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"Before/During/After Pictures"

What's there to do on a Weekend night you say? I know- Have your Mr. color your hair!
I have had my hair colored, and done at $alon$ for year$! It's great at first,'s never the way I liked it! So, my sweet lil sister hooked me up with what the ladies use at the salons{girls you would poop your pants when you know how much the salons spend on products....I did my hair for less than $6.00} But after this little production we put on: I have to upmost respect for HAIRDRESSERS! Okay, mixing the color and all...not bad..anyone can do it. But, Oh Mighty! The tinfoil part! The Mr. tried to help and THat IS THE worst part! He'd smear the color in and then wrap my hair like a bake potatoe! He'd randomly grab pieces here and there and wrap'em all up-getting ready for the Bar-B-Q! We both were laughing so hard. When your Mr. says over and over during this event: "Baby, no matter what you look like, you'll always be beautiful to me.." There is something terribly-…

They Keep Comin'!"

I knew Barney was real... Great now I'll have nightmares..

Got me, my saw....I'm ready to go!

This picture speaks for itself...ugh!

Hey! Don't judge...those boots are very comfortable... I have a pair. or two...
Dude: You never let the slip show! Oh- and those shoes?! All wrong...

"WAAAAAIIITTTTT!! You promised Ice Creeeeeeeam if I was gooooooood!" 

Umm. nope.

Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! 3 Times right? Umm...nothing.
I think the prescription needs to be changed on your glasses dude. Your wig is allllllll wrong!!
Continue having a great day!!! :)

"Get Yer Craft On!

The inside of a" Tag Book" I made, for  one of my older sisters, Pam. I Think This lil File Folder labeled "Vet Bills" is the cutest thing on here! If anyone of you have animals...this file is LARGE! The back of the Tag Book.
The front of the Book... Yes, I put the pictures in a weird order. Don't judge. LOL!! **************************** Now this cute lil' card creation is for a friend of mine that is expecting her first child. After the first pix was taken I added some detailed BLING! Are you surprised? She has a pearl necklace, and matching ear-rings. LOL!! Even her cute lil shoes are Blinged out! :) The Mr. liked the shoes the best....
Down to her stylish purse, pearl bracelet, and a Bling- Ring!!! I love creating :)
Have a fabulous Day My sweet Friends* and Family* :)

Sidenote: nothing to do with the post... I went to follow another blogger, and I answered all the Q's and all..... Well, Thanks to my brilliance... I'm now A Proud Follower of... Myself. Dork Jody.

"New Toy Alert!"

Okay, first.
I did not take this picture.
But, I'm so freakin' excited :)

I just received my Luminess Airbrush kit in the mail.
Loooooove it.
Looooooooooooooooooooooove it to pieces.

My little sister looks so fabulous all the time.
 I love the way she does her flawless looking.
So I hired a "private I" to watch her and exactly  how she does her make-up....
You know...a girl never reveals ALL her secrets...
Well, Lol' and 'behold! She uses an airbrush! AHHHH!!!!
So, I started snoopin' and found this on line. It's from Luminess and AW-sum!
Come to find out-it's the same one she has! HA!!
So ladies word of advice:
 don't ever play with this,{ for the first time ,at least}
 after you'd had a couple drinks.
just sayin'...
But after I get it perfected- I imagine I will love it again and again!!
So far this is the Bomb-diggity-bomb!

"Hey ! What the!?"

You know:
 I very rarely yell at the TV....
I don't watch football,
 but if someone was walking past our house at the right moment.
 You'd think I was watching a game! 
But nope.I'd be stupid JAKE!!!!
I WAS yelling...

Boy, he's starting to get on my nerves! What a pansy-a**!
SO Flippin' DraMatIc!!!!! C'MON!!!!!
..."Chris do I have to give out 2 more Roses?"....UGH!!!!
I really do like him and all...
Ladies: His flaw has been found.

He's a sissy-la-la. NOT COOL.

Yes, he's sensitive. We get that.
But get rid of Vienna.
Big Baby.
You know you want Ali.

