..1.11.09.."Circle of Friends"..

Last night was a fun night! All us girls got together and 'wonderful' Miss Anne did our hair/make-up and made us feel/look just Fabulous!!
After pics and laughing-just being girls..we went out to eat and had a great time!
I just LOve my friends to pieces and love hanging out with them!
Thank you Anne for a wonderful Job and "Ladies" for another great time!
(Thank you Mr. Fancypants for taking our pics and putting up with 'girl-talk' all night! You were a real trooper!!*)


Miss Anne said…
I had such a great time with you and the girls. I am so blessed by your friendship. Thank you for being there and checking in on me while J is gone.

Love you to bitsies!

p.s. big hug to Daren too!
Oh my I love what you did with that pic!!! I so need to visit that site.
I had such a great time this weekend.
I forgot how much Daren makes me laugh.

Squeeze to you both!!!
Miss-happypants said…
What a great night! That was so much fun and I must admit....I loooooked goooood. lol. Seriously, it was a ton of fun and everyone looked so beautiful. I've even been doing my makeup just everyday...just the way you showed me. :) Daren is a kick in the pants! What a trooper to hang out with us for that long and shoot the breeze with the chicks! Love it!

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