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.10.31.09.."Happy Spooky Day!"

Okay, some of these pics are repeats and some have been seen by Family and Friends..
However, fitting for a spooky Halloween Day!

Everyone have a safe and fun evening :)


Ah well...I was trying to sound out the "Bride walking down the isle" song in my header...I'll be here all day...

But we were invited to the BeaUtIfuL!! wedding over the weekend, (we didn't know the bride and groom-only the fathers of both) but this wedding was soooo beautiful, people!
It was on the lake and the day was perfect...I just smiled the whole time.
I love weddings...
It's so neat that you are one of the witnesses that witness them giving themselves and their heart to one another...sigh.....The Mr. did promise me we will get re-married on our 10 year Wedding Anniversary! I can't wait! EEKKK!! Is this silly? I see and hear people do it all the time?!
It won't be a HUGE shin-dig. However, I just love him so!!

P.S.**** The Squirrels are officially part of the family. We decided to keep them and raise them ourselves. When they are big enough they will be turned back into the wild...
The Mr. fell in love with them.
There will be plenty of updates!!!
Oh- we n…

.10.28.09.."WANTED:" Squirrel Sitters

Well, these lil' siblings...came to our clinic about 3 weeks ago...they have been since then passed around the clinic, to the employees-to Squirrel-Sit.
Umm...That's right folks. You heard me.
It was our turn-in OUR- I mean, The Mr. and I. He was thrilled to do it!! He immediately took over and fed them...
As you remember in prev. posts...he's since then, tried to make friends with our wild turtles-yes, turtles can be wild! He's been trying to make friends with them...he feeds 'em and brings 'em treats. He says they love apples...
he married the right never know what I'll bring home.
He always welcomes them with open arms :) He's a wonderful, kind-hearted, sweet Man :)

Now? Who's turn is it?
To Squirrel Sit?


Okay, I'm rolling up my sleeves and going toe to toe with "Ben & Jerry" on this one!
I'm speaking for all the people out there who are trying to be good to themselves and then this crap comes along...
Okay, the sausage patties-the Maple flavored are the bomb! They are soooo good! :) And veggie ones I must add :)

But this "B & J" stuff...when is this insanity gonna stop! C'Mon! "Puuuuuuummmmmpkin Cheesecake"...ohhh how I wanna hate them! Pumpkin anything is my weakness...
The Mr. shared my misery as we both stopped in the ice cream isle.
Stopped and stared .and literally didn't say one word to each other.
Did not even look at each other.not one word- was spoken.
As a matter fact, I think I may remember- a light shining down on our ice cream. like finding that sunken treasure...can't believe your eyes. Just wanna live in the moment.
We just stared at the ice cream. blinked a little.
Then continued with. putting them in our cart.
As we…

.10.26.09.." Some "TRUE" Facts..."

**This is the ONLY movie in the Miss Jody and The Mr. existence- that ScaReD the HOLY C**P out of us. This really bothered the Both of us...BAD.

**This movie will never been seen by US again

**The only movie that I actually witnessed a GROWN MAN (not the Mr.) STAND on his flippin chair and YELL at the movie screen: "This ain't happening!! No WAy!!!"

**We will never OWN this movie -nor have it in our house.

**The ONly movie that actually gave the Mr. nightmares and he's still can't stop thinking about it.

**Actually witnessed a girl running out of the theater...

**The only movie-that on the way out you can hear grown men and teenagers talking about how freaky it was, and who's stayin' at who's house that night....

TO Sum it all up: If you loved to be scared (like me)...go see it.
You'll never forget it.

P.s. There is NO special simple. Just simply freaky-deaky!!!

.10.24.09.." What?! A Pink Gun!?"

