..1.10.09.."He hasn't changed one bit..."

Oh my!...so the Mr. and I decide at the last moment to go head to the coast. He just wanted to drive! Okay...OH! And before we leave I had him open up a Christmas present from The Fab. Inlaws..(one of my posts..)..his mom and Dad.
So he loves the shirt and all and wears it...we head out and stop at the store..to get me water..and then to the bank...these are public places folks!!
So we head out on our journey!..
We get to our destination and I'm talking to my friend Anne...and Daren is flaying his arms..for some reason.. and I catch a glimpse of something..? So I lifted his arm and it's the PRICE TAG from the new shirt! I laughed so hard! He posed for me so I could blog about it...Well, I thought it was funny...he laughed pretty hard to. He's such a good sport, with my "freakish-picture-taking" obsession! But I love it!!


Susanne P. said…
have a great day! good thing you are wearing that hat. it is always so windy there. =)

Miss Anne said…
i just ADORE this guy! was so fun to meet him, hang out, and get to know him!

:) looking forward to more fun times!

Miss-happypants said…
That is fricken HILLARIOUS!!! I would've done the same thing Daren...no worries. :) I still would have laughed my ass off at ya though. :)

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