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6.27.09.."Almost there?..."

Thanks to E-Blogger, I post pix in a weird here are some pix from today!:)

This is where we are currently staying the night. Amarillo, Tx. After checking flash! Flash Flood! EEK! Very warm here and raining...very nice. You won't be cold though!

These are our communicating devices...they are fabulous! We chit chat back and forth, warn each other of crazy stuff going on up ahead, let each other know when we have to pee!! Great lil' things!

Yay! For Texas, I like this state.

Booooooo!! for New Mexico..not a fan! All for us couldn't wait to get out of here!

"Are we there yet?"

Our lil' troopers! They are just hanging in there, cruising right along. I believe they are enjoying themselves! "Monkey Business" is playing the license plate game, playing her game boy, and texting...she's growing up so fast!

The Mr.'s Birthday Jerky! Les bought him a gift at one of our truck stops, isn't that sweet?!! He displays it so proudly..he'…

6.27.09.." On the road Again! I just can't wait to get on the road again! "

Here are some quick pics from our trip!

Me being silly :)

This is Denver, Co. Very beautiful area! Wouldn't want to live here, however visiting would be nice!!

You know Les and I! We meet and talk to anyone :) We met these bicyclists (Kendall and Rachel) in Wyoming..somewhere @ some rest stop. These two are riding their bikes across country! They have been on the road for 5 weeks now and heading Virginia! They started in Seattle. Nope. Not for me! However we got the blogs of these two and found more blogging buddies! Amazing they are! The guy-Kendall, never owned a bike before and bought his first bike for this trip! EEEKKK!!! Can you say SORE!!!!!! Great people!
Still, somewhere in Denver! :)

Utah..was okay....NO ONE around.....


At our last rest stop in Idaho. NO! Kelly is not starting to poop! She already did, almost on Les's shoe! Ha! Ha!

YaY! Wyoming!!

Our traveling buddies! :) They are hanging in there and doing great! P.s...sorry these pics aren't in o…

6.27.09.."Happy Birthday Mr!!!!"

Happy Birthday My Love!! Yes we are still on the road, however it's the Mr's Birthday today! :) My birthday wish for him: ****The roads are nice and soft for his driving pleasure..(**** while I was taking a nap..all I heard was ..."Stupid gosh darn roads! No town or state has enough money to have decent roads! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!, etc......" he cussed and cursed about every states' road or highway!) ****That all rest stops you wanna stop at today...has no one there! But us..(****again. All I heard the whole time when we entered a rest stop.."What?! Is there a convention going on or something?! Every body's here!"..yeah, he's not much for crowds...yip.) ****Gas prices are waaaaaaaay down for you today..(*** well, I guess I don't have to go there! We all get upset over that one!) Don't get me wrong..he's the sweetest man ever! He complains or rants about something and he turns it all into something hilarious! He goes on and on and then just…

6.26.09.."Are we There yet?..."

Whoa there! first of can a girl travel without her toenails being painted pretty?

Because we all know when it comes to a road trip...hours in the car. We really don't look all that is..well. It's hair okay....But! We can always depend on having pretty toe nails! La-de-da! I owe these to my Lil' sister...she is a nail tech. and did a fabulous job before I left on our road trip! She did a remarkable job! :) But to our family and friends and blogging buddies...I will comment on others blogs( I promise) and post more soon. So far we have traveled over 1,430 or so miles since yesturday morning...we are tired...ZZZzzzzzz.... we still have under 1,000 or so more to go.. So toodles for now and chat more soon! :)

P.s.....okay, AFTER I posted this pix...I looked at it.I have ugly a*s feet! My Land! I look like I have arthritis in them there toes! Yuk! I can't believe I put that pix on there...I'm sorry. I apolagize if this offends anyone. I am.…

6.19.09.." The True's I presume?....."

