..1.15.09.."Caught on the Job"..

Okay..I'm sitting here blogging and watching "Caught on the job". OMG!!!! Gross! This is why I don't go out and eat!
This is gross people! Cooks,waitress, busboys, and etc....all spit, orgasm, pee, and put snot in our food!!! This grosses me out til no end!! They showed a cop stealing from a blind guy, a man trying to sell his own baby for $60,000, a man having sex with a dog pinata!!! People!!!!!!!!!
Then the professionals who go in your house that make themselves at home, in your home and steal from you! They showed a maid, going through a clients house and taking money and then laying on their bed and looking at a dirty magazine.....have mercy...
I don't trust people. At ALL!!! I trust no one.......there is a select few who I actually feel who are honest. But the general public is disgusting and dishonest.
My husband says I'm "paranoid"....this show proves me correct!!!!!
So if there is someone who I feel is honest and I DO trust them. My husband never questions it! Lol!! He says if they pass me, it's cool...


Miss Anne said…
i hear ya.

in this day an age.. it's scary who you can and can't trust.
Well Jody you can trust me I will never steal from ya or spit in your food.....yuck!
Some people are so sick!

Miss-happypants said…
hahahahhaha, oh Jody...You're right...there are some very disgusting people. But MOST people are not like that. They get people to send in videos and they set up videos all over the place. This is just a few that they caught.

I do promise you though...that I will never spit or orgasm (that would be hard anyways) in your food, try to do anything weird to any of your animals or steal from you. lol.

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