Sometimes I think we take lil' things for granted...like a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. Just go to the store..take it home and fix it.
Well, Mr., missed two of each of them and even though the Army did the best to make it as nice as possible for the Holidays for the Troops..it just wasn't the same...
So Today, I made a Thanksgiving feast (well, what he would eat...he's not a big eater.)
The turkey aroma wafted through the house and it smelled and tasted sooooo good. I din't mind another turkey meal! So while he was doing guy stuff outside...I cooked. Loved* it! :)
So before all this...I asked Mr. if he would like a Turkey meal. His response?
..."yeah, I would love that. But where we gonna get a turkey? They don't sell turkeys year round do they? I thought only at Thanksgiving?".....Yea...I laughed my butt off.


Miss Anne said…
lol those darn seasonal turkeys... i bet you had to look high and low ;) ha!

looks delish sweet pea!

Awwww!!! Gotta love Thanksgiving in January!!!

Hope you loved your Thanksgiving meal!!
Miss-happypants said…
That's so cool you did that for him. :) I'm glad you guys got a chance to spend Thanksgiving together. The date doesn't matter...it's just a date.

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