1.28.09 "Daddy's Lil girl"

Ta! Da!!!!! This is me.....haven't changed much, huh?

But I just got the best e-mail from my Dad!! I just love him! SQQQQQQUEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!

This pix of me, is the age I still feel like when I talk to my Dad or around him.

I feel like I will always be 'his lil' girl'..he's fabulous, funny (umm....I wonder where I get my personality from?) and has a HUUUUUGE heart.

I love you so much Dad and gonna (not) kick your butt at fishing! Lol!!

You'll teach me right?Ha!


I felt like a little girl around my dad all the time too!!
I think alot of girls feel that way about their daddys.
I can tell you no mattter how old you get they still think of you as a little girl. I think I loved that most about my dad.
Miss-happypants said…
So glad you heard from your dad. It's important to have daddy's in our lives.

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