..1.12.09.."The Beauties"...

I love these women! I look forward to getting my hair done @ my favorite place!!...has to be Mondays...these two are together and they are the best! They make you feel so welcome, comfortable, and 'one of the girls'...I can't say enough about these women! They have a wonderful (*beautiful*) heart, mind, and I *LOVE* the way they think! Crack me up! OMG! (that's for you *M..) If I ever have children these are the women to learn things from....the Stories!! Love it! If you ever want to get your hair done or Tan at a wonderful -comfortable place..this is the place...
**the Q is: what would you do if I was standing in front of you and my clothes just fell off?
  1. get new clothes?
  2. buy different detergent?
  3. keep receipt of clothes and return them?
  4. Or say.."Um...yeah, it's Friday and the Wednesday underwear is still present...?

You decide...?


Miss-happypants said…
Okay...first of all...If YOUR clothes fell off why would I need to get new clothes, take them back or anything else. What I would do is laugh my ass off!!! I would probably be rolling so it may be difficult for me to reach or see the clothes through my tears. But once I settled down I may hand them back to you.

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