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"Birthday Shopping For The Mr"

Oh,how I wish we would have been pulling one of these babies home! For his birthday yesterday he wanted to go more boat shopping. Okay-he gets this from his Dad. { I LOVE YOU DAD! IF YOUR READING THIS!} He will look at everything and anything once,twice, three times..and then all over gain. He grabs brochures on everything he's interested in, studies it, does research, he takes his time picking out something.... I'm over in the corner drastically draping my body over a chair... "C'Mon! We like this one.." being all dramatic.. while, he's intently deciding and analyzing everything! I'm make drastic decisions...he thinks{and thinks} about them. I do love him for it.. because if I'm trying to decide on something.. he'll take the time to do all this research! Then he tells me what I should do. :) I have NO PATIENCE FOR THAT.  At all. We make a great fit in that department... I just go take pictures of things and go find trouble elsewhere until he's ready.. {EXHIB…

"Weird looking, Eh?" & "Birthday Wishes!"

You'll have to admit: these are some funny looking shoes! But have you tried them? I have to be on my feet anywhere from 9 to 12 hours a day... {don't feel bad for me..I'm use to this} But alot of the time, without sitting down or resting once.. until I get home. So, having comfort for my feet is so very important! And I can't stand wearing tennis shoes at work! Gahhh!!!! I hate it! Your feet stink at the end of the day... gross. If my feet are hot. I'm miserable. And I'm gonna let the whole world KNOW! Ha! Ha! So, these are the ones I got, very nice and comfy... :) But Very ugly.

Happy Birthday My Love Today is a day all about him. *we are having bar-b-q steak tonight! *going to look at more boats and ask more Q's... He got his birthday "gift" a little early.. A RC helicoptor.. I started something...I bought him a smaller version for Christmas.. Now. He has a collection. The RC's are getting bigger AND BIGGER! But hey..I'm happy for him. He needs a hobby. He got me into …

"Oh What FUN!"

So we just walked in the door from Shreveport, LA. We went to go boat shopping and of hang out at the most wonderful-awesome-ness place ever! Bass Pro Shops! This is the Bomb! Coolest place ever.. just how the store is decorated is enough to go see... So we continued our hot-sweaty-muggy day walking around at all the shops... We see these kids being put in plastic, and then the ball around them- blown up with a leaf blower! and then put in a lil' pool! We saw this the other day when we were out on the lake with some friends and I wanted to get a closer look but we were too far away! But we saw this person being pulled by a boat and this ball skipping across the water tossing around this person inside. I WANT ONE. How Flippin' FUN!! But doesn't this image just scream NOOOOOO!!!! DO NOT PUT PLASTIC ON OR AROUND ORIFICES! However, we were laughing and taking pics.. This does look like alot of fun :)
My cute lil' find for the day. A fat squirrel bird house. How perfect!
Yes, the …

"I knew IT!!!! I Told Ya So!"

I saw the writing on the wall with these two! I knew they would split. She's an attention-seeking-fake-....person. Don't get me wrong.  Nothing wrong with wanting attention-but don't be a fakeee-fake about it! Show your true colors! Vienna:I guess, when he was on "Dancing with the Stars"...umm, er, we will talk about that disaster in a moment... She was a jealous freak! I told the Mr. .." I bet she's freaking out about now" yip. I was right. Jake: He turned out to be a pansy! What a dork! He makes me wanna hit him in the face with a wiffle bat! Smack! Right between the eyes.. When ever he danced...I'd cover my eyes like a horror flick and peek through the crack of my hands...cuz I was so embarrassed for him. He did  gave it his best shot though...I'll give him that. That's it. He should have never let Tenly go. She was True! Heck she was from Oregon...heck ya!
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"Umm.Hello? Are You There?"

What a way to make a comeback, show our trip to Graceland! This was a great tour! For all the die-hard  Elvis  fans out there.. (I'M RAISING MY HAND HIGH IN THE AIR!) This is a must see. His home was purchased back in the time for $100,000. I thought his home would be more grandour, however in the time it was huge! It was alot of $$$$ He sure lived a glam life...  He Loved Bling..{man after my heart...sigh*} He was also a very giving man. Always buying things..{oh cars..nothing big..gulp..}for others! He loved his cars! He had a nice collection.... On the way home I had to stop and think: We were in Elvis Presley's home. HIS FLIPPIN" HOME! Where he ate, went to the bathroom, took a shower, shared moments with Pricella.. He ate his breakfast there! He played his music, thought up music... He laughed, maybe even cried here in this HOME. And we were there. It was very surreal. I'm so happy we went. I can't think of anybody in history NOW who is still so loved and admired by millions, year…