.1.24.09..."How does this look?" Ha! Ha!

So another session of trying on dresses! Yea!
I love these girls...they are so much fun!
See, even Kenzie is getting into it!
I think Jill won the prize ...well no, Jill and Les look horrible!! They did an awesome job of ugly dress session!
Good job ladies and Thank you for posing for the pix!


Miss Anne said…

i think we need to make it an annual tradition.


xo ty for making today great!
Miss-happypants said…
Okay...that was fricken hillarious! Although, Anne cheated and put something on that made her look hot...whatever!!! Let's play the game right, haha! But come on...lets be completely honest here....I looked HOT!!! You know you were all just jealous! ;)
Ugh!!! Those dresses were sooooo bad!
That was alot of fun!!
I know I wouldnt do that with any other crowd. LOL
We truly are a one of a kind group!!!
LuckyLass said…
weez r pwetty ladeez!

I'm so happy I made it to the tail end of this event. Thank you for not showing my tail end in this picture. No one needs to see that!

I agree with happypants...Anne did look too hot for ugly dress day.

Fergalicious Baby "...my hump my hump my hump...my lovely lady lumps...check it out"

:0 :) :o

Great pics J


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