.3.7.09.."..and Bingo was his name Ooohhhh!"

Fun filled evening at a lil firestation in a small lil town "Jefferson"...

Very fun! I love the group of us that went, very fun group! Mr. Fancypants totally got into bingo. He was sooo serious and really getting into it!..in a fun way still! As usual he made us all laugh and was just great to be around!

We had two winners in our group of people! Congrats girls!! The very last game was very intense!! EEEKKK!!!!!

We are already planning on the next bingo night. Yea!!!!


Man I am still ticked that little girl won! Dang I wish I did!!
That was a great time!!!
Miss-happypants said…
That's me that's me!!!! The one with the money!!! Woohoooo!!! I never win...that was fricken awesome!

The only part that sucked about that night was that Daren wouldn't let me paint his nails! Can you believe that. S E L F I S H...I tell ya...just selfish.

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