.1.28.09.."I'm dragging BUTT!!!!!"

Boy! I'm tired!! So it's been several days since I haven't had to get up earlier...now I'm back at work..which is really nice, could not be a housewife, by the way..no way..
Our friends have been hanging out with us and I'm a nerd and in bed at 8:00 pm on worknights...lately...10:00-10: 30...you have no idea how that effects your sleep pattern!
I've been called..old, old lady, old nag...cuz I love to go to bed early and up EARLY!! I love to wake up round 4am, and putz around in the morning...ya know; get coffee, eat breakfast, watch the news, and do a lil' laudry....
I will get use to it again, but it's funny how your body gets use to different things...I love to SLEEP!!!! Love it!! Mr. says that if it were an olympic sport..I'd win hands down.
I can sleep..in a thunderstorm, rock concert, tornado, in a car, etc... lOve it!!
But I really do need my 8 + hours each night. It's just hard..cuz sometimes I want to sit and visit w/ the Mr. and I can't cuz I gotta get to bed...
Oh well, it could be worse..he could still be in Iraq.
I will have to say that..this is the best I've slept in months....you have no idea how nice it is to have your loved one next to you..yes, snoring in ear...and knowing he's safe. And I get to come home to him at night....siiiiighhhh....love it.
So I'll just have to get use to my routine all over again. No Problem!! I can duuuuuuu it!!!! Lol!!!


You will get used to it before you know it.
Sleep is a wonderful thing....I am not sure I would know what to do with 8 hours everyday. I am lucky if I get 6.
Miss Anne said…
sleep is good!

hope your routine gets easier as the days go by!

Miss-happypants said…
Boy...you are OLD! 4am...on purpose??? I like sleep too, but I can't force myself to go to bed early enough...so I'm just tired all day instead. lol

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