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.2.27.09.."Scrapbook Retreat.."

Yea!!! Whoo! Hoo!!
Finally here.....I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend for some time...
I have another..yes, another "famous" dentist appt. this morning..Ha! Ha! But sorry ladies wouldn't be any video done today! Only a numbing...darn it.

But heading the the cold coast after work with friends and my hubby! He's working on a snowmobile video while I scrap at my hearts content next to the Ocean!! Jealous? Little?

I can't wait to wake up to a storm! Yea!

But however I will definitely do some blogging and put pix on for Monday!

So stay tuned and have a fab weekend..I know I will! For those of my BFFs that can't make it..I will miss you dearly and there is next time AND Monday is sign up for Nationals in May!! F.Y.I.!!!

I will be reserving a hotel room for us...

Toodles for now!

.2.26.09."Happiness is..."

Happiness is....
Sitting on a cold toilet seat..
After burning your ass on the
tanning bed.

.2.26.09.." Something's Been Bugging Me.."....

This is my new topic for things that bug me for now on..sometimes (well, since I was introduced into the blog world....I'd just write random stuff in my journal..just thoughts..But now..Yea for blogging!) I like to just say things that are on my mind..
Mr. FancyPants and I have a wonderful "couple" friends..(how do you word that w/ out sounding all weird and s&%t!!)
But anyhow they have been married ( I will not mention names..I have too much respect for them) for 19 YEARS!!!! Nineteen People!!!
And I'm sad to say they are getting a divorce. This totally saddens me. Since Mr. and I found this out, it has been on my mind and bugging me.
What has been bugging me is that..Why? When did this happen? I HATE the D word. When I find out couples are heading in that direction, I take it personal now. I don't know why.
Because then the Hate begins..when at ONe time in both their lives that person was their everything? And now hate? Why the change of feelings just because yo…


Friends Understand your past,
Believe in your future, and
*Love* you today, just the
Way you are.


Never anger someone
who knows how to handle
scrapbooking scissors..

.2.23.09."Ta! Da!"....

I just love my nail lady!! {Alba Albany, Or. next door to the DMV "tammy" is her name....}

But I took my friend's 'save the date' announcement in and asked if she could do the flower on my nail...for Anne and Jamie's wedding..

I simply loved it!! I thought she did a great job on it!

What I'm planning on is for her to do that on my toenails....without the green. Anne likes green so I did green today just to see what it would look like....

But I just love it and not bad for her first time! Smiley face!!!

I hope you like it Anne!

.2.21.09.."Take time.."

Yesterday morning..I woke up late-r than normal..had stomach cramps...realized the time..woofed down breakfast.....hurriedly kissed my husband good-bye and seen him off to work as I'm getting into my own vehicle...

Whomever is the last leaving at our house..shuts the gate..I was in such a hurry and kept glancing at the clock thinking and running the day in my mind and what needs to be done at work, on my lunch hour, and after calls to make....

Then I saw this....

As I was shutting the gate, I saw this spider web.

I thought to myself: "Wow, that is beautiful and I probably won't see this again if I was looking for it..I should take a picture.."

So in the hustle and bustle of things. I took a picture and was so happy.
I literally stood there and smiled at that spiderweb. I slowed down and took the day with a smile!!

Sometimes in the crazy life you lead, don't pass things up that catch your eye. No matter how small it seems to you at the time. Take a picture...…

.2.21.09.." Sister update.."..

My sweet Peggie sister is doing good!!! She is home now and doing better.
Her foot is doing "okay" according to her....not all the way healed, but okay.
I'm happy for her and the fact she's in her own home now.
Love you Peggie!

.2.21.09." BFF"..

Friendship is a magic tie
that reaches past the last good-bye,
past the miles and past the years,
past the laughter, past the tears,
Nothing breaks this golden strand
spun by heart and not by hand.
*Clare Mishica

Sometimes I literally stop and think of my friends and think how lucky I am.
I say I'm not a picky person.
But I guess I am when it comes to friends.
I ***LOVE**** my friends! Love them so much in each different way! I love the fact how each one of you ( you know who you are!!!!) are so different from each other and I love and cherish that!
How boring if everyone is the same!!! No surprises, no stories, no shock factor!
I love hearing every body's daily life and what is important to them and what is considered joy in their life. That is the beauty of have your own life, but for a brief while when your with a cherished friend -that you just simply are their center of attention at that special is that?
I love when…

.2.21.09." 7 again..."

Wouldn't it be nice to be a whole 7 again?....
Well, okay....maybe not...but seven!!!!! Seems so young!......sigh....

This is MY Nephew's Daughter! Did I mention my nephew? HIS daughter?
Isn't she gorgeous!?

