.1.23.09.."Let's Rodeo!"

" True frindship is: when you haven't spoke in years and when you do...you pick up right where you left off"....

Oh how much I missed my friend Mindy!!
My husband and I got the wonderful pleasure of having dinner..which was awesome!!...with our friends..that we both have gotten so busy with our personal lives...that well, as we all know...lose contact...it happens. It doesn't mean you don't think of them!!
So we got together and talked about rodes, rodeo-ing, horses, and LAUGHED!!
It was so relaxing...had a couple beers and I realized, I'm missing having a horse. Mindy is my horse-buddy. ...very smart,huge heart, a loyal friend, beautiful mind, beautiful anyways, funny as heck! and TOUGH!! She's a real country girl that isn't afraid to get dirty. She'd rather be the one getting dirty...I'll get dirty. Just not cold...bbbrrrrr..........

I admire the woman she is and ...I wanna be like her when I grow up. Plain and simple.

These two are great together!! Mark is a great guy who enjoys skiing, walk in the parks.....Oh my gosh!! I just realized I feel like I'm writing a personal ad for this couple!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!

This is Mark.
This is Mindy.
They are wonderful people.
The End.


Miss-happypants said…
They sound like great friends! Can't have too many good friends. :)
Glad you had a great time with them.
They sound like lots of fun!!!

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