.1.25.09..."Playin' in the snow!"..

I'm sooo sore, I would have blogged about this earlier, but too tired...Let me tell you about our great day!
We get up ,and head up to the Mountains with our friends whom have snowmobiles...Did I mention how early we left? Just checkin'.
So we get our food and snacks and just some redneck friends in a big king cab truck on a snowy road playin Rodeo music..the one and only Chris Ledoux!! ..The only way to travel!
So we get to our destination, unloaded, got our gear on and drove a couple miles up a trail and stopped there basically for the day and drank "Fireball" and "vodka"...very good on a cold day, with the snow and your friends...wonderful! Nothing like it!
But we played around and had a blast! We weren't cold...I don't do cold! We had real good gear...thank you US Army....they supplied Daren with most his warm gear...
But we had to get back home for our poker game that we planned with our friends Les, Jill, and Nic.
Daren was really looking forward to that!
But we had fun and Daren did wipe out....I didn't!! Ha!!!
Top; Daren, Mindy, and Mark
Middle picture: Me..
Bottom picture : My Daren (waving!) Ha!

But this is an extreme sport and now we are looking into getting a couple of theses machines ourselves, then jet skis for the summer!
Well, I still have horse power, just don't need hay.


Miss Anne said…
snowmobiling is a blast.
glad you had fun!
Miss-happypants said…
What a fricken BLAST!!! I'm so glad you guys had fun. I can't wait to try that some day!

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