Lights! Camera! Va-Jay! Jay!

What a great DAY!! AAGGHH!! So much fun!!!
Anne knew I wanted to get pix for my husband,before he got home...(well days from now he should be here! So no time like today!!)
So she pampered me and totally took care of me and made me look and feel very good about myself! I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!!'s a song.....for those of you who don't know that lil' ol' fact...
Thank you *Anne* for a wonderful day and taking care of me! Can't wait for next time where it'll be all us girls! Vogue!


Miss Anne said…
it was so fun to spend time together today! i'm editing pics as we speak... you looked amazing!!!

can't wait til tomorrow!


love ya
Miss-happy pants said…
You are always beautiful my dear! I'm happy Anne was able to make you feel as beautiful as you already are though. :)

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