.3.6.09."Go to YOUR Room!....Okaaaaaay..."...

My scrapbook room!
Okay it looks messy in the photos, but to my friends have seen this room..it's actually quite organized! I neeeeeeed a bigger room though....when we buy our dream home...I've already pictured,( actual sketched out in GREAT* detail what it will be like, contain, and have!....) what it will be like!

But as I said in a prev. post.My Mr. Is to GREAT blame for this addiction!

In 2004, we went by a scrapbooking store and he commented.." Why don't you do something like that? You like to scrapbook?"
Me: "Na! I would love to, but I have no idea where to start.."

So for Christamas that year he bought me *ALL* scrapbooking supplies....he made me open them all in this weird order..first....a carousel of scissors..I'm thinking"What the hell!?This guy sucks at buying gifts for women...and of course. I acted all happy."yea.."

Then it was "Stickers.." A book of stickers! Okay, you gotta understand He and I never MENTIONED this scrapbooking thing again! Ever! So I'm getting pissed by the time I open up 90 pounds of colored paper! I'm thinking..."Well, at least I can cut something pretty now...but, come on, already!"
Meanwhile, back at the ranch....he's smiling and all happy..."Do you like it?" And I'm all..."Ah thank you baby..." No.

So this goes on and on...I'm NOT getting it....

Then I open up and scrapbooking Bag. Then my Digital camera, with a year subscription to "Creative Memories" and scrapbook magazine...OH!!!!! Then I shrieked and got all excited! I got it....duh...

I told him all my thoughts of him as I was opening up each and every one..we LaUUUUGH about it now, and I tell people all the time, that story.

So he's a doll, and will look up scrapbook stores for me..and he goes to new stores with me and will get his own basket and shop for me, also! He's very sweet about this obsession I have.

This one time...(Yes, In band camp! Ugh..) I was scrapping away and he came back to see what I was up to. I *commented on how neat it would be to have shelves on my desk..(he found a desk for me...at a garage sale..HUGE! For $10..yea.I know!) So he left with a "Um.."I heard him running his saw ..which was not abnormal...a few hours later..he comes sash-sa-ing in and says oh so casual..."you wanna come out and see if these shelves will fit?.." I was "uh?.." Already at this point forgetting our conversation we had a bit ago..
I looked at him a with a dazed and confused look..followed him with curiosity..

He Cut down a little tree and made me shelves!!! He even cut out a heart on one of the legs and has a heart in it.."D & J"..AAhhh....

I just love him!!

See....a 'good' enabler....


I so love those stories!! They make me smile....
And Nic blames both of you for my starting scrapbooking!! lol Love it!!
Granted I have no where close to the amount of cool stuff you have....but I am getting there!!! lol
Miss Anne said…
he's such a honeypants.

your room is so organized... those pics dont do it justice!

Mrs. Nurse said…
Your scrapbook room looks fun! Have a great weekend!
Miss-happypants said…
Daren is so fricken AWESOME!!! What a great guy! Not too many of those types of guys around. You better hold onto that belt buckle of his. :)

OH...and love your room!

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