...i'm in love! I'm all shook up!.......{Elvis}

At 8:46 a.m. this morning I hung up the phone with...MY HUSBAND! EEKKK!!!! I answered the phone with a slight..well not really...shrill! I SAW his picture I.D on my phone! For those of you who have cell phones, this is quite a nice lil' feature..however nicer when you've been waiting patiently to see your loved ones 'actual' phone number display across the face of your phone. It was an amazing feeling hearing his voice with no choppers or bombs going off in the background! He's in the beautiful USA !! Yes! He made it home safe...thank you Lord.


Susanne P. said…
how wonderful for you. please thank him for his service to our country and thank you for sharing him with us.

enjoy having him home!
Miss Anne said…

I'm sooooooooo excited for you!

:) cant wait to meet the mister!

Anonymous said…
I am so very very happy he made home safe!!!
miss-happy pants said…
YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am so happy he is back in the U S A!!! Safe at last!!! Can't wait to actually SEE him!!! We'll all have to get together for a welcome home party!
Anonymous said…
Yay Miss Jod!!! :) Im so so happy for the both of you! :) :) Im glad he's home safe!!!

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