1.19.09 & 1.20.09 .."roadtrip!!"

You know what I love* about Road trips with Daren?? I love this part, and I've *dreamed of this when he was gone for so long..it goes something like this :
First we wake up early for where ever we are heading....I HAVE to pack the day of!! I CANNOT do this action prior....I've tried and well, doesn't work for me. Daren knows this about me and doesn't say a word....he just lets me be...so we get all packed and I have to wear the right attire!! Road trip clothes....okay, depends on what time of year, this is happening.but, I always have to wear shoes/flipflops/boots that are easily removed in the vehicle...
then WHAT you wear is soooo important! I always have to wear my lounge pants!! I have every color for every attitude/emotion/state of mind...so you have your outfit for the road trip!! Then you get all packed up and Always do We head out and get a " froo-froo' Drink for on the way!! So I can take my shoes off and curl up with my legs to my chest and hold my hot coffee in my hands and sip on it !! I love that!! Then, we laugh and talk about everything!!!! The Mr. and I have some of our best conversations in the truck/jeep. Sometimes we get to our destination and go "Wow! That was fast!! It didn't seem to take long at all" Sometimes we don't even take a breath! We yak and yak the whole time! We laugh ALOT!!! he is sooo funny and some of the things he comes up with when he sees someone else and makes his comments! Watch out Seinfeld! You've got competition! Well, to me he's funny..But, okay,...now we have the scene set..then the scenery....I love it when we go on back roads and no one else is around..we seem to be the only vehicle on the road..and temp in the vehicle is *perfect!! So perfect you don't fall asleep, but your so relaxed...You have no idea HOW many times of thought of this when he was gone. It would rain, be icky out, be sunny out and we could just look at each other and knew the perfect "road trip" days...when he was gone..I could pick out the days he would wanna go and it made me miss him oh so much more. I would be talking to him on the phone and he always wanted to know what the weather was doing home..(i think in his past life he WAS a weather man! he keeps up on the weather and what is going on..) I would always respond .." perfect 'road trip' weather baby"...he would respond."aahhhh......." he knew what I meant......
Well, it was very nice and relaxing to get away for a little bit...even though your @ home, on vacation..still a lil' difficult to 'put things down' and just relax!!
Daren and I will finally relax and do what we wanna do....nothing.
Met the Fab in-laws there for dinner and visiting for a couple hours! It was sooooo good to see them! I have wonderful in-laws and so blessed!!
So the next day after we were there...Daren and I were heading out and I had $5.00 left. So I put it in a penny machine!!
Then Bam!! The picture here shows what I saw! I was so happy I hit the guy next to me on the back then hugged him...he just looked at me!! Then after that I played it out a little, then hit an additional $200.00! I was so happy that I gave him a "high five!!"..he soon got up and left...good thing, he could have charged me with abuse!!
So my good Friend Jill happened to call within that time and asked if I will be home shortly?
"Umm..no....." so we stayed a little longer and left with a good winnings...phew! It goes back into our savings...
But it was nice and relaxing..oh yeah! It was a resort/casino...sand dunes everywhere!

So cold!! Brrrrrr! The sun was out and it was cold! Very beautiful weather!!

Nice to be back...


Miss Anne said…
Oh i'm so glad you guys had such a nice time together :) i know how imporant that was to you.

CONGRATS on your big wins!

miss you sweet pea!

You guys are so cute together....perfect match!!
I still say I get 10% for the lucky call....lol.
So glad you guys had so much fun!!!
Miss-happypants said…
That is fricken awesome!!! I love it when you hear the bells going off and ya know you won something but you just don't know what...and then it keeps going and going so you know it's something even bigger than you thought and WHEW!!! It's just awesome!

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