Monday, January 31, 2011

Itchin' for Great Weather!"

So, our  high was in  the low 70's over the weekend....
Oh what a boo-tee-full day!
Ohhhh it was nice and warm :)

Men had short sleeve shirts on...
The women had skirts and boots rockin' it!
Oh how I love thee...
The weather made me smile..
even though I was at work most of Sat...
I can't wait for SUmmer!!
I'll go ahead and take Spring first..

But since it was beautiful out we went to the track..
And so did most of Hot Springs...
It was packed!
The horses give me chill bumps..
Very gorgeous animals :)

See the starting gate behind us?
I begged him to stand in the sun and not in the shaded bleachers...
or stand inside..

Well, the weather teased us tremendously
 and now
back to cold weather again..
Make the most
of your cold day! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Sew Crazy!"

Okay, when it comes to gift giving...
My Mr. ROCKS!!!

He got me into scrapbooking...
And all these
different crafts...
He's WONderFul!!!

Sew..(get it?)
for Christmas...
He presented me with an
Embroidery Machine!
I love it!
he's been playing with it sooo much..
I don't have a turn yet..
{anything mechanical...
he's on it!}
He made me several things...
I love this!!
More ideas for gifts...
{If I remember to send them..}
He's made:
*scrap towels for my craft room with a cute design on them
*our bath towels have our initials on them....{love it}
*cute decorated covers to cover my machines in my craft room
*cute owls on my pullovers..

He's rockin' with this thing!
I'll be able to play with it..someday.
Until then,
I'll enjoy the cute things..
he comes up with.

Have a great Day :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Craft Room Pics...."

This where I love to go and just

The sweet Mr. worked very hard on this room for me...
We are not done yet,
however it's at a point where I can go and still play.
He purchased a flat screen little TV for my room,
so I can watch my Crime shows as I scrapbook!

Not sure if you can see it...
but the little shelf with the lil' rubber stamps on them...
it's actually a drawer from a 
Flea market..
They wanted $30.00 for this!
It's awesome and nostalgic...but a little spendy..
But I looks very nice in the room...
Love me some Flea Markets Though!!

I will post the crafts that were made in here...

Have a wonderful and Creative day..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Wine anyone?"

The Mr. and I are not 'drinkers' at all.
more like,
 'social' drinkers.
I have to ask him what I like...
That's how much we drink.
Once in a while a beer or something...
But if we are at a gathering or something...
and I hear,
"would you like a drink?"
It sounds classy in a weird way...
{BUT always decline b/c we are driving...scared of the little blue men with red & blue lights. They are scary}
reminds me of soap operas or some kind of movie I watched. Where they go to the liquor cabinet and get a drink. I always watch them make something and think?..
How do they know what to carry?

So, when moving here to Arkansas we've had a few gatherings with people who have a bar in their home and it's so neat looking.
So, I saw this "Birdcage Wine Rack" and freaked!
How perfect!
The Mr. just looked at me...
"We don't drink, let alone enough to have a wine rack in our home"
Me: pleading and cupping my hands together...
He caved.

So, we love it and it looks classy.
After having it in our home, he really likes it.
We went to the liquor store and tried to fill it up.
Us both, not having 1 idea how to make drinks.
So, I grabbed the manager
{the Mr. headed to the clearance section??? Clearance? In a liquor store? yup.}
So, I told the manager what drinks we like..
He filled my cart up,
then told us how to mix them.
{in all honesty...they are all still sitting drinkers...}
But so far, we really like our Bloody Mary's.

A co-worker told me about this little bottle of heaven.
Chocolate Wine!!
I have purchased 5 bottles and they are all gone.
Not by us.
We took bottles with us to dinner party's.
A total hit with everyone.
Gave some away for Christmas with personalized wine glasses...and took a bottle to the scrapbook retreat.
The ladies loved it!
If you don't like wine...try this.
We don't like wine at all.
Not quite sure how to pick'em out...
but this. This is wonderful!!!
Tastes like spiked chocolate milk.

Have a wonderful day :)
Try something new and love it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"We Run With Scissors!"

I had the
Wonderful Pleasure to spend
A whole weekend...
{last weekend that is..}
We stayed at a cute place on the lake.
In a cute lil' cabin....
very nice... :)

The Snow was special ordered for our
Retreat :)

Where we stayed...

The beautiful View from the back deck...


Here they Are!!
Ta! Da!!!
The Ladies!
group of Ladies! :)
Brenda said it the best.
When her family surprised her for her Birthday and showed up with balloons in all...
she was so excited when introducing her family life to her Scrapbook life.
She said,
"I want you to meet the Ladies.
These Ladies understand me!"
Very well put.

Our group was a large group..
so we had two cabins with a joining room.
We just opened the door and we can talk
YELL  to one another!
Good times :)

Nothing like a "good morning" pic....

Our lil' souvenir T-Shirts to go along with the
Retreat! :)

My MESS scrapbook area...

These two Special Ladies had the wonderful
weekend to celebrate their birthdays!!

These Two Ladies had the wonderful chance to meet...
Tim Holtz.
justa weeee jealous...

{That was for you Cindy :) }

The food.
The Food was

still my mess....

Oh and these goodies!
We had the great pleasure to make little things while there...
Like: Buttons for pencil/pen toppers!
Banana Bread in a Jar!
yes, A Jar!
Miss Vicky brought these and I don't have the heart to eat it.
It's too pretty.
To me it's like the ship in the wine bottle.
It's just awesome!

Okay these same group of Ladies are attending our home for
"National Scrapbook Day"
In May.
I have alot of planning to do!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Let It Snow!"

Side note:
The UPS man from the prev post...
Well, we weren't expecting anything.
It was for  the neighbors next door....booo...
However, I love goodies from the "Brown Man".

Ta! Da!
These are some pics from our first snow here
in Arkansas.
In our backyard.
6 inches.
In 1 day.
The Mr. was like a little kid.
He exhausted me!
Running window to window,
having every weather report on.
On every TV in the house.
I even bought him a weather station for Christmas...
Perfect Gift for him.
But , he gave a play by play
for every snowflake that
He was in-out,
alllll day!
It fell on a Sunday,
and stopped the whole town on Monday
I was scheduled to work and NOOOO
phone call from our manager...
from anyone if we were closed...
could not get a hold of anyone who knew anything...
So I beeeeegggggeeeeddd the Mr. to drive me to work
Monday morning,
to at least take care of the animals.
{our kennel person was unable to make it to work the prev. day}
Not hearing a I headed to work.
The car handled amazingly excellent.
{The Mr. is an amazing driver too :)}
So, as suspected not a soul at work.
So he and I started taking care of the animals....
I get a text from my manager..
"We are closed...due to snow"
Oh well.
We took care of them and I stayed with one of the Dr's that showed up, with 1 other tech, and 1 receptionist.
Took cancellations all day.
Good times.

I love the snow.
It reminds me of Home.
If only we had

We are still expecting our worst yet!
More pics soon to come :)

Going to the boat show this weekend.

Have a great day
and make the most of it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Me? Watch too much Crime shows?Naaaaa!"

Well, it's no secret
in our little household my fav thing to watch
 {and always have going on in the background}
 if I'm just too busy to watch TV.
Reality Crime Shows.
Murder Mysteries That are real Life!
I'm talking about the
wife was killed by her husband and the whole time your yelling at the TV.
"I know you did it Mr!"
"Eww....Oh I bet it was the mailman who did it..
"Yip. He did it for the insurance money!"

Well, the Mr. says I watch soooo many of them that he never worries about me,
because I'm constantly referring to an episode I've watched recently.
I don't trust repairman coming to our house especially if  I'm home alone.
I tell'em my dog bites and please don't pet her.
I never say her name around them.
{she will turn to Jell-O}

So, last week I was home alone on my day off.
Doing laundry, packing for my Scrapbook Retreat, la-la-la.
So, about 10:30 the door bell rang.
I was just about to jump into the shower.
{I was good in freeze tag in school.}
What do I do!!!?
I freaked!!!
I'm not expecting company!!
We live kinda out here, not a drive-by location!
Oh My Gosh!
Someone is checking to see if someone is home or not!
If I don't answer will they break in!?
I'm in the birthday suit!
This can't be happening!
{yes, in the 1 second after the bell rang.
I honestly thought all this}
Meanwhile, back on the homestead my viscous protector is sawing logs on
her temperpetic dog bed.
snoring LOUD.
She's my vicious guard dog.
I shake her!
"Kelly! Wake Up! Who's here!?"
Trying my darnest to get her all rawled up to let the intruder know
I have an attack sleepy dog!
She barks a meek little bark.
I repeat myself.
She tears through the house barking at something she has no idea
She has no clue.
Meanwhile, I'm in the bathrobe.
Hiding in the hall.
Peeking around the corner looking at the front door.
{Our front door is glass.Soon to be changed}
The bell rings again!
Persistent intruder!
cell phone on counter.
not good.
Kelly making me proud
and really barking now!
Just then after hiding a bit.
I look one last time at the glass front door.
Catching a glimpse of the
UPS truck
driving off.

Good dog.
You scared him away.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Okay....A little behind..."

this pic has nothing to do with anything...
Just something to put here....

But I had to take a break from Blogging and realize why I do this?
do  I do this for?
To Gain followers?

My Biggest Fan
was my Dear Father...
I guess,
 this was a way for him and I to reconnect....
For him to get to know ME.
But I now miss him more than ever.
I still keep his cell phone number in my phone.
Not ready to 'delete the contact' just yet.
He's still one of my friends on my FaceBook Page.
Whenever I come across either one.
All I think about  is:
"God,I miss you and would really like to talk to you right now"

I will revamp my Blog Page  and do this for my sweet Family and Friends back home.
And to some of my Sweet followers here on Blogspot...
You'll have to please excuse me...
I had NO idea people even still read my blog,
 Til I got messages!
Thank you!!
My un-loyal followers dropped me,
 and now I have less followers
But I know who my 
friends are.

Life just gets gets away from you..
Thank you for understanding.
and I will catch up. 
I'll do this blog more for me
and for the reason WHY I started it
 in the first

I guess more will drop me..
Be Back tomorrow!!!
{Heaven has Internet.
My Dad will be able to still read it from there.}