But it was her birthday party at Papa"s pizza in Corvallis last night...along with every other child's birthday in corvallis, too...popular day to be born..geez..
But She got this cute pink lil' guitar..(after Jill sees this blog, Taylor will have one!) Ha! Ha!
Daren tuned it for her, and posed her for me ,and she looked so cute! (yes, got incriminating pix of Daren with a pink guitar..)
The family was there and even my aunt Penny!! EEKK!! I love her.
I love having a big family, every family like a mini reunion! Love it!
Happy Birthday sweet Faith!


This is the image my Dad gets to look at, from his hospital sweet lil' niece, Brianna drew this for him, and he just loves it..he was even considering buying a new dry erase board and replacing boards with the hospital..just so he could take this image home with the lil scrapper I am. I just whipped out my handy-dandy camera a took a pix for him. Love you Dad...

But yes, my sweet Daddy is in the hosp. it was real frustrating because he phone didn't work and I couldn't call and talk to him at all..his cell phone was not fully charged..I guess when your heading to the E-room that's the last thing from your mind..Wait! I need my charger..and my right shoe..oh and my vase from the living room..oh and I bet it's not great food, can you pack me a cooler of food?.....

But I finally got to visit my Dad yesterday..I guess according to his other visitors, he looks better than he did when he was admitted....geez that scares me....

From the hospital…

.2.16.09.."Rock On!"...

We had a very nice dinner with our friends Anne and Jamie..Anne is a WonDerfUl Cook! Daren loves to cook and he was impressed on her cooking..he very rarely will eat seconds at other people's house...he did tonight!! I even snuck some of his mash potatoes..that didn't even have a single lump and creamy!......ummm.....
Daren was introduced to Jamie's world of Guitar Hero! He's now a fan of this activity...
Jamie is amazing!!! Wow! He was wow'ed by her hero playing abilities..on the way home he was singing and talking about the dinner, playing guitar and singing with Anne.
They sang on the sing star and she is good! She has a beautiful voice! They sound good together! I want them to sing "summer lovin" when everyone else comes over to sing karaoke!!
Thank you xoxoxo had a great night!!


* Waking up to a beautiful morning on Valentine's Day...*Getting a sentimental card from your loved one...that literally brings tears to your eyes...*Opening a jewelry box and seeing a beautiful necklace..that your loved one picked out, from his heart ...*A kicka@s (butt) heater for your scrapbook room...cuz your loved one knows your allergic to the cold....*A surprise trip to the cold Oregon Coast on a BEauTifUl! Day! (it was clear, sunny and brrrr cold..)*A wonderful dinner with your loved one....* Your husband not missing another Valentine's day....Priceless.


"when I do this ,does this make my lips look big?.."
I had to blog this. My friend Jillian brought by these, a stuffed animal, and a very nice card and said " I'm gonna wear these and blog about it!"Her response? " My Lanta!" Thank you Jill and Taylor for a laugh!

Can YOU imagine a face lift like this? EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

.2.1.09 "Bonzai!!!"....

I got air!
It's not that far off the ground but it was fun!
It sure seemed like I was going faster and higher!
It bothered me that I looked like a girl riding a I was watching the gys and how they positioned their body and stuff..I like watching people and see how they do things. That's usually how I learn. Watching. People explain things to me...alot of the times,...makes no after riding horses my whole life. Riding these machines is like a horse. Keep yourself center balanced and be ready for anything! I almost bucked myself off at one point!
But GREAT excersise! You wear yourself it!

.2.1.09." Snow!! part2"...

I jumped!
We snowmobiled the whole day on Sunday! Yes, and I can feel it everywhere....
I got up the nerve and did my first jump!Then after I realized how easy and fun, I kept going back over them..trying to get higher! Daren got it on video and then a still shot! Then me flying by him!!
I tell ya, this is addicting! I love it!
Daren is getting so good at this! His confidence in doing tricks and stuff is getting greater and greater! I'm trying to keep up with him! I wanted to learn how to pop a wheelie, but I had so much fun jumping. But next weekend ,will be that challenge.
We are trying to get as much "playing in the snow" as possible, before the season is over so we can shop off season for gear...get good deal$ make sure we love this and wanna stay with it!

.1.31.09 "3-D!!!"..

Very nice weekend!
Went to see my first official 3-D movie...loved the special effects. Was so ingrossed with the effects that the cheesey movie line turned into a comedy! I wasn't even paying attention..I kept asking my friend Anne, .."why is everybody laughing? What's so funny?".....I don't think she'll be wanting me to sit by her anymore at a movie...I kept talking!! Lol!! I usually don't do that, but I wouldn't shut up...sorry guys.
But it was a movie that was a must-see for the 3-D effects only.

And of course, Les couldn't keep her eyes open for the pix at the movies!! Lol! She's so funny!!
Missed you there, Jill!! Always many more movies though!!