Whoo! Hoo! The Mr. found a home with help from the famous "Miss Netti & Mr. "T" ,themselves! That took off alot of stress. Phew! This will hopefully be the last rental until we buy next. The Mr. didn't do a bad job at all. He's awesome:) He's sooooo picky, that whatever he likes..I'm cool with it. He found this ,while he was there this week working... But people, we are heading from Oregon to Arkansas. Did I mention we will be traveling with 2 crazy-ass cats and a OCD dog? Dri-VING! No??? I didn't. Well, you know me...I will have some stories for you when I get back to bloggy land. Oh you bet I will! It's me!! My Bff and her wonderful lil' girl. Well, technically she's my they will we traveling with us:) Well, I will bring my lap top in case some some hotel/motel has Internet service..I can keep up w/ you girls! :) You know the only thing that scares me is ...breaking down? I watch horror flicks! The stupid cars break down at the …

6.17.09.."Too many Cherries can what?.....Ohhhhh"

Ya, these innocent lil' creatures aren't so innocent. Sittin' there all red and..stuff. Looking so temping.TEMPTING that is the word! Evil lil' boogers... Okay, I have another story for ya. This also happened oh.. say about..I think 7 years ago...? I was heading to Central Oregon for the weekend, to go horse back riding/camping...., I was meeting up with a family that I became very good friends with. Just my dog and I. I was settled in for a 3- 3 1/2 hour trip....Oooooooo Wait! A cherry stand! I'll get 2, 3,.....naaaaaa... I'll get 4 pounds of cherries and share with everybody at camp! ;) Very nice of me! One point for Jody! {licking finger and striking the air}Ding! I get to camp. With a bag of.nothing.I ate.the.whole.bag. Oh yeah. I got your attention, didn't I? I went riding all day.Got chased by Bucks! Yes! They chased us. On horseback... We made dinner and sat around the campfire..just like in the was great! Kelly and I made a lil' bed i…

.6.17.09." Ummm..... Excuse me? Have you seen my Mr?...."

This is what a wig and false teeth do to a person! Ekkkkkkkkk!!!!
This does not look like my husband at all!! He does not look like the same person...
It actually freaked me out.
On his last day, of work his co-workers got this lil' get up for him.
Definitely goes in the Halloween Box. ..

He's such a good sport about things like this! :)

.6.16.09.."Home is always where the Heart Is"

On Sunday,was Family day at the True household. It was so nice to see everyone.
The kids played in the swimming pool, played on the trampoline, and played on the tire swing!

Most of all. Dad is feeling much better and is looking good! :)

These kids were soooooo cold, and yet played in the water! BBBrrrrrrrrrrrrr! To be a kid is so simple.

We will miss everyone. It was a difficult good-bye. But we are heading off to a New Chapter in Our lives!

.6.15.09.." Show 'N' Tell"

My new lookie-lookie find!

I'm so excited to use this! I've always wanted one!
Great for deep conditioning and straightening your hair! Seriously. Takes away the fly aways on top of your head.
First step} Apply your straightening creme/lotion stuff..
second step} Sit under the dryer, on "low setting" for about 5 min...not long! and your scalp will be somewhat dry!

My hair gal would do this prior to blow drying it straight...of course then, the flatiron..

But Also!!! For the deep conditioning!! Oh my! It feels great! Your hair will send you a "Thank You" note and maybe perhaps a dozen of flowers for doing this!

Do this deep conditioning about every 2 weeks or so. Apply a one-time use shower cap and low setting...for about 10 min. You can go longer..if you wish. :)

Retail: $, huh? Sally's Beauty Supply.

