1.6.09..simple things*..

  1. simple things in life...your cat purring in your lap...and drooling..
  2. getting into a warmed up vehicle on a Cold day...brrrrr......
  3. getting an unexpected card in the mail from a friend simply saying 'thank you for being you'....(Anne;) )
  4. snuggling on the couch with your loved one, on a Sunday ,watching the Golf channel....
  5. A call from your Dad just wanting to "chat" cuz he still thinks of you, as his ' lil' girl'..
  6. some of your best friends in the world are your family members....
  7. ..if you'd like to add to this list, please be my guest..i'd love to know what simple things in life that are important to you.....


Miss Anne said…
oh sweet pea.

i adore you so much!

i'm glad that you also find such joy in the little things... it's what really matters.

friendship is one of my many blessings, and YOU are a bright light in my life.


2 days!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Knowing that no matter what....there are some people that will drop whatever they are doing and be there for you!


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