.1.24.09.."I Can do this...."

No matter how difficult/sad/demanding/, something/situation is.....you'll get through it.
There is an ending to the story. NOTHING lasts forever.

The best part is, when you can look back and say "Wow, I did a good job. And I made it"

So, no matter how things may "appear" in life. It's true: It's never what it seems.

So, to the picture I put on my blog.

Alot of you are probably going "AHHH.....how cute. He's too short"

Well, not really. Someone put him there and wanted us to think this, took a picture, and made $.

Nothing is what it seems.


Miss-happypants said…
Ahhh, nothings too difficult. When you run into problems just think of them as little speed bumps...they just slow you down for a second.
The pic is cute!
I agree....not everything is as it seems....
Good point!

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