Now for the girls.
Crying? B/c someone leaves? What the heck are you there for? A girlscout pow-wow!? A friendly get-together?
Realty check.
There is only one WINNER!!!
If I was on the show, and got a rose... 
 I wouldn't cry, if a girl left.
I'd be doing the "Arsenio Hall" arm motion! Woot! WooT!
 Then do a lil' "Roger Rabbit".
 Gown in all.
Yip.with the hee…


Sometimes as I do things...and I think:
"Thank Goodness, there is No camera around!!!"

I think sometimes?
"Am I normal? Some things I do...
habit? Or what?"

*I always seem to run the water AS I'M BRUSHING MY TEETH! Why do I do this?The toothbrush is not even touching the water? I turn it hand sneaks back up there...and turns it back on...

*I always have my mouth W-I-D-E open as I apply my eye make-up.
 Does this help? I try keeping my mouth closed.
Doesn't go on the same.

*When I hold up a dress to myself ( or any clothes at that matter ) and look in the mirror
...I always hold out one leg.
Why? I have two. Is it a done deal if it looks good with one leg?
 We all do this!!! Huh girls!

*I constantly open the fridge...others do this too! {I've heard people talk about this..} Is
there magically going to be something new in the last 3 minutes?

*When someone ticks me off in traffic..I yell at them!
My windows are up.I'm the only one in the car.Can they…

"This is how I feel today..."

This comic was edited to my gratification.


"Phew! I didn't make it on here..."

{witness protection program, perhaps?}

I'll have to admit:
Whenever the Mr. and I run to Walmart...I feel like, when I get dressed in a hurry..
."Will this make it on the website?"

What the??? Is that a Baby? In there!?
I knew it!
Excuse Mam? What isle did you get those on?

Those shoes don't go with THAT?!!!
Some people...

I may..or may not.
Have this Exact shirt in my closet.

But NOT this shirt.

Buy One, Get One FREE!!

How could you not know????....

Have a great Day full of Laughter!

"A Little morning chuckle..."

A man is driving down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices a sign out of the corner of his eye....It reads:


He thinks this is a figment of his imagination and drives on without second thought....
Soon he sees another sign which reads:


Suddenly he begins to realize that these signs are for real and drives past a third signsaying:



His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive.
On the far side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to the door reading:


He climbs the steps and rings the bell. The door is answered by a nun in a long black habit who asks, 'What may we do for you my son?'
He answers, 'I saw your signs along the highway and was interested in possibly doingbusiness..’
'Very well my son. Please follow me.'
He is led throu…

"...and they're off!"

Since Hot Springs has a huge horsetrack...
we decided to go check out what has caused and will continue to cause,
 all these traffic jams,
 and what all the "Hub-Bub" is all about!

Awwww.....the horses are so beautiful.
Watching them gave me goosebumps!

This horse...#10. We already placed our bets..$2.
And then when I SAW him. I told the Mr.
#10 will win.
Guess what? He did!

Beautiful weather!

{this is the gosh-awful pic you get, when you ask a NON-Picture-Taker-Person to take your picture! I wanted to say: "Thank you so much, but do you mind taking an another?"} The Mr. Would have DIED!

Great friends :)
We met up with some dear friends of ours-

{who are getting married in June! EEKK!!}

We tried to act like we knew what we were doing..{betting}
We had NOT-A-Clue!
We did win $4.60...
Whoo! Hoo!

Since racing season is only for a couple more months...I best be eating more of these delish sandwiches!
Ohhhh they are good!
All in all-it was fun!
By all means-we will be back for the food.

"Show and Tell Ya'all!"

Well, I made these little cards up right before I left for the if I met a scrap-buddy we can exchange info...and I used these cards for my luggage tags also....I thought they turned out cute. :)
One lady I gave them to said,
 "These are classy."
 {me: grinning ear to ear..awwww!!}

The crop was fun :) The Ladies are just like "back home" I felt  at ease here...just like *home*.

I just played around and made a couple things...

I've been wanting to make a clock for our house,
 since the last crop I was at last...
the last clock I gave to one of the Ladies at the crop who HAD TO HAVE IT!

Call me weird....go ahead....but I have a thing for door hangers.
It adds so much to a room and I have a couple in the house already.
So this one is for the Scrapbook Room. :)

Thank You  for looking
 and have a great day! :)
Thanks for all the encouraging comments from the last post :)
That was very sweet!
NO...I didn't make fun of anyone..everyone was soooo NICE!
I would have f…