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11.30.09.." So's seasonal."

OOOOOooooo lil' kisses from heaven!

White chocolate with candy cane pieces..*sigh*.....

Every season the Mr. and I can't wait for these to come back :)

11.29.09..."We met Clark Griswald's Match!!"

So, what a great thing to do on a beautiful night. ..go look at Christmas lights!
Alot of ooooooo-ing and aw-ing going on! You can't help but walk around with a HUGE smile on your face! Christmas lights just brighten up your-everything. So beautiful!!
Here in Hot Springs there is a beautiful HUGE garden that is decorated with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of lights!
You go over a lil' hill and BaM! More lights! The old-er people had golf carts! So jealous... But you walk along the path and it goes on and on. You just admire all the hard work and pray that your not the one taking them down... There were paths you walk along, but you just walk anywhere and everywhere!
The pond was decorated and just stunning. With swans and fish all lighted up. beautiful. :)

It took us at least 2 hours to walk through everything. We actually hurried along cuz they were closing and we wanted to see as much as possible...we shall return and really go slow and enjoy it. Think 2 hours were enough time, huh? Uh…

11.28.09.." The Mr. VS. Walmart Greeters"

So, last night we head to our daily/weekly trip to Walmart just to see.....stuff.
Nothing important.
As we are walking in through the doors he drops my hand and walks real fast! Like Forrest Gump!{Run Forr-est! Run!} Just making a bee line for the safety zone! I think in his mind the security-beeper-towers are base or something!
But I catch up to him and I'm laughing wondering{???} what just took place? he says,:

"Oh I hate those Walmart Greeters! I have to hurry and run past them!"

Me: "Ha! Ha! Whhhhaaaaatttttt?????"

So now. we have to leave.....
Now what?
He takes off again!
I see the greeter looking at the Mr. and he literally is looking down.
No eye contact, and trying not to get "greeted".....the greeter barely gets a word out.
And the Mr. acts like he's been tagged in a chase game or something!
It was hilarious! He throws his arms up. slows down and yells, "Aggghhhh!!!"
I'm laughing, following him out the door.
He says it's like nails …

11.26.09..."Have a great Thanksgiving!"

I hope you all have one of these days...... :)

Just relax and be with Family :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

11.22.09.."Loved It"

Okay, it was not a walk-up-to-the-window-buy-your-ticket-walk-lazily-to-the-theater-PICK-a-seat-and- quietly-enjoy-your-movie, MOVIE!!
MY LAND!! All shows sold out.
No Seats.
Line around the block.
Yes, our smart friend bought our tickets on-line....but you still gotta find a seat...together...

Long story short...4 bailed out on us, and he was looking at me to see what to do...
( I'm dying inside! My heart is thinking: "NO!!!! I have been waiting! Drove an hour away to get here! This day has finally came..."Hoping the Mr. can read my silly thoughts ...)The Mr. can tell the disappointment in my eyes and he says,
"Well, lets just wait around, for the next show- and we will just wait in line this time..." (yes, just to get a seat)
Awwwwww....... I smiled ear to ear. I love him so.

So I had Mad Libs in my purse(I know...I know...) and we sat down and played some games and had a blast! Laughing and just being part of the craziness!

The movie:***sigh****

Guess what we saw t…


FINALLY it's here and I get to see it tonight on a IMAX screen!!
I'm so flippin' excited!
I've been trying so hard not to watch/listen to the TV so I'll be surprised of the movie...but ya know????
I really don't care what anyone says....I'll love it no matter what.
A doctor I work with, our office manager and I and we are all DraGgiNG our husbands to go see it!!!
Okay, for those of you- who has seen it..let me know what you think (positive comments only please, my heart can't take negative comments right now! LOL!!!) ...I'll check my blog tomorrow.

Review on movie tomorrow!! :)


This is "Bernie" hitching a ride from our dog, Kelly.
She's so tolerant. She has seen sooooo many different kinds of animals come and go, in our lil' household....

I bet these are the most SpOileD-RotToN Squirrels on the face of this earth!
I can.not.WAIT. to let them pack their squirrel bags and leave! Lol!
They are cute, but I'm ready!
They are soooo FAT.

I clean out their house at least 3 times daily and do laundry(separate from ours!!!!) at least once having a child!
Do they make diapers this small?
Oh! Maybe in the Barbie section.
No....they would chew it off.
counting.counting.counting....the days....


This gives me the CrEePs!!!

11.16.09.."Ha! Ha!"

I though this was *C*U*T*E*
I don't really think that...but it's funny..

Sorry I've been a lil' MIA.
No reason.
No excuse.
Just....nope, still can't think of an excuse.i got nothin'.

But anyhow....I will get my butt a crackin' on yer comments! So sorry.
Have a great day!

11.14.09.."Happy Birthday Mom!"

Image is my wonderful Moms' Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!

I miss and love her quirkiness so much.
I can always count on her to be silly and goofy with me...
Have a great Day Mom :)

11.13.09.."Happy Birthday Dad!!"

I love these two..*sigh*...

*****{{{{{{Happy Birthday Dad }}}}}*****
we love you
and miss you so much.
We hope you have a wonderful day!!

11.13.09.."Sometimes I have good ideas..."

Since my hubby and I met, we have this on-going "Wish List" on our fridge...
It's a list ,with both our names on each side and what we wish can be anything!!!!

I started this because he's hard to buy gifts for. This way, it takes the guess work out of it...I have his pants, shirt, and shoe size on there (along with my sizes, too :) )'s waaaaayyyy easier than asking and asking and him not telling me what he wants for his birthday! This way he'll get what he wants :) It makes it easy to tell parents, friends, and for each other :)
Try it!! It's fun :) Has worked great!!

11.12.09.."The after effects of Playing the Wii...."

Set the scene: bed. 4:30 a.m....this morning...minding my own business...

I felt the Mr.'s forearm just "SMACK" me in the side!

I squealed:(it really didn't hurt...but I was more shocked!) "OWWWWW!!!"

Mr:(still asleep.however I wanted to him to wake up up to realize what he"What?What? What's wrong?!What happened?!"

Me:"You just smacked me!"

Mr:"Oh sorry. I thought I was playing Ping Pong"

Darn Wii.
Thank goodness, he's not into the boxing one yet.

Update: After he woke up this morning, I asked him "So did you win?" He started laughing and grinning ear to ear (he knew what I was talking about...), he said: "No, I totally missed the ball"

11.11.09.."This is WHY Raincoats are yellow..."

I good friend sent this to me...
I know. I know......
Those are cute boots, huh?!!

11.9.09.."Another Edition of:'What were THEY THINKING?'

Okay, these images were sent to me...I check them frequently, to make sure my pic hasn't made it to this collection...
I DO sometimes 'throw on something' and run into town... But no this pink lil' number...

Is he abusing a lollipop? What's he doing?'s cold in here...........

Yes!! I was thinking the same thing....those socks go great with that.

AHHHhhhhh..that's how you tie a bow in the front.and make it stay...

No comment.

At least his butt looks better in that than mine... Pink?

****************** On another note:"Bob-it Strikes Again!" We have a dog in the clinic that arrived Friday. {Long pun intended-} That his neighbor called him and said: "Dude, I caught your dog breeding mine. I tried to separate them and couldn't, so I cut your dogs' penis off. " Yip. Your reading this right. It's gone. All of it...looks like hamburger meat... Terribly, huh? The dog is "Okay"…


I had NO idea how much personality was packed into ONE of these lil' boogers!!
The lil' girl is a Diva...oh she gets so mad if you don't get her food to her fast enough and lets you know all about it!
The lil' boy is sooooo laid back and calm...umm...THAT don't seem right?
Anyhow they are alot of fun and we are so glad they are doing FAT!
They go everywhere with us and constantly doing all sorts of research to better their lives to get them prepared for the...WORLD.
Wow....that sounded like a REal-true-blue-parent. :)


If you live to be 100,
I want to live to be 100, minus 1 day.
So I won't have to know what it's like,
to live without you.

11.2.09.."Look Ma! Look what we made!"

Ahhh....our Creative juices were flying!
I made the design and the Mr. stained them on a whole set of dishes!!
All woodland creatures...his favorite...
Umm.....and we are now raising 2 baby squirrels-go figure....OH! Which by the way:
1} are FAT
2} doing GREAT!
3} starting to chirp when they SEE us!
4} yes, their EYES are open!!!! They are sooooo cute!
NO! We are not going to keep them. We just wanted a fair chance for them in life...We plan on turning them back out into the wild...that is mean to keep a non-domesticated animal captive. We put branches, leaves, acorns in with them so they know what they look and feel like....they chew on them already....very cute.
Updated pics soon to arrive....
Have a great Day!