.1.21.09.."she's home!'

friendship is....someone who knows you and still loves you anyway..

Yeah!! She's home! My good friend has been in Hawaii since Friday...I'm eagerly awaiting to hear if she met herself a hot Hawaiian man! Lol..knowing her, she took in all the sights and didn't relax...like I would!
Happy to have you home Les!!
You were missed!xoxo!!


LOL you guys are great!!! Love the oldie but goodie pics!!!
Miss Anne said…


Miss-happypants said…
hahahhaha! Haven't seen those pics in awhile...LOVE IT!!!! :) I am back...but no Hawaiian hotties this time. And sadly...you were right! I didn't relax much. Actually that's not true. Aaaa, I'll just write all about it in a blog. :) lol Love ya girl and missed you too!!!

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