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"Great Shots Of The Day"

A friend of mine sent me these and I laughed outloud! These are simply... delightful ;)
Check out this seagulls' face! Ha! Ha!
...."and this is how we go around the car..around the car, arrrooound the caaaaar!"

This ladies' face cracks me up!! "NO! Not the Granny Panties! I just bought'em!" Ha! Ha!

Feel A lil' Trapped, do ya huh?

Pick on someone yer own size! You better Run!!

"Touch my friend and I'll wape ya!.. I'm warning you..."

He meant business! Check out these Talons!

Reinactment: Jody and her encounter with an Evil Goose. Boo To Geese! Scarey Monsters they are.

Okay, this is a set-up pic. Who takes a German Shepard hunting? But it's a funny pic, though.

This is THE BEST YET!!!! Right in the Kisser!! Ha! Ha! Look at the camera soaring in the Air! Ha! Ha! I love it!!!
Have a great day sweet people!!

{In with The New..Stay With the Old}

For those who know me... I love purses,handbags, shoes, wallets.... Ugh! It's a Curse!
However this wallet is dear to me... My Mr. brought it back from Iraq, when he was on R&R... But I admit: Bored with the color. I wanted something different..
So, the scrapper I am. I looked in my felt ribbon and Wahla!!!
A have a new wallet.
I know. Hokey. But I love it.
Have a great Creative Day!

"Pit Stop Kids!"

So, yesturday I'm at work... and the last client comes in to pick up her dog.
She drives up in a school BUS!!!!! Yip. with kids.
"Sorry Kids, you won't get home at your scheduled time to watch "Scooby Doo!" I have to pick up my dog!"
When I saw this I died laughing and another co-worker said to me... "You gonna blog about this?" My response.. "Heck ya!"
You don't see this everyday!
Have a great day!!

{Yip. That Sums It Up}


{No. It's not a Gy-norm-us Spider...}

It's a Chandelier. Made of Cardstock. Glitter. and Sparkly *Bling*-*Bling*
The Mr. was having a poker party with the GUYS. So, I played in my {craft} room. With glue, glitter, and scissors. My Word! I hade Black glitter Everywhere!
But it was fun making it.
It hangs in the craft room,   just in front of my closet..
Have a Sparkly Evening.

"I love {taking} Pictures..."


{True *Ramblings}

This is something that I struggle with everyday,  here in this NEW world we moved too. Am I stubborn  that I don't wanna change? Am I being untrue to myself? Is change that bad? If it changes you you are. I believe it is. I KNOW what I stand for. I know and trust my strong beliefs. I'm proud of WHAT  and WHO I am.
Then why am I looked at differently? Is it THAT,   closed minded here?
Simply. I'm in the same boat as they. They like who and what they are. I'm open for IMPROVEMENT and constructive criticism...but I know  where to draw the line.
Noone's right or wrong here.

Have a good Day and Don't change who you are.

"So Nice.."

High 70's last weekend. Mid 80's this week... Ahhhh...such beautiful weather. I love it. :)
Makes me wanna take a good book and just sit in a lawn chair  with the faint of radio music in the background.. The birds chirping drown out the music. But not ebough to distract me from my Book.
Just may,  be my plans for this weekend.
Have a Great Sunshine Day

"A Deep Conversation.."

{set the scene:} The Mr. &  I,  just got back from Little Rock. Shopping,dinking around, and eating dinner.. We are opening and putting away some new silverware we just bought to match our decor:::
Me: I can't believe how great of a price we got these! They match perfectly!
The Mr: I know. I feel like such a Grown Up.
Me: Ha! Ha! What do you mean?! {still laughing}
The Mr: I have never had matching silverware...
Me: Me either..
We both start laughing! Darn, It's official.

Have a great Day :).


Over this last weekend..the Mr. and I went and looked at cars and homes that were so out of our price range that it was fun :) Looked at BMW suv, huge homes that were millions {we were guessing of course..} But we had so much fun just Dreaming...
Just waking up next to him everyday  let's me know .. Dreams Do Come True. That's enough for me.
Have a wonderful Day

{ :::sigh::: }


"I Love to Create..."

Just a lil' sumpon-sumpon I made the other day,  while on my espresso high*...Thank you Mr. :) These are decorations for my Craft Room, to inspire me... 
I love playing in my craft room::sigh:: I love forward to just creating and going into my own lil' world... and not thinking of anything. It's my escape from reality::: :::::smile::::
My sweet Mr. Took the day off with me.. {Awwwwww..........} Yes, Fridays are now my day off..
And well, we have no idea what's in store for us. I'm just so happy I get to spend it with him :)
Have a wonderful Day Loves....
He. at this moment... is making me a kick-arse Mocha! Go ahead. Be jealous. It's okay :)

"StarBucks In Our Home?"

The Mr. is in love. We found this espresso machine at "Burlington Coat Factory"..{I know!} for $50.00.... it retails for $300.00.. So, of course he thought it was a steal::: He has been a mocha-cappachino-Latte- maker ever since we brought this home about a week ago! Collecting the syrups, recipes, and shot after shot! He's getting really good at making these :)
Let's just say we are always up and awake! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! He made me a mocha the other morning  for me and I tell you what!! I was whipin' out scrapbook project after scrapbook project!
Have a Great Caffeinated Day!!

{The NightLife..yea-right...}

The weather is getting soooo beautiful here..ahhhh.... So, Saturday night we headed downtown and just walked around and took in the sights. No agenda. No place we had to go. Just walked. It was soooo nice out. I really wanted to go into Arlington Hotel and check it out. So, we just walked in. I love it!! It had Al Capon's ACTUALLY car displayed there..{pics above} Just being near something that is apart of history... is just. amazing to me.
The tall building behind the Mr. in the pictures above... is the actual  building they filmed The Original B&W series "Superman".   The part where they say" to leap tall buildings in a single bound.." Yip! That's the building! Cool, huh?
We just walked around more..
Loved it. This weather brings back memories of when we first moved here.. Love it! :)
Have a Fabulous Day::

{Happy Easter}

Happy Easter

"The Weather Here..."

{This is what the mornings are starting to look like here.. .picture this : think it looks cold? Nope. Already 65 and climbing BabY!! No jacket to work..}
I have to admit when we first came to Arkansas to visit, to see if this were we wanted to call home... I was sold on the weather. BUT! Not one i-oda-of a person told us about these earth-shattering-scare-your-teeth-out-of yer-head-Dorthy-we-aren't-in-Kansas-anymore-scare-me-so-bad-I-think-someone-is-breaking-into-our-house-so-I call-my-husband-at-work-and-tell-him-the-house-is being-burglarized- THUNDERSTORMS! HOLY POOP and CRACKERS! We have Independance Day Several times a year here! WoW! The lightning shows are unreal!
Fridays are now my day off.. {not quite sure how I feel about it yet..}  and well, It's been so warm and sunny all flippin' week! I have been enjoying the sun and warm weather on my lunch hour....can't wait til Miss Jody's day off.. I get up early so I could greet Mr. Sun. But, NO! I get Mr. Thunderstorm-Grouc…