.1.24.09.."Did I grow?"

Okay..so our friends Mark & Mindy asked us to go snowmobiling tomorrow morning....well, we would love to..but what about snow gear???
So Daren and I dusted off the door to one of our back closets in the spare room and we are digging through clothes like we are at the "Goodwill"...like we were experiencing our clothes all over again!!
It's great when you go through old clothes and get excited!!?? Well,..either you have a bad memory or too much crap!! You decide...
So I knew he had a pair of Carharts,..I THOUGHT I knew where mine were placed...
So I handed him his pair and we both were all excited and he wanted to immediately try them on!! (Like les w/ her false eyelashes!!! She was taking out and gonna put'em right on her face! Didn't know how, but they were going on !)
As he's pulling' them up his leg (yes, people he has clothes on underneath...) they looked awfully small,..... he gets them on, and I said " Ouch! Do those hurt? They look like they hurt?"
You know women who have camel toe????? Well, MEN can get that too and it's not attractive!!!
I finally yelled! "Oh those are mine!!!Ha! Ha!!!!" I was laughing so hard! He looked miserable in those things and I can't believe he got them on!
And of course he couldn't get them off fast enough so I got my pix!! Poor Daren he's always my favorite to pick on!! He's such a good sport about it!!


Miss Anne said…
omg THAT'S hilarious.


Miss-happypants said…
hahaha...see I'm not the only one that jumps the gun. :) Good job though Daren for struggling through and makin 'em fit. hahahaha
I laughed so hard reading this....almost as much as when you told me....OMG you would think being like....5 feet taller than you they wouldnt fit....lol I am kidding!!!
He is a great sport!!

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