..1.17.09.no American Idol here...

So yea..some friends were invited over to just sing, hang out, and have a relaxing time...(kareoke..yes..)
But wow! Did we laugh! I had so much fun!
My dear friend Jillian was all quiet and meek...then Bam! She and her husband came out of their shell and sang their heart out!!
Jill's songs were all about money...it was hilarious!! So Daren started PICKING songs about money for her!
Simon would have had fun slamming us..but the Mr., he's good....I had the horrible habit of READING-Singing the lyrics and could not sing! My Gosh!! Wow!!
But thank you guys for coming over! I love laughing like that! :)


OMG!! I had a great time! It was way funny most of the songs were about money.....What the heck!
Nic and I for sure had a great time!!
Thanks so much Mr and Mrs Fancy pants!
Miss-happypants said…
Sounds like a great time!!! You guys would have had to put earplugs in if I was singing...lol. The pic looks a little wrong of Jill. I had to do a double take.

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