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"Chilean Miners"

My Heart goes out to these brave people who are trapped in the mine in "Chile"  for 4 months!! Can you imagine????!! Four months! Not until maybe,  Christmas??! I was reading where people wanted to send books,magazines, and such to read?! Whhhaaaatttt?? Not alot of light, right? They eyes could not properly adjust.. I don't think I could concentrate long enough to want to read anything...
Sanitary situation here. How? and where do they go to the restroom? There are so many thoughts running through my mind! Oh I just wanna cry for these people. I feel awful. I went to bed last night thinking of them,  and wondering how they will make it. I have been watching the news like crazy ! and spent my lunch hour reading about them.. {via Internet} It's become an obsession with me. I will be hootin' and howlerin' when they are rescued!
I'm so claustrophobic as it is.. Oh my heart goes out to them. I heard two of the men were obese and weren't able to fit through anyhow? They had to los…

"Calling All Plant People! & The Sweet Arrival Of Fall"

Yesterday while out shopping with the Mr. Going to "Bed Bath & Beyond" is always a treat to the senses... Then much to my surprise.. Fall Items are out!! How exciting! Fall is my most favorite season! Cold enough for a sweater...but can still wear a long skirt with cute boots.. I love scarves!! Oh and the cute gloves! The smell of homes are filled with Pumpkin Spice and such welcoming aromas....ahhhh...:) I heart you Fall. I'm awaiting your arrival :) *************************
Okay, I need Help!!! The Mr.'s work sent me these flowers (?),...plant? For me to plant, or keep in the honor of my fathers passing. It's for our new home.. I love it.
BUT!!!! We both have no idea what this is?!! We looked all over the Internet... Indoor? Outdoor? Lots of attention? Light? Lots? I have NOOOOO green thumb(s)! What so ever! We have cactus in our home... if that explains alot here.
So if anyone knows what this is.. please give me a name..I'll look for the rest. Thank you! Have a great day

"We Got IT!!!!!!!"


"May You Rest In Peace Daddy"

You know I had mixed emotions of what I'm about to blog about. Some people have a different way of going about things in life. This blog. This blog,  my Dad loved. He thought it was "so neat"  {as he would say} He was my number 1 fan.
I received at the LEAST  an e-mail from him once a day, commenting on my blog. If I took a break -boy! I'd hear about it. He loved my blogging,  he loved hearing about my rants and raves, loved hearing how wonderful the Mr. is to me.. But no more. I will never see another e-mail from him. Will never hear his gruff voice again. He passed on last night.
There are so many little things I'll miss about him. Too many to list... He had a huge heart for his family...he loved his family. I still keep remembering him as when I was a little girl. He always smelled like "Old Spice". Dressed nice. His laugh...he had a different laugh.. he always said, .."you see.." after every sentence.. I can still picture how he did his hair. I have his crooked mid…

"We Did It! We made an offer on a home..."

When the Mr. and I went to start looking at homes... we had our check off sheet... things that we really wanted in our home.. This home fit the bill. He's got his shop. I got my pool. ;) It's only 3 bedroom But that's cool. I would have liked a four bedroom. But The Mr. was like a little kid when he saw this shop. Nice. Very nice. It even has it's own bathroom and shower! :)
We put an offer in it's waiting... and nail biting..... Gaaahhhh!!!!!!
Have a great day!!

"Very sad"

This is the awful stuff I have to put up with ALOT at work.. Mean, cruel, nasty people who treat animals this way. Why? What would possess someone to do such an awful thing? This dog was found in the  bushes, in 105 degree heat. STARVED TO DEATH!!!! She's very friendly and sweet.
I would love to find this person and do the same thing to them.  I would love to!
There is NO excuse for this kind of behavior. I hope they don't have  children.

"My Dream Car"

I have never been a CAR-PERSON... but when I saw this.. It was all over... I have been dreaming of this car...well, it's not a car..kinda a SUV.. Love it!! It's everything I've wanted in a vehicle and more! PURRRRRRR!!!!!! I keep looking at other cars...but I keep coming back to this one.. Meant to be, perhaps?
Have a great day!!

"Good Weekend"

(Crap! I spelled restaurant wrong! Good job dork-Jody..)
Great far.. The "Bike Rally" is in town and Harley's, choppers, custom bikes everywhere! Very nice... So, headed to the heart of the action and ate at a lil'-hole-in-the-wall-restaurant.."Picante's" It was the best-est Mexican food we've ever had! Not all the food tasted the same.. It was wonderful!! Very unique.. Come to Hot Springs? Look Me up! We'll go with ya!
Have a great day!