We were invited to a True Blue RedNeck Auction/Raffle last night...DUCKS UNLIMITED...
I must say...
We felt @ HOME! Ha! ha!
All the camo and Outdoor stuff was just fabulous...I was truely bummed that I didn't wear my "Camo FatBaby Boots"...would have been perfect!!!UGH!!
My heart skipped a beat or two ,when I layed my eyes on a PINK GUN...awwwwww.....The Mr. had to take a picture with me holding it...
Even though I'm NOT a hunter. I can't even kill a MOUSE! Okay, Bugs yes. Snakes scare me to death but I could not purposely harm one.
BUt Then I saw !!!(not pictured) a shotgun that was HUGE- and it was PINK CAMO!!! EEEKKKK!!!
The Mr. was actually trying to win it for me...what a sweetheart...
I'll shoot them evil...pop cans with it.

But the Auction was SO Neat!! I had more fun trying to listen to the auctioneer! He was awesome!!

This was the only place you'll see Little Kids bidding on guns...yes, guns....and winning them. THAT is RedNeck Folks, right there! But we …


Sometimes in Life,
You find the Best Friendships in the Oddest Places.
And it just feels right.

Thank you Bloggy Friends.
** Miss Jody**

.10.21.09.."Say Cheeeese!"

I have this program that distorts images and I. had. so. much. FUN.
I was laughing so hard. I was crying.
This doesn't even look like us!!
Ha! ha!!
Boy, I'm bored...
...or something.

Have a great Day! :)

.10.20.09.."Sexy Costume for this Halloween"

So is it me?

Ha! Ha! I thought this was great! Some of the stuff, people come up with!

You'll have to admit: pretty creative.

No. This is NOT me.
My kitchen would never be this dirty. C'Mon People! Duh!!!!

.10.19.09.."This is just wong. Wong I say..."

Okay, these were sent to me by my sister-in-law.
I'm not too crazy about forwarding things, however these were just too "phunny" not to put on my blog!! Some of these are rated R-seriously. NO JUDGING!!!!!!!
I did not take these pics!!!

Well, at least they agree -that is what happens, when you eat too much...

Ha! Ha!

Will not be eating here anytime soon...

{Yes, shake yer head.It's real}

Snicker, snicker....

The owners: Beavis and Butthead.

That's just phunny!!!

Oh no you didn't!!!!!! Ha! Ha!

snicker, snicker...

Grow up, Jody.....giggle, giggle...

Ha! Ha!

Okay, this is the B*E*S*T*!!!!! I don't care who you are! That is phunny stuff right there!


I hope this is a "Cheese Ball" factory or something....or something. ????????

Boss: "We are having a business meeting with the CEO of the company. We need to impress him....Jody, your in charge of the restaurant. Which restaurant?" Me: "Ummm. Can't think of a thing.." Ha…


Ummm.... No. I do not know this person. This was sent to me by my Dad ... ******************************* Remember the Seinfeld episode about "shrinkage"? George: "I was in the pool!!!!!" Ha! Ha!!!

10.17.09."Soon. Twilight Friends"

Is anyone else getting excited!?
Seems like, it's taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!

.10.14.09.."National Vet. Tech. Week"

Hi there! I have to share with you what my work did!!
Since it's National Vet. Tech. Week all around...our clinic hired a massage therapist to come in a give the Techs and even a Dr. a free massage!
How cool is that!
What a great clinic.
My fear is that- with my head through the lil' hole, I'll start drooling.
I wouldn't put it past me.
I'm an embarrassment to myself.

.10.14.09.."Poor Thing"

The Mr. wouldn't let me take a pic and blog about his bloodshot I had to search for a pic to blog about. I have NEVER seen (no pun intended) anything like this!!

The Mr woke up over the weekend with his eyes SOOOoooooo flippin' red that I couldn't look at him without my own eyes hurting!

They burned & itched. He had to keep the brim of his hat down over his eyes cause bright lights hurt them.
Agh! Have you ever tried to force an elephant to do something? Well, that's what it's like! to get him to go see a Dr!!
He says: "Ahhh....I'm fine..." Gosh! Men.
I've been treating his eyes with eye drops.oh and have you ever wrestled an elephant? Yip. That's what it's like! Gosh! Men.

He claims: "It hurts!"

My reply: "Try having cramps where your totally incapacitated and can't move from the fetal position. Every single month.For the rest of your life!"

His reply:"They don't hurt that bad"