking doughnut that some brat brought to work and decided to have a friggin' 'nice streak'!....I will remember..."NO! NO! Jody! You got your ass up early! and this! is what your gonna do! to repay yourself!!! stupid..." See? Works.. If I workout at home. …

.4.4.09."Los Dos.."

After work last night we welcomed a new employee to our lil' crew at our clinic. We went to dinner at a local lil' Mexican restaurant. I hope we didn't scare her off....let your hair down and the drinks come, senoritas!!!! Needless to say, cause I'm obnoxious..I was cut off at one. Not fair. One of my co-workers/friend tried to explain..."she's always like this..{crazy}.." Oh well, she was doing me a favor..had to work in the right now....instead, I'm blogging senorita!! But it was a real nice time. I really adore the girls I work with now..great team! I wish the rest of the girls were there that really make up that clinic..{clear throat..}...Brody's Mom & Cass! The girls are a hoot!! Get a lil' chips/ salsa in them and see what fun we will have!! Well, you have a great weekend ladies...I'm doing a make-over and want to get your opinions!!!?? Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!! **side note**{I've been doing this alot lately?…


Wii!!!!! I finally got one! I cheated. I ordered it on-line.From Costco.They do not sell it in their stores anymore, but you can order it..? But! It's GREAT!! I immediately opened it and played for an hour straight! I went for a run.Hit soccer balls with my head, did a tight rope..That is hard ladies! Yoga kicked my butt, thank you very much. Did this one push up and then turn to the side....ahhhhh....pain...I'm out of shape! But I love it!! It's great! Tonight when I get home gonna go for another run. Except for the lil' Mii in front me..I can't seem to pass the lil' booger! I know your not supposed to, but geez.... I love the hula-hoop. Fun! EEEEEKKKKK! {leg kick in the air} I love my Wii! husband will be back tomorrow. Bye Wii.

.4.2.09.."Confession time!"

Okay, I have a terrible confession... that I know it will not go beyond here! Ha! Ha!
My dear husband is in another part of the country, right? Til Saturday....
Well, I have been sleeping, FREAKIN' GREAT! OMG! I feel refreshed and great!
I haven't slept in months, I tell ya! He .SnoReS .like. yOU. would. not. belieVe!!!!
Okay, I know I'm a light sleeper...but HELLO! He wakes up and says his ribs hurt..Hmm? I wonder why? I'm poking the holy Ba-geezus out of him. I feel like a lil' kid that found something dead on the road and not sure what kind of animal that IT was..I'm poking the heck out of it with a stick...turning it over and trying to get some sense out of this situation..
So, I'm loving the fact I'm getting good night sleepS now....sigh..{with a big fat smile on my face...} but I feel real bad....
He calls me after the first night..."So, how did you sleep, last night?" {C'mon, as if I'm gonna lie...}
I said with a very meek voice.."…

.4.1.09.."yip...that's me..."

So. Ya.
Too much curl?