I smile because your my sister,
I laugh because there's not a darn
thing you can do about it!
I went and visited my sweet sister today.
She is my older sister and when I was little, (see pix above)...I really thought she was my MOM. I was glued to her side. I think she was tired of me and tired of taking care of me...at a point.
So I remember this one time...I was real little..she went across the neighborhood to babysit and I thought she was moving out of the house..I cried and threw a tantrum for her. She wouldn't come back. She just left.
So I followed her...after she was already gone and no one was looking.
I don't remember HOW I got there...NO, I didn't steal a car or anything...but I remember getting to these people's house and seeing my sister running outside to greet me! I was so happy I found her! I ran to her crying and when I got to her she turned me around and spanked me! Oh my...it broke my heart...I guess my mom and family were out looking for me. I just wanted my sister...

But My Big Sister has been having problems with her foot. Almost a year ago it started hurting and escalated into an infection. A lil' foreign body was later found. But because of the location and her still working, it was impossible to keep clean...the foot is not exactly the cleanest thing on the body...

So a week prior to my husband coming home, she went into the hospital. She had surgery and they debribed it only.

So now she is in a Rehabilitation Center and I call it a resort! The people there are just Fabulous!! They wait on her 'Hand & Foot'..sorry, could not resist.

But no really, this is really the last resort. Or she may lose her leg from the knee down. That would devastate my sister.

It absolutely kills me to her like this. She's not in as much pain..but enough. I want her better. She's my Big sister.

To this day when I look at her, I still vision her like my mom and I'm 5 again.

I love you my sweet Peggie and there is not a moment that goes by that I don't think about you and what your going through. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.


Miss Anne said…
sending prayers and good thoughts for your sister.

I hope your sis gets better!!!
Katidids said…
OHHHH< Hugs to you and your Sis, sending lots of prayers yor way! BTW, found you thru Miss Anne!
Miss-happypants said…
Ohhh, poor thing!!! I saw her at the hospital when we were there for my grandma. She didn't seem like she was having too much fun. I sure hope this rehabilitation center works out for her and she is doing better soon. We'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

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