.3.9.09.."Mr. Fix it....day 1..."...

So, I come home Saturday after work and,..oh....I feel like building a deck today!....

The Mr. likes to work outside....this is one of the things he said he missed while he was in Iraq.
Being outside and just dinking around in the yard.
He's always outside if it's not raining..always on the go...with his lil' helper! Miss Kelly*!! I love this dog soooo much! I've had her since she fit in the palm of my hand...she was only 6 to 8 weeks old..back in Jan.2001, I adopted her...that will be another post...I will go on about our lil' family...

But this is the Mr.'s new project. I can't wait til he's done. I will keep you posted about it!
We bought a new huge bar-b-q'er for this deck..then, I bought an outdoor fire pit..has horseshoes and country theme all around it!! So cute! So us!

We will be able to roast wienies and make smores!!!! Or simply, hang out out back and just relax...it's all about just hanging out and relaxing...NO stress here!!


Miss Anne said…
Daren is so talented! Seriously there's nothing that man can't build or create!!! and Sweet Kelly... what a kind and adorable dog! :)

That is totally awesome!! Cant wait to see how it turns out!!
Miss-happypants said…
I'm so jealous...I wish I were handy and new how to fix something. Actually I did fix my fence last year!!! It may not look great, but it stays together now...lol. No more blowing open into my neighbor's yard. Although, they would probably like that now, so they could sneak over and jump on my trampoline in the middle of the night. I could just see me laying there hearing that squeeky sound wondering what the heck is going on....Stay in your own damn yard!!!

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