.6.14.09.." A Day in the Park. Priceless$"

I'm just now able to talk about this.... This happened, oh say about...3 years ago... I'm not really quite sure WHAT I was thinking. But looking back.I wasn't. The Mr. was out of town on drill or something. I had the crazy idea, one summer morning. Beautiful morning! Why not go get 4 shots of espresso.Walk my dog in a park. With my pajamas on...yip. Like I said. NOT thinking. So, off Kelly and I went. I'm sippin' on the rest of my mocha that I haven't finished in the truck yet...We are down a trail and NO ONE in sight! THEN. It came! The caffeine-I'm-gonna-poop-my-pants-any-second-cramps friggin' started!!! Oh my gosh! I immediately called my dog back to me to start where? I don't know?! Bathrooms? What bathrooms? I didn't see any flippin'..OH MY GOSH! The cramps were bad! Any second I'm gonna go. I just know it. So, I get back to where my truck was and I noticed FAR FAR FAR away...of course....I see the bathrooms. You squint and y…

.6.13.09.."...I'm gonna trust, that your not gonna let your dog bite me?........"

This is Dr. B and I.... He had a dozen of roses sent to work with a nice note attached. He really has an a amazing heart! This is probably...THE hardest working man I have EVER met in my life and probably will ever meet. I wish he would slow down and enjoy life. But he loves what he does so why quit?! I heard him say this 104,567,234 times so far.... I knew this man like the back of my hand. What he was
Well, today { yesturday, technically....}.sadly. Was my last 'hoorah' at Linn. Vet.
This is my Boss/Friend for more than the last 10 years. {He's pictured with my good friend Jen-nae} This man, has seen me go through some bad stuff. Good times. Tough times. And I always talked to him about it.
When my husband was in Iraq, he was sooo good to me and wanted to fly me to go see him!! Lol! I let him know that was a lil' impossible, but I thanked him.
He has done so much for me as a friend and a boss. I have LEARNED so much about life, myself, and h…

.6.9.09.."Yip. It got the Best of Me..."

So, as I've explained this to my friends that I have told this story to...
My OCD got the best of me this weekend.

I felt the uncontrollable need to clean the I was in it.stupid idea.
So, I'm dumping this ol' shampoo down the deda.....
Then, I get to the conditioner.
Ladies, we use this stuff, why? Because it de- tangles and smooths. And slick as snot, in the shower.
So, as I'm dumping this. I get some splattered on the faucet.
BEFORE my brain could speak to my leg, "hey, this is a bad idea if you go one-legged in this slick as snot area!" but, before I even thought.. .. I had my one leg up and then all of a sudden!
I could see both my feet perfectly aligned in front of the air. not a good place to be.
I hit so husband came running in! He pulled back to shower curtain and sees his wife in a catatonic state. I was just sitting there rocking back and forth holding the back of my head. Laughing and crying at the same time. Because I wa…

6.9.09.."New Follower!"

Okay Ladies!
I've convinced my real good friend to Blog! I've talked it up and told her all about you wonderful ladies!!

I don't know how to put her blog address on her and have a direct link, like ya all do!
But if you go to my followers list and go to "jenny_booth21"{Jen-nae"is her nickname. This is from the "Forrest Gump" has stuck since...alot of people call her this!!}

You won't be disappointed! She's so sweet and a VIRGIN BLOGGER!!!!! ....Yes. I know!
She will soon be addicted like the rest of us...:)
Toodles, Jody

.6.9.09.." Weekend Recap!! Phew!..."

I got the great chance to see my older brother {on the left}....with our busy's hard to catch up! My niece's husband{ on the right}...what would he be to me. Name for it?

My Little sis, with her new man in her life... he's a very nice young man and treats my sister like a princess :) I approve...

My two good friends came over to my sisters house with me {one on each side of me...} and my sweet older sister! Yay!!! It was so nice to see her :)

Now, this is the reason for the "get-together"...My "Sweetie-of-a-sister"'s Birthday!! Yay!! She turned to big FIVE - OOOOOOO!!!! :) She was a princess for the far as I'm concerned, she's always a princess to me. I love you my Peg-A Leg!! :)
Started the wonderful day with a nice, relaxing crop with "The Girls". We scrapped and just relaxed. I don't think anybody got a lotdone, but some. I just wanted to be around them. I love and adore them so much. We've …