{ 6 Years and still on our Honeymoon...}

May 13th.2010
Today is our 6 year Wedding Anniversary.

He still makes my heart skip a beat,
 just by his smile, laugh, and his thoughtfulness.

He's still my knight in shiny armour.
I have this wonderful man on such a pedestal that no one will ever be able to even amount to what he is to me.
Let alone, the man he is.
I have had my heart shattered a few times in the past
 and he has gently picked up the pieces and put me back together without a word.
I have not had the purest past and he has never brought it up nor held anything against me.
He has accepted me for who I am and has never asked any different from me.

He has never said a cross word to me
and always remained a gentleman.
He's never even raised his voice to me..
Nor has he even said anything
to remotely hurt my feelings...
he is the sweetest I know.

I have never been number one in any one's eyes
or life before.
Now I know what it feels like.
He has put me and our marriage number one since the day we met...
I thank him every day for who he is.

Happy Anniversary
My Love.


Lindsey said…
Awwwww this was the sweetest post!! Happy Anniversary!
Trish said…
Happy Anniversary!!! I love to hear when couples are still so in love. SOunds like you have an amazing man in your life.
Amanda said…
that's so sweet! congrats and Happy Anniversary!
Expat Girl said…
Aw cute post, Happy Anniversary to both of you!
Miss Anne said…
Happiest Anniversary Daren and Jody! ♥

May your lives continue to be enriched by your big l♥ve!!!
Jocelyn said…
Congrats to you guys! Isn't it great when we feel that way about our hubby? Mine is my best friend and I can't imagine life without him!
Sunshinemeg said…
Happy anniversary! Adorable post. You two should be so proud of yourself for growing together. Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
ahh happy anniersary to u guys!!iam so glad he make u happy u deserve it:)love u both,,tami:)
Jen~nae said…
JODY!!!!! I llllloooovvvveeeee this post!!!! You two are sooo perfect for each other! But I dont need to tell you that! :) Happy anniversary Jody and Daren True Who!!!!!
I hope you guys had the best day! So funny, our anniversaries are one day and 1 year apart! Happy belated anniversary!!
Miss-happypants said…
This is so incredibly sweet. Your relationship is one that people strive for in life. One that sooo many people never find. I hope you will know this love for life. I hope you and Daren continue to love every bit of each other and enjoy every momment. I love you girl! And Daren too. Happy Anniversary.

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