Sunday, July 25, 2010

"No Pain. No Gain!"

As well as most of you know...
The Mr. and I have posted on our fridge, a running "Wish List".
One column for him,me, and us.
Well, I have had an item on their FOREVER!
The get permanent Make-Up.
Eyeliner and Eyebrows.
I did it!!
I just made the appointment (did research first..)
and went in and did it.
I love it!!!!

Not sure what in the heck took me sooooo long
 but I love it and it was THE BEST $$$$$ spent!
Oh my gosh!
The advantages it brings are endless!!
It's been 5 weeks now and I love it more and more daily...
However the pain.
Oh The Horrible pain!!!
If your a wimp.
I do not recommend this.
I'm a big fat baby and that is the ONE thing I never thought about.
Duh Jody!

But she's amazing!
She has people from ALL AROUND THE U.S. fly to her!
From Florida, California,....
She doesn't advertise at all.
It's all word of mouth.
I like her B/C she does the make-up
to where as you age
 it doesn't look ridiculous!
If anyone wants her name and phone number...not a problem.

However I go in,
and she starts at the eyebrows
(after a consultation...)
B/C it doesn't hurt as bad..
Then to the eyelids....
I had tears streaming down my face.
LOOONg story short.
I wanted it soooo bad, that it was mind over matter after that...
I was determined to get it down.
I'm sooo happy. I love it.
The Mr. Is THRILLED with it!
First thing he says when he sees me is:

"Baby, there are big huge guys who get tattoos all over  their body and they are tough..and then, there's YOU who is scared to death of needles and pain and you get a tattoo on your EYES!The most sensitive place on your body!
 Your the toughest person I know!
Good job baby!"
He's saying all this- and laughing in a "I-can't-believe-you-did-this-tone"
As I'm standing there with swollen eyes...raised,scabbed eyebrows!
I look like a ridiculous cartoon character exaggerated!
(The ink has to set in-so at first, it's very vibrant and BOLD!
It's fades to a more even color...)

But anyhow...after my appointment was said and done-
I was standing there going over aftercare instructions...
Then, the room went black.
She freaked!
Wanted to call 911.
I wanted to die. I was soooo

But in all.
It's done and over with.
And now I get to reap the rewards!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Can't Help Myself!"

If I saw her in public..
I would be scared.

Dude! T.P. is on the next isle!

LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
I got nothing.

This ain't right.
Turn your card around.

Is that a Jansco Bag!! EEKK!!!

Dirty Harry

I'll buy it.....
What's going on here?

I have...I don't....

I lOve Edward.
Team Edward all the way...
But you have to admit it's a cool tat!
But it's a lil' toooo obsessed...

"I feeeeeellllllll like I'm forgeeeetttting something.....ummm...what could it be?
Oh never mind let's go to Walmart"

I've said it a thousand times!!
"Oh C'Mon! You can't feel the breeze!!?"

Tube TOP.
Not bottom....

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! Poor lil' man!

Humidity today in Hot Springs..

Ironic what she's standing next to..
Just sayin'.....

Cartoon character I've seen on TV?

Even though this NOT something you see everyday...
Look at the work that went into her hair!


I have to admit:
I have never seen a haircut like this before.
On A Lady!
"Excuse me M'am? Where's Larry and Curly?"
I know...I know....original huh?

Ta! Da!
My Fav of them all!

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Embarassing Moment #4,561,947,275....

Set The Scene:
At work. (I'm a Vet. tech)
In an exam room with 2 very sad and upset owners of a dog,
 in which- are saying good-bye to a very dear family friend.
They are sending their friend to Doggie-Heaven.
very emotional....
I have an awful cold.
You name it.
I'm going through my own personal hell.
AND to top it off.
My nose will not stop running.

To be able to properly assist the Dr. in this procedure,
I have to hold the front leg vein off for the Dr.
So I have to hold the dogs' head towards the owners so that is the last thing they see.
Their beloved parents.
(Really- it's to keep the dog from biting the Dr's face off...but it looks good..)
So both Hands are full.
u.n.a.b.l.e. to let go!!!
There goes the nose.
Oh yeah baby...full on Dripp-age!!!
I can feel coming out my nose,
it is the worst part!!!!!
And I cannot do a thing about it.
I'm thinking:
 "Well, if I let go and wipe my nose. The dog will bite his face.
Not good. Crap!"
So, while the owners are crying and saying good-bye...I put my head down
 for gravity to flow off my face.
(I looked the opposite direction so no one could see what was happening with my nose)
Oh yeah. I got a looooooooong stream of snot.
I kept my head down.
Sniffling like crazy to get in back up.
FINALLY! I let go and grabbed tissue and walked out quietly.
Blowing my nose! Thank you very much! :0

After I left,
 the sweet owners were concerned and asked the Dr.
if I always get this sad and emotional.
I DO!!!!
But this particular time/moment I was focused on
my nose.
This is the worst part of my job.

Have a great day
and keep tissue handy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"On A Mission! House Hunting!"

Okay, not to ignore my blog here...
but ALOT has been going on!
Due to hardworking, looooong days, nights of going to sleep without the Mr. next to me...
(his job)
It has finally paid off!
We are proud to announce we are
We own our vehicles.
No more flippin' debt!
Don't owe no-stinkin'-body a dime!
We are happy to pay our monthly utilities and on our renter...that's it.
So, That.
 my friends and family.
Come to say
We are looking for our dream home!
We are not holding out.
This house was one of our favs.
Picture above...front view of house.
Disclaimer: Miss Jody DID NOT take these pictures!
These are out of focus and awful!
We fell in love with this home.
WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY up in the hills.
Very secluded.
NO lake access...hmmm????
Not. Good.
But it has a little under 2 acres with it.

The bathrroms are 3 FULL baths! and a 1/2 bath.
Don't you love it!
I could work with this.
I love!
How the stairs go back over the living area.
And open!
Love it!
The kitchen is nice...

You walk in the front door and this is the view...
nice, eh?
The back yard area.
It's a fixer-uper!
We have more to look at.
I Love house shopping!!!
I love it!
We won't settle though.
I have a couple of "Must-Have's" on my list..
but in all...
I love this part!
Have a great day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Finally watched "Eclipse" last night..
No spoliers here..
but I will say,
*more action
*better acting
*more steam-EE romance scenes! :)
Then, there's one in every crowd!!
I swear!
Whenever we go to the movies...
there is some jerk who has seen it, and talking through the whole thing, someones phone vibrating loudly, just plain talking, or
Kicking my seat!
So, last night in front of us,
 this this chick had to text during the movie..
she apparently has so much to say to whomever and it's sooooooo important she has to rudely shine her beacon of a phone on everyone!
She could have called a ship in from the fog with that thing!!!
So, The Mr.
 (whom is always embarrassed b/c i always say something...)
leans over her sternly and just as annoyed as me,
 tells her to turn it off it's bright and annoying!
Whho! Hoo! Baby!!
I patted him on the back!
This is the only reason I HATE GOING TO THE theater!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


July 01, 2010

Gemini (5/21-6/21)

When something fails to go as it should with an authority figure, it's too easy to blame it on them -- aren't they just there to irritate, aggravate and annoy us, anyway? You know better, though. To some, being in charge isn't just their job, it's their life's work. To others, being in charge is the way they give back to the community. You may be working under someone who wants you to work with them on that project.

Too Weird.