This man cracks me up! I told him to pose"sexy" for the camera...and this is the best WE both could do...have mercy!!Ha!
But very good day..sometimes you gotta just stay home and catch up on stuff at home..it's been non-stop running around since the second he landed..it will settle down here shortly...
However we were heading for a late night grocery shopping at Wally-World...we both are not fans of ALOT of people whom you don't know ,congregated in one area!!...they always go down the same isle you do!! Some screaming child wanting something and throwing themselves on the floor when not getting it, THEN the parent yelling at the child "knock it off or I won't buy you that pony tomorrow" then the bargaining begins...then you have a moron picking his nose behind the children's bikes and wiping it on the seat! Or then, there is ME who Farts in the isle and my poor husband HAPPENS to all of a sudden want that isle ,and walks through the cloud and gives me a "baby, you didn't ..." look....And I'm dying laughing!!! Cuz no matter how OLD you get Folks....Farts/Farting/Fluffing....whatever it's called...is simply funny.Everybody does it!!! When someone discovers such a odor..it's hilarious the first reaction..they are laughing and carrying on..then all of a sudden the face expression changes...and you can't fake that! The reaction to a fart. Not able to fake. You can fake smiling, laughing, crying, joy, sadness, sympathy, and all sorts of emotion...but try to hide That!! Nope.It's people's first reaction that cracks me up. And it can't be hidden.


Miss Anne said…
i've been subjected to your gastronomical joys!


great pic you two!
Oh jody....I can say with you and me on this planet the ozone has no hope....we have a rip roaring good time....and laugh at what others say bout it.....lol
I love the Picture!! That is a scrapper for sure!!

Love ya lady!
Miss-happypants said…
Love the hair! You guys look sexy to me...haha. I love a good fart...especially when Tina is around, because she gets so shocked and appauled. That's just funny shit! I still think you have a burrito injected in your vein though. Kenzi is right behind you! Damn Gemini's. ;)
Anonymous said…
OH MY GOSH JODY!!! This entire blog entry had me laughing so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants!!! Especially the picture!!! Aw man...it was all hilarious! I think I'ma go pee now before I read anymore